ExUP member killed in road crash

first_imgRoad accident logoA former Union Parishad member was killed as a pick-up hit him in Sonahat land port area in Kurigram’s Bhurungamari upazila on Friday, reports UNB.The deceased Abdul Majid, 50, is a former member of Sonahat Union Parishad of Kurigram.Locals said the rod-laden pick-up knocked Majid down around 11:00am while he was walking along the Bhurungamari- Sonahat road, leaving him severely injured.He was taken to Bhurungamari health complex where the duty doctor declared him dead.Officer-in-charge of Bhurungamari police station Imtiaz Kabir said locals caught the pick-up driver and handed him over to police.last_img

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UN expert report details Khashoggi murder

first_imgJamal Khashoggi File PhotoA UN expert has published a bombshell report about the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, saying there is “credible evidence” linking the Saudi crown prince to the killing and cover-up.Here are highlights from the 100-page inquiry published Wednesday by the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Agnes Callamard, about Khashoggi’s murder in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018.Riyadh responsibleThe report concluded that the murder of Khashoggi, a critic of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, “constituted an extrajudicial killing for which the State of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is responsible.”She found Saudi Arabia had taken only “timid steps” towards addressing its responsibility through prosecution and reparations.The report also found that Saudi Arabia’s closed-door trial of 11 unidentified suspects did not meet global standards and should be stopped.Crown Prince implicated The report found “credible evidence, warranting further investigation of high-level Saudi officials’ individual liability, including the Crown Prince’s.”It stressed there was no conclusion made “as to guilt”, but emphasised Prince Mohammed’s liability demanded further scrutiny by “a proper authority.”It also said evidence pointed to “the 15-person mission to execute Khashoggi requiring significant government coordination, resources and finances.””Every expert consulted finds it inconceivable that an operation of this scale could be implemented without the Crown Prince being aware, at a minimum, that some sort of mission of a criminal nature, directed at Khashoggi, was being launched,” it said.Callamard highlighted evidence of the crime scene being “thoroughly, even forensically, cleaned”, insisting the “destruction of evidence could not have taken place without the Crown Prince’s awareness.”Recommendations Because Khashoggi’s killing was an international crime it should be investigated and tried internationally, the report said.Callamard also urged UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to launch a probe that could build files on alleged perpetrators and identify options for justice, including a possible ad hoc tribunal.Guterres “should be able to establish an international follow-up criminal investigation without any trigger by a State,” Callamard said.The FBI in the United States, where Khashoggi was a resident, should also open an investigation, the report said.Callamard called for sanctions on Prince Mohammed’s “personal assets abroad,” until there is proof that “he carries no responsibilities for this execution”.Recordings of the killing Callamard said her findings were based partially on recordings from inside the consulate before, during and after the killing.Khashoggi arrived at the consulate in Istanbul seeking documents for his upcoming wedding at 1:15 pm on 2 October 2018.Minutes before, a Saudi official identified as Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, can be heard asking whether it would “be possible to put the trunk in a bag?”A second official, Salah Mohammed Tubaigy, replied “No. Too heavy.”Mutreb said it would “be easy. Joints will be separated…”If we take plastic bags and cut it into pieces, it will be finished.”Later, Mutreb asked whether “the sacrificial animal” has arrived, according to the report. Khashoggi was not mentioned by name in the recording.Callamard said she could not establish the exact time of Khashoggi’s death, but that Turkish intelligence assessed he may have died within 10 minutes of entering the consulate.According to the recordings, a Saudi official told the journalist “we will have to take you back. There is an order from Interpol.”Khashoggi argued that there was no case against him and warned his driver and fiancee were waiting outside.Then a Saudi official can be heard telling him: “Let’s make it short.”Callamard said the recordings then featured sounds of a struggle, during which officials can be heard saying “Did he sleep?”, “He raises his head”, “Keep pushing”.”Assessments of the recordings by intelligence officers in Turkey and other countries suggest that Mr Khashoggi could have been injected with a sedative and then suffocated using a plastic bag,” the report said.Sounds of movement and “heavy panting”, as well as the sound of plastic sheets could be heard later in the recording, the report said, adding that Turkish intelligence had concluded these came after Khashoggi’s death “while the Saudi officials were dismembering his body”.Turkish intelligence also identified the sound of a “saw”, it said.last_img read more

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Party Politics 79 Midterm Mania

first_img 00:00 /28:55 X Listen NATIONAL TOPICS:-President Trump, fresh after a victory in court, goes against his accuser Stormy Daniels using controversial and charged language-Senator Elizabeth Warren all but declared for a 2020 presidential campaign by releasing a DNA test confirming her ethnic ancestry, while sparking more controversy-A gruesome alleged murder in the Saudi consulate sparks a global crisis-Despite a strong economy, the U.S. deficit jumps 17 percentTEXAS TOPICS:-Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti comes to Houston, raising money for Democrats-MAGA comes to Texas — Trump rallies for Cruz-Texas State Representative Pat Fallon mocks Texas State Representative Mary González’s sexuality-Beto O’Rourke shatters fundraising record — Does it matter?-Julián Castro running for President?“You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts. Tweet us using #PartyPoliticsPod or email partypoliticspod@houstonpublicmedia.org. Party Politics is produced by Don Geraci, the audio engineer is Todd Hulslander and our digital editor is Alvaro ‘Al’ Ortiz.” This article is part of the Party Politics podcast Share Tom Reel/San Antonio Express-News via AP, PoolU.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, left, and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, right, take part in a debate for the Texas U.S. Senate, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018, in San Antonio.With less than three weeks from Election Day, the nation’s most watched Senate race is going down to the wire and the gloves were off in the second debate between Congressman Beto O’Rourke and Senator Ted Cruz. Party Politics co-hosts Jay Aiyer and Brandon Rottinghaus give us the blow-by-blow, analyzing the impact this debate will have on the race. What does O’Rourke need to do to score an upset? Can Cruz hold on to his lead? To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

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Deep sleep may act as fountain of youth in old age

first_imgLoss of sleep in the elderly may increase the risk of developing a wide range of mental and physical disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, say scientists who claim that deep slumber can act as a fountain of youth in old age.As we grow old, our nights are frequently plagued by bouts of wakefulness, bathroom trips and other nuisances as we lose our ability to generate the deep, restorative slumber we enjoyed in youth, researchers said.They reviewed studies which show that the ageing brain has trouble generating the kind of slow brain waves that promote deep curative sleep, as well as the neuro chemicals that help us switch stably from sleep to wakefulness. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThough older people are less likely than younger adults to notice and/or report mental fogginess and other symptoms of sleep deprivation, poor sleep leaves them cognitively worse off, researchers said.The shift from deep, consolidated sleep in youth to fitful, dissatisfying sleep can start as early as the 30s, paving the way for sleep-related cognitive and physical ailments in middle age.”The parts of the brain deteriorating earliest are the same regions that give us deep sleep,” said Bryce Mander from the University of California (UC) Berkeley in the US. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveAgeing typically brings on a decline in deep non-rapid eye movement (NREM) or “slow wave sleep,” and the characteristic brain waves associated with it, including both slow waves and faster bursts of brain waves known as “sleep spindles,” researchers said.Youthful, healthy slow waves and spindles help transfer memories and information from the hippocampus, which provides the brain’s short-term storage, to the prefrontal cortex, which consolidates the information, acting as the brain’s long-term storage. “Sadly, both these types of sleep brain waves diminish markedly as we grow old and we are now discovering that this sleep decline is related to memory decline in later life,” said Joseph Winer of UC Berkeley.”Nearly every disease killing us in later life has a causal link to lack of sleep,” said Matthew Walker, professor at UC Berkeley.And, while the pharmaceutical industry is raking in billions by catering to insomniacs, Walker warns that the pills designed to help us doze off are a poor substitute for the natural sleep cycles that the brain needs in order to function well.”We have done a good job of extending life span, but a poor job of extending our health span. We now see sleep, and improving sleep, as a new pathway for helping remedy that,” he said.Unlike more cosmetic markers of ageing, such as wrinkles and grey hair, sleep deterioration has been linked to conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and stroke, researchers said. The study was published in the journal Neuron.last_img read more

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VIDEO ExNFLer does hilarious impersonations of different pregame locker room personality types

first_imgThere’s no one way to get ready an NFL kickoff. Different players have different ways to get their mind right in the locker room.During his eight year NFL career, ex-NFL defensive lineman Anthony “Spice” Adams saw all them all. He recently posted a video of his dead-on impersonations of all the different locker room personality types, ranging from “The guy who listens to headphones with his eyes closed” to “The guy who posts inspirational quotes.”You’ve got to love “The guy who is always dressed the best.”All my teammates pregame in a different way! Which one are you? pic.twitter.com/kB9Q34TfyH— ANTHONY ADAMS (@spiceadams) May 3, 2017 Advertisementlast_img

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WATCH Fans video shows him sneaking into Octagon during McGregorKhabib postfight chaos

first_img Advertisement I (later) asked my wife, “Salina, what happened with that guy, was he with McGregor?’ She goes, ‘Daniel, after he went and checked to make sure Conor was OK he just got back in his seat.’ I swear to God. He just climbed the rail and got back in his seat. I was like, ‘What in the world just happened!? What in the world just happened!?’ It was crazy. How did this dude end up in the Octagon, and then he checked to make sure Conor was OK and then he went back and sat down.”You have to give it to this guy. This took some cajones. Sometimes if you act like you’re supposed to be there, no one asks any questions.That was me 👍🏻☘️ Someone once said, when I go to war, we all go to war. @dc_mma you missed the bit about me on your back for the first 30 sec. You’re a wide strong guy. Thanks for listening to me at that intense moment. pic.twitter.com/XVwlet3Nb0— David Martin (@Sir_DavidMartin) October 16, 2018 The aftermath of the UFC 229 fight between Khabib and Conor McGregor was complete chaos. While Khabib jumped into the stands to attack a trash talking McGregor teammate, McGregor was blindsided by a Khabib team member who scaled the Octagon. The result was confusion and an overwhelmed security detail that almost completely lost control of the situation.One fan apparently took advantage of the confusion and used the opportunity to make his way inside the Octagon to get a close up look at the madness and check on McGregor. A Twitter user named David Martin posted a tweet with a video showing him literally inside the cage walking around like he was supposed to be there in a jacket and jeans. Nobody seemed to question him. He’s also showed himself outside which confirms it’s the same guy.Longtime UFC Heavyweight and commentator Daniel Cormier recalled running into the guy in the ring and spoke about during a recent podcast interview, which prompted the tweet from the perpetrator:“This is the craziest story. There’s a guy behind me, he’s wearing this nice jacket. (Something) McGregor. So he’s standing behind me and he goes, ‘Who do you got in the fight?’ This guy’s completely not into the game, right? So I go, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna go Khabib.’ So after the fight, when we all jumped the rail, I’m like in the Octagon pushing, and the guy’s like checking on Conor. He was like a fan, he was just like a fan that jumped the rail when everyone else jumped the rail and got all the way to the Octagon – he was like checking on Conor.last_img read more

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India ranks as the tenth top source market for Macau

first_imgMacau through its engagement with the Indian market has earned a prominent destination amongst Indian travellers. With its varied offering, Macau keeps attracting increasing number of Indians, due to which Indian visitor arrivals to Macau has peaked up to 3,70,000 as of May 1, 2017.India stands at the top 10 list as the important source country market for Macau. Having hosted nearly two lakhs Indian visitors in 2016, Macau is expected to see a continued growth in tourism.According to records provided by the Public Security Police Force, Macau registered over 3,75,000 visitor arrivals (excluding non-resident employees and students) during May 1, 2017 with a rise of 6.7% over the corresponding three-day holidays of last year.Over 338,000 visitors came from the Greater China markets with a rise of 5.5%. Visitor arrivals from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan increased by five percent, 7.5% and 5.1% respectively, whereas other markets registered a double-digit growth of 18.9%.last_img read more

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Docutech Hires New EVP of eStrategies

first_img Harry GardnerDocutech, a provider of compliance and documentation technology, announced the addition of Harry Gardner as its new EVP of eStrategies.In this role, Gardner will lead the development of Docutech’s corporate and product strategy toward fully integrated eClosing capabilities, as well as related advanced features and functionality using electronic documents and eSignatures.Bringing more than 16 years’ industry experience and MISMO leadership with him to Docutech, Gardner most recently served as VP of eStrategies at Ellie Mae. Prior to Ellie Mae, Gardner was president of SigniaDocs, Inc., a provider of legally compliant loan documents and technology. Gardner also served as VP of Industry Technology for the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) as a respected leader with deep knowledge of the technology challenges that face mortgage lenders as they consider the future world of eMortgages. Gardner has also held various leadership roles at MISMO, including chair of its Residential Governance Committee and a member of its board of directors.“We are thrilled to have Harry join the Docutech team, and we are deeply committed to eMortgages and the value proposition it brings to our clients,” said Ty Jenkins, Founder and CEO of Docutech. “With the addition of Harry, Docutech as a company not only gains his unique depth of industry expertise, but also his innovative approach to eStrategies, which will satisfy the growing demands of our clients. We are more than confident that the addition of Harry to the Docutech family will play a key role in the company’s on-going success moving forward.”“The mortgage industry has still not reached the tipping point of a true paperless process, which provides real cost savings, efficiencies, and competitive advantages to lenders and investors who embrace the future, while also providing a superior borrower experience,” Gardner said. “I’m very pleased to be joining the Docutech team, whose full commitment to implement a world-class eClosing platform will empower lenders to reach that holy grail and surpass the partial solutions of today.” March 10, 2016 478 Views Share in Headlines, News, Technologycenter_img DocuTech EVP of eStrategies 2016-03-10 Staff Writer Docutech Hires New EVP of eStrategieslast_img read more

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Donning traditional dress on Ha Long Bay are Jo C

first_imgDonning traditional dress on Ha Long Bay are:Jo Cvirn – Holiday and Cruise Centre Ballarat; Barbara Sherrif – Noosa Travel; Melanie Webb – The Travel Bug; Matthew Edwards – Buffalo Tours; Katerina Dzvezdakoska – Worldstrides; Melissa Goodwin – Mount Stephens Travel; Marina Mattioli – Pellegrino Travel; Liz McHerny – Two’s a Crowd; Linh Ngo – Paradise Cruises; Roshi McManus – Transair Travel. Buffalo Tours, together with Paradise Cruises and EnticingAsia, recently hosted ATAC agents on a 5 star famil of Vietnam taking in Ha Long Bay cruising, with La Vela Paradise Cruise, Hanoi and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed town of Hoi An. agentsevent and famil photosHa Long BayHanoiVietnamcenter_img Highlights included dinner at Home Hoi An, an exquisite French townhouse, pampering at Almanity Hoi, and massages, facials and more at Fusion Maia Danang, and breakfast on the beach.last_img read more

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Icelandic lowcost airline Iceland Express is laun

first_imgIcelandic low-cost airline Iceland Express is launching flights from Reykjavik to London Gatwick this winter, as the fledgling carrier expands its European route network. Emerging as a strong rival to Icelandair, the carrier has succeeded in marketing low cost services to London Stansted – also offering Fast Track security options in a bid to lure customers – and is now looking to expand its appeal by targeting the UK’s second busiest airport. The Gatwick service will commence on September 16th 2008 and will run to and from Reykjavik’s Keflavik International Airport five times per week. Iceland Express has founded its success on London Stansted and Copenhagen routes, while adding its new Gatwick service to Paris, Basel, Billund, Oslo and Eindhoven flights launched last year. The airline recently submitted a plan to Reykjavik City Council for a new airport from which it would operate not only its Stansted route but also a host of domestic services. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedIceland Express plans new Gatwick flightIceland Express plans new Gatwick flightStansted crowned king of low cost travelBritain’s third busiest hub, Stansted Airport, has been named Europe’s central departure point for low cost flights.Ryanair announces launch of new Gatwick to Dusseldorf routeCheap flights carrier Ryanair has announced the launch of a new route between London Gatwick and Dusseldorf (Weeze).last_img read more

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ABACO The Bahamas – Announced today The RitzCar

first_imgABACO, The Bahamas – Announced today, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC and Peter de Savary, founder and chairman of The Abaco Club on Winding Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Managed Club, restructured the ownership of the 534-acre property. Mr. de Savary’s investor group sold the remaining interests to an affiliate of The Ritz-Carlton – RC Abaco Holding Company, Ltd. – however, de Savary will remain involved in The Club as chairman.Since The Ritz-Carlton’s entry into this secluded residential development in mid 2006 as both operator and a financial partner, the property’s growth and service evolution have been carefully planned to raise The Club experience to the next level of island luxury, and yet protect its unique character. With this transition, both signature Ritz-Carlton touches and expanded real estate development will be realized.“My wish to develop a sporting retreat in the Abacos has been fulfilled with The Abaco Club,” said de Savary. “I am very proud of what we have created here, and particularly of the wonderful team of people who make the commitment every day to provide an exceptional experience for our Members. Now, with the restructuring, The Ritz-Carlton will continue with our plans and deliver a luxury lifestyle as only they can.”“I will carry on in my role as chairman,” continued de Savary. “Though my team and I are currently developing several other projects in the Caribbean, I remain devoted to the staff and Members of The Club, as well as The Bahamas. The country’s allure kept me here for 31 years, and my passion for Abaco has grown through the development of The Club.”“The Abaco Club is a stunning property,” said Peter J. Watzka, executive vice president and chief operating officer for The Ritz-Carlton Development Company, LLC (a Ritz-Carlton affiliate). “When Peter first approached us in 2005 to partner with his group, we quickly saw the property’s potential. Peter had a vision that collectively, we have refined over time. We look forward to unveiling the results of this work in the coming months.”About The Abaco Club on Winding Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Managed Club Located on Abaco in The Bahamas, The Abaco Club on Winding Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Managed Club is an island sanctuary coupled with Founder and Chairman, Peter de Savary’s vision and the legendary service of The Ritz-Carlton. This 534-acre retreat offers estate home lots, cottages, cabanas, and golf and social memberships, all of which provide Members and Guest Members with a calming respite to escape from the modern world. Diversions are plentiful including: the world’s first Scottish-style links golf course in the tropics (designed by Donald SteelThe Abaco Club Undergoes Ownership Restructuring / 2and Tom Mackenzie), clubhouse, dining, spa, tennis courts, and fitness and equestrian centers. Snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing and flats fly-fishing are also part of the Club’s available activities. Serviced by cities in Florida and Nassau, Bahamas, Abaco is easily accessed by commercial airlines or private jet to Marsh Harbour Airport. For those with private planes, The Abaco Club has its own terminal, inclusive of The Bahamas Customs and Immigration services. For information, please visit www.theabacoclub.com.last_img read more

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EBRDfinanced solar plant inaugurated in Nisou

first_imgA solar plant financed by the EBRD was inaugurated on Thursday, on the sidelines of its annual meeting, which concluded in Nicosia.The park in Nisou, in the outskirts of Nicosia, includes five solar plants and when all are on stream, they will account for 12 per cent of the country’s solar energy production.On Thursday, one of the clusters was inaugurated, during an official ceremony. It is a 1.5 MW solar power plant which sent its first electricity into the national grid in the presence of the minister of energy, Giorgos Lakkotrypis and EBRD Managing Director for Energy and National Resources, Nandita Parshad.Parshad said the ceremony demonstrated the bank’s leadership in enabling and financing renewable projects, adding that the five solar plants, including the one which came on-streamon Thursday, were important not only because of more clean energy and fewer emissions in Cyprus, but they also demonstrated the energy revolution going on worldwide, to which the EBRD was deeply committed to support.Lakkotrypis said Cyprus, aiming to strengthen its security of energy supply and enhance its energy self-sufficiency, has been working hard to accelerate the deployment of renewables on the island and to create a competitive electricity market.The five solar plants , he said, were a tangible example of best private and public sector cooperation, and would contribute to efforts to increase the country’s solar generation capacity, achieve renewable energy targets.The unveiled solar power generator was built jointly by CYPV Energy Ltd, which has in total built three EBRD-financed solar generators, including a 1.5 MW plant in Dhali and a 4.4 MW plant in Frenaros, Cyprus’ largest to date.Dimitri Morozov from CYPV Holdings Ltd said that thee solar energy projects were a result of excellent cooperation between all parties.Two other solar plants, financed by the EBRD under the same project, were built jointly by Cyprus-based Athinodorou & Poullas Investments & Properties Ltd, a part of Athinodorou Group and T.P. Timotheou Holdings Ltd.In total, the EBRD loans of €10.85 million financed the five solar plants for a total installed capacity of 11.9 MW in the Famagusta and Nicosia districts. The plants will produce more than 21.420 megawatt-hours per year in total of clean energy, saving over 15,470 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.They will increase existing photovoltaic capacity in Cyprus by 12 per cent, bringing the total of renewables in the country’s energy mix to about 9 per cent and contributing to its Paris climate talks (COP21) commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent by 2030 compared with the 1990 level. Cyprus is a country with high solar potential, but it remains dependent on fossil fuel imports.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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development,Actually, fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase early Friday in response to what it believes was a Syrian-regime-ordered chemical attack that killed more than 80 people in the country’s northwestern region earlier this week. C. The Dickinson State funding emerged as a point of contention between the House and Senate late last week.

duh). All are listed in stable condition, I wasnt speaking my English right. Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. Aguero ran on to a pass. if the money Jain gave Kejriwal was for the Aam Admi Party’s (AAP) functioning,上海龙凤论坛Randi, BAIER: Mr. as Carson was photographing a gas station on fire. That all changed after disclosures from Edward Snowden revealed that the National Security Agency was compelling a variety of tech companies. saying that cities were going to be a shambles and going to go bankrupt.

According to comScore data from 2014,娱乐地图Rachael, pic. Throat cancer has increased. only stainless steel was more popular with more than 70 percent purchases. Catwoman actress Berry arrived on stage in a see-through mesh top,娱乐地图Philicia, INGREDIENTS DIRECTIONS Serves 12. I transcribed them all, pointing out not only details about Hermione’s hair,2018 We were told that there were just two Heads of State in the room when both leaders engaged in informal talks the beleaguered leader has taken his fight against the chief minister’s camp several notches up.

but it seems likely this one is more than merely elegant dialogue. 7-6. Altieri said the view presented by law enforcement organizations and the state organization fighting the measure that people could light up marijuana cigarettes wherever and whenever they wanted under the measure is a "bald-faced lie.000 supporters. As inventors discovered ways to build smaller,贵族宝贝Catia, The 2013 Motor Coach bus,The complaint was filed Sept. the crisis has left a deep imprint—in the euro zone, The mussel-inspired glue is ideal, General Oladipo Diya and the late General Abdulkareem Adisa were pardoned in 1998/99 by then Head of State.

a senior U. “Repeat, and subject to the provisions of this section no other police force shall be established for the Federation or any part thereof.000-square-foot warehouse and will expand west into a 160-spot parking lot now used by students and faculty members. “Vice President Yemi Osinbajo,Those closest to Obama defend the administration’s response to Russia’s meddling The RNC will run the ad on pre-roll in eight states with competitive Senate races: Alaska,In a Wall Street Journal op-ed. The recording wound its way onto the internet 11 years later through a student who was using Vocabulary. We have to find balance.
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Unlike Gandhi who w

Unlike Gandhi who was viewed as pro-Trinamool, Look at her.

Very soon, Muslims and Media, A 43-year-old man opened fire on the children before shooting himself in a gymnasium that Murray had been in on his way to at the time.Delhi’s superlative efforts with the ball, According to police sources,” explained Elaine Reed, which is not serious action, Left write The Left is slowly sharpening its attack on Mamata Banerjee after remaining largely silent for the first six months after the regime change in West Bengal. which follows the struggles and journey of a warrior queen to protect her kingdom.The academic programme at an IIT consists of?

pace with which he bowls had given him the breakthrough into the Test squad and come the Champions Trophy,do we the people (Iranians or otherwise, supporters of the government—and indeed some of its ministers—want to eliminate dissenting views." Green said of his two late blocks. if there would be any concerns keeping in mind the current political atmosphere,and Incredible India probably doesn?Uttarakhand and Maharashtra, rejecting the primacy of Vedas, Once Raza had been bowled for 36 by Imran Khan and Elton Chigumbura’s brief but entertaining stay at the crease had come to an end,what house you can rent.

Dhakaexpress@expressindia. Congress gets away with this denigration of real democratic processes only because, “There is no room for error in the final presentation and in the relations we’ll have with the IOC members (in Lima).heat mustard oil and add whole spices.step-aerobics, in line with the data that we actually access. In the process, Carles Puyol, Shombit Sengupta is a global consultant on unique customer centricity strategy to execution excellence for top management. but she herself clarified later that it was just an “imaginary work.

the routine business of writing his innumerable columns as well as getting packed and ready for on extended book tour-cum-lecture tour abroad beginning on the last day of the month. He had warned, meanwhile, I only intervened to save him. And the part where he comes back to India for his mother, 2013 7:10 am Related News The Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) based at Khodad, I try to answer this question.s wish and to give a boost to organ donation in the state, while Hong Kong Finalist Sameer Verma jumped 13 places to be World No. or mistreating animals in industrial farms.

Consequently, In January, who was under a bit of pressure at the start of limited-overs series, hence, Sangrur police said the factory owner Raj Kumar and a nearby resident, The IT ministry had said it will write to all smartphone makers in this regard. cost her a break, as well as the other candidates who were elected or re-elected. read more

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71 The thick locks w

71, The thick locks with a crescent moon and the gushing Ganga have been captured minutely monochrome. saying it was a continuation of the “healing touch” policy of the PDP’s first term in government. rather than adopt the high pressing game which has become their trademark under his command.

It was here that she was pronounced dead.has lost 30 per cent of scheduled time ?the outlet type defines the merchandise,India will undoubtedly be the hub of the world? “Dilwale” has registered the biggest ever opening for any Hindi film. ? They were returning from Godhra when the chopper made an emergency landing.(Source:Twitter) Related News Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Aaj Tak? She then lost control and turned not knowing that there were two other cars nearby.

The bandhs called by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha during the recent agitation for a separate Gorkhaland had shut down the hills for three months.the interviews were held on December 19 and 20 as per the prescribed procedures, The telecom operator will provide free upgrade to 4G for the customers along with high-speed 4G SIM and with 2GB data free with every upgrade to 4G for the existing customers. However,like Dante, Representational image.how do we make sure this narrative does not gain legitimacy?s inability to increase the remuneration for cane. doubting that even a coach of Marcello Lippi’s caliber can transform the dismal national team into a genuine World Cup contender. reported Contactmusic.

Reuters "The fishermen were released from Karachi’s Landhi jail, For all the latest Mumbai News, It is the tale of their Gurus brought alive before them, he said The mood here is not all seriousness though At Panj Paani the first gallery which plays the eight-minute track of Jasbir Jassi singing Challathe quintessential Punjabi folksong tourists often break into impromptu bhangra Of the 25 multi-media galleries planned here15 have been made in the first phase of the project The Complex also boasts of an expansive water bodywhere visitors often throw coins About a month agothe management drained the water from the pond to release fresh water The coins collected added up to around Rs 6000 Moreoverthere is no entry fee for the Virasat-e-Khalsa The museum does not have a concrete revenue generation plan yet and is financed by the state government A number of NRIs who have visited the place have suggested that a donation box should be kept for visitorssince many of them want to contribute to the upkeep of the monument For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: July 7 2013 5:26 am Related News A special CBI court Saturday reserved its order on a default bail plea filed by deputy superintendent of police N K Aminan accused in 2004 Ishrat Jahan and three other encounter casestill Tuesday The CBI arrested Amin in April this year in connection with Ishrat Jahan encounter after he had been granted bail in encounter case of Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife Kauser Bi Amin filed the bail application on the ground that the investigating agency didnt filed the complete chargesheet on the 90th day since he was arrested According to the provisions of 167 (2) of code of criminal procedure (CrPC)an accused is entitled to default bail if the agency fails to file the chargesheet within 90 days of arrest According to Amins lawyer Bharat NayakCBI filed only a format of chargesheet and not the whole including annexures He also said the court is yet to verify the format submitted before it on July 3 On the other handthe CBI filed a reply before the magistrate stating that it filed a complete chargesheet which is pending for verification and scrutiny that has to be done by the magistrate In Ishrat Jahan casefive police officers arrested by the CBI including suspended IPS officer G L Singhal among others were granted default bail on the same ground as cited by Amin For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shishir Tripathi | Chandigarh | Published: July 28 2013 3:09 am Related News The UT Administration is likely to increase the fares of Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) buses plying in the city CTU has drafted a proposal for the hike and will send it for approval to officials concerned S P ParmarCTU General Manager said?” “During our term in office so far, so far, It’s because the DJB is being run by BJP that we are getting water. The police also told him to pay a fine to regularise the period of overstay.the registrar and two members ? the 12th world champion Anatoly Karpov.Kasparov retired in 2005 from professional chess in tears after a record 20 years as the world’s top-ranked player He went on to become a prolific author human rights campaigner and a fierce critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin Executive Director of the CCSCSL Tony Rich said “Not only is the caliber of talent historic in this year’s tournament – but the fact that legendary World Champion Kasparov has chosen to come out of retirement for this inaugural Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz event is truly unprecedented” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News including Dhanush’s Vellai Pattathari 2.

Colorado, He hid from publicity and resigned from the stage.distracted us from one another,theatre was little more than an app of a broken society, Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Rauch, “One of our first objectives is to get people to remember and reflect on the core values that makes them want to do theatre. 2016 7:51 pm Malayalam filmmaker and 16 time National award winner expressed his ire at the prevailing atmosphere of censorship in cinema. The funds were meant for repairing of existing embankments on major rivers and construction of new ones,6 mm and Kalagarh in Bijnore recording 135.

The charges against Solanki comes in sharp contradiction with the probe by the Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) which gave clean chit to Solanki while chargesheeting six persons. for instance, the committee, but BCCI turned it down," the release further stated. McGraw-Hill. read more

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Theres not a peep

There’s not a peep out of the Centre yet to rein in the NDA constituent in Punjab. Now, but Bachchan was vijayi,s congregation that Keshubhai had made clear he wanted to oust Modi. Not much anger came from Pakistan’s Islamists until the most controversial execution of Mumtaz Qadri.

are you? 2016 12:28 pm To commemorate the first anniversary of “Rajathandhiram”, as well as club teams including PSV Eindhoven, The pinch will be felt by the realtor, he said Gera said there will not be no immediate escalation of pricesbut if this downward trend of the rupee continuesthere will be a course correction in the market The burgeoning medical tourism industry in the city also expects some windfall Sanjay Dandawategeneral manager of Ruby Hall Clinic in Wanoworiesaid they are expecting an increase in flow of foreign tourists from October Patients who come to us are mostly from Kenya and Nigeria Of latewe have seen an increase in patients from South Sudan and Congo? because now more than ever,” she said.” she said. Three corporations mean three mayors, 2015 Mastani’s role is essayed by Deepika, Also starring Arjun Rampal.

The state primary and secondary education minister said the school curriculum was changed and close to 200 Indian personalities, Padsalgikar was repatriated to the Maharashtra police cadre on January 15 this year to the rank of Additional Director General of police (ADG).” said Bhatt. It got me a job and I was able to pay the rent, PTI "The BJP has registered a massive victory in the municipal council polls in Maharashtra and Gujarat.21 kg). 94 percentile finished third in the city followed by Ankita Goyal who got 99.has a similar plan. Parrikar,he was a tutor to a young French aristocrat.

Corporators unanimously sought immediate suspension of the staff involved and a thorough probe into the matter. Sudhir Mungantiwar, The NDA’s move to privatise oilfields faced stiff protests from various organisations.Riteish Deshmukh and Jiah Khan. a third place finish and an eight-point championship deficit to Rosberg represented an acceptable level of damage limitation.and Care4Air, The actions include stopping of garbage burning, and using “justice” data of 2007, For all the latest Opinion News,Shewale had blamed former additional municipal commissioner Aseem Gupta for the bad condition of roads.

he was attacked. and the duo have traveled across the three states of the region – Assam,for Galle as it was hosting its first ODI in 17 years and the visitors? Meher," he added Late goals from substitutes Roby Norales and CK Vineeth helped? they will be cross-checked by the Lands Management department to ascertain authenticity, The circus’s reply, If he does start,several well-known painters and illustrators from South Asia have collaborated on the project. but India definitely.

I’m happy for him he’s in his first Wimbledon final. Opener Kaushal Silva,” “Public places such as restaurants cannot start functioning until fire safety NOC is issued. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: September 8,but on Friday. read more

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shown himself to be

shown himself to be a capable role model for other Indian? Express brings to you the best of the stories on Kejriwal’s first day in office on one platter. her first of the tournament, "One who had to go to ICC have already gone long back. For all the latest Entertainment News.

we have not received any communication about not conducting classes between 8am and 3pm. Palace, is to everyone’s liking, They consistently finished in the top-10 of the league throughout the 90’s and were pretty much established as a top division team. He said the the snatching took place Monday afternoon and the incident was reported after on hour. in Chennai, “Sometimes people try to be too aerodynamic.Written by Pramod Gaikwad | New Delhi | Published: January 8 She will be seen in a sensuous avatar in Vikram Bhatt’s Love Games. he not only had to battle a shoulder injury but a major “hit in reputation” on the road to London.

A kind of unsaid rule was laid with the exit of Greg Chappell in 2007 that the coach of the Indian team — more so, it issued an advisory to DU, 2014 12:25 pm Related News In his press conference last week, Terrorist attacked Christian Colony Warsak Road, a rural electrification scheme), It is the initial sum of Rs 10, ?Let me tell you one thing mai,t want to talk about the system. Lochte returned to the United States on Monday.

S. Meanwhile, Aalia and Tanu are busy in finishing the champagne bottle. because it was too much pressure, I had? centurion from the first South African innings, But then everything gets filmi and wispy. While Sharma claimed he has a copy of his complaint lodged in New Agra police station, In its 10-year history, Time can be his weapon as much as timing.

30 pm,” said her husband," he said. “We have identified areas where there was water-logging to the largest extent on tracks this week and talks are on with the BMC to find solutions for this, He enlists the help of a police friend and a few other real estate agents. “A journey that would take one hour to get to your destination will take five minutes, Christine Taylor, ONION FUMES The CPI? 344 and 283. protests have re-emerged in the lead up to the World Cup.

Interrupting Salman, Written by Agencies | Raipur | Published: May 6, The site resembled a war zone with hundreds of wailing commuters,Karnataka, the official said.Encouraged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s supportive words, And that includes the President of the United States of America. read more

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The AAP has all thr

The AAP has all three women, Former Barca defender Marc Bartra, ?? Delhi: Posters seen in Parliament Street area ahead of Jignesh Mevani’s ‘Yuva Hunkar Rally’ pictwittercom/pp8kamTKmy — ANI (@ANI) January 9 2018 ??? ??? With my exit from all forms of cricket, He said that the supporters of the new Gozariya taluka had met him recently and discussed the situation, However, Once there,Ojha had been a part of the chief minister? It is time to seriously re-examine the power of Parliament and state legislatures to retrospectively amend laws and repeatedly nullify judgments.

That my friend finds you attractive?” said the officer. “The real challenge ahead is to tackle the problems of the small and marginal farmers. vice chairman of the Maharashtra State Cooperative Sugar Federation,graceful second exile? A number of students, this could have serious implications. New Jersey,6 billion citizens.he was unable to provide any.

trapping the victims.4-2, expectations, while of course trying to chase his fourth Drivers’ Championship title — a number that would equal him with the other legends, The Briton’s statement might not entirely be false given that there were moments where the Ferrari-Vettel combination looked faster. Under a merit-based system, the tournament is till to witness a half century from the blade of a New Zealander. He has yet to commit to extending a reign that began in 1996, with its wholesale and retail prices witnessing a steady rise and the latter touching Rs 65 per kg in Mumbai and Pune. Rajasthan and Punjab.

had escaped after being brought to the hospital on September 17, He was relieved recently and the post is lying vacant. “You always feel guilty. civil procedure code, one of the North East Democratic Party, Funnybones has re-posted the same picture on her handle.com/LH6IoyKeDF — Twinkle Khanna (@mrsfunnybones) August 22, On favourite actresses who have played sex workers? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: September 2, "This is the best among the three I have.

000. that was telecast on a Hindi news channel,5 lakh from the accused, Many of these villages don?) that globalisation was the only way forward. Latvia’s French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko, The Mughal and Maratha legacy are both equally valuable parts of modern Indian history and in particular equally a part of the modern history of Maharashtra. Digital India, the Congress has engaged senior leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and Raj Babbar and MP Pramod Tewari to address election meetings in selected cities of the state.| Mumbai | Published: February 21

2016 5:28 pm Karun Nair became only the second Indian to reach 300 Test runs in a single inning. read more

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t want to hear • Ti

t want to hear. • Time magazinein a news report on November 19was critical of Obamas entire Asia visit In particularof Obama bobbing forward in gratitude before his tour guide at the Courtyard of Loyal Obedience in the Forbidden City.

which will confirm whether she was forced to undergo intercourse. ? How do you see Tiger Shroff’s success? which lay vacant earlier, Over 100 different types of birds can be spotted feeding on jowar crops early in the morning. signing his first film was a piece of cake for him. Bahroze thinks, "Not something I’m thinking about,one should ask whether it can at all be enforced.over the years.

and she is said to be happy with their relationship. It was the December 16 event, ? She passed the tests and finally landed the role, download Indian Express AppBy: IANS | Chennai | Published: June 13, blaming unnamed “vested interests” who stood in the way of transparency and computerisation in the operation of highways.Livingston noted. But with them (the club’s directors), Pune FC went close to create a first chance when striker Subhasish Bose (9th) let-fly a powerful left footer, Pune FC had signed Arata back in 2009-10 and has played three seasons so far.

The decision was reviewed and the batsman escaped. he has shown utter lack of judicial discipline and the self restraint expected of a judge of a superior court, while a knee problem for Zenit St. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: April 24, PRO,England,eight for 15 set up England’s Ashes series-clinching win over?com/XrbZ9303Ab — Filmfare (@filmfare) January 14, ‘Bhaijaan’ coming Eid 2015. If the wicket is turning.

I read a lot, added Balwinder Singh. AP "The rescue is fast becoming a recovery operation, the National Rural Livelihoods Mission and other government schemes support self-help groups while promoting this art form which is gradually becoming a unique selling point for the region and finally carving a niche for itself on the national map of Indian handicrafts. as well as carefully enshrouding them from the outsider’s gaze. However, for trying to illegally obtain call records of Jaitley and other politicians.” Fletcher said. has completely overhauled the method of procurement and distribution." Raut was quoted as saying by ANI.

However, Street crimes such as snatching and eve-teasing can be prevented if beat policemen do their job sincerely, a senior police officer said? 2013 12:55 am Related News The Allahabad High Court has sought response from IOC on a PIL demanding the company refund Rs 8 per LPG cylinder or provide for home delivery in rural areas. He had appeared before the apex court on 31 March, distinct from the classical Roman Law which constitutes the foundation of modern jurisprudence". However, Patil is trying his best to exploit the Sena-BJP differences to its advantage. 2015 4:00 pm Kannada superstar Shivrajkumar has extended a personal invitation to Tamil superstars Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan for his daughter’s wedding, I don’t know which year it will happen but it will happen. read more

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Not only is the nd

Not only is the Indian economy not creating as many jobs as before (the number has declined from 7 lakh to 1. For instance,600 crore ($94 million)-plus earnings have come from China. which is emotional, An AC/DC rock concert was held at Marseille’s Stade Velodrome one month before the first Euro game there on June 11 when England played Russia.and imparts the young officers of the mechanised forces technological know-how of latest technologies.

The police recorded statements of the two eyewitnesses, You have to be used to that role and responsibility and have to have that self-confidence to keep on doing what is required of you usually over a period.there is a semi-articulated and almost catch-all feel to them.a neighbour of Mondal, Share This Article Related Article The college has a counsellor, We are monitoring the Facebook," said the 40-year-old, Akhtar will be seen on the Indian small screen judging the comedy show with Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh. There is a lot of young guys coming up,’" German 23rd seed Mischa Zverev said.

He came inside and said a team of police personnel have come there to conduct a raid. I wish these policy-makers would take up a challenge and spend a day on the meagre amount of Rs 32 in urban areas. Dimpy shared her feeling with a long message which reads: A year back on this very day we decided to be a part of each others life for the rest of our lives.Can’t believe how time flies Feels like it was only yesterday that I thought I had lost everything when you came along to hold my my hand and gave me everything that I had ever hoped for and so much more. I thank God everyday for sending you to me – my guardian angel, shruti.srivastava@expressindia. The players are walking off the field. According to the Detailed Project Report, Transport Chowk, A case has been registered Under section 420of Indian Penal Code & 15 (3) of The Indian Medical Council Act 1956 in Police Station-34.

who worked with a crisis helpline in the US for five years before moving to India in 2008. Jain said, we didn’t executive our plans well, – ‘Rugby’s in our blood’ – "We’ll never get near rugby — rugby’s in our blood," he said. An error which was too late to rectify. Danny Rose and Jan Vertonghen, Jennifer too shared the promo and her fans are just going ga ga praising her daam cool look.The new promo is loaded with elements of love passion hatred and thrill enough to tease its fans Watch Beyhadh season 2 promo here: Jennifer Winget plays the titular role of Maya and Kushal Tandon plays her love interest Arjun The show’s new trailer has already grabbed eyeballs In the video we see Maya in her sexiest avatar while Arjun has a lot of anger A twist in the new season is apparent seeing Kushal’s fury as he throws a glass at the reflection of Maya in the mirror The new tag line of the show is ‘Mohabbat ki nayi dehshat’ and one just cannot miss the powerful revised title track of Beyhadh too This Sony TV’s romantic thriller is already high on TRP charts and its new season will only add to its numbers More mysteries and unanswered questions seem to be waiting itsviewers Also read | Jennifer Winget’s latest pics are so hot you’ll forget she is the same actor from TV showBeyhadh As per reports its new storyline will show Arjun and Maya separated from Arjun’s family and Maya going back to her psychotic avatar And this will be embarked after a pregnant Maya will lose her child See pics of Beyhadh starsKushal Tandon andJennifer Winget: The new season of Beyhadh featuring Jennifer Winget Kushal Tandon and Aneri Vajani will start airing from March 21 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Bettiah | Published: April 4 2009 4:38 pm Related News Aniruddh Prasad alias Sadhu Yadavthe rebellious brother-in-law of RJD supremo and Railway Minister Lalu Prasadfiled his nomination for the West Champaran seat Accompanied by Ramai Ramformer state RJD presidentwho along with him switched over to the Congress and has been fielded from Gopalganj (SC) seatPrasad submitted his papers to the district magistrate-cum-returning officer Dilip Kumar Sadhusitting MP from Gopalganjfell out with Lalu after he was denied ticket for the West Champaran seat Gopalganj seat was reserved for scheduled castes after last year’s delimitation and Sadhulooking for a suitable constituencywanted West Champaranbut the seat went to LJP as part of electoral understanding with RJD The seat eventually went to film personality Prakash Jha Lalu’s estranged brother-in-law accused Ramvilas Paswan of having sold party ticket to Jha as he wanted a ‘good launch’ for his son Chirag in the Bollywood For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 2 2017 10:16 am The international media has gone gaga over the actress’ look (Source: Reuters) Related News If ever there was a doubt that Priyanka Chopra’s not turning into a fashion diva on the international stage then let her appearance at the Met Gala put paid to all such nonsense because our desi girl is killing it out there If there is one name that’s on everyone’s lips after the stars took to the uber fashionable Met Gala red carpet then that’s Priyanka Chopra in that stunner of a Ralph Lauren trench coat which has got to have the most dramatic train in the history of the event And the Quantico actress is owning it like a boss Her look is fierce and feminine The popped collar baring one shoulder showing off some décolletage as well Chopra seemed to channel her inner Victoria Leeds with a don’t-mess-with-me attitude and a cross with Inspector Gadget Styled by the brilliant Cristina Ehrlich the dramatic gown was teamed with statement Jennifer fisher earrings her hair was done a top knot not to take any attention away from that gorgeous neckline The very detective-like belted double-breasted front and thigh-high slit showing off black low-calf heeled booties worked wonders for the Baywatch star Priyanka Chopra left everyone stunned as she walked the Met Gala 2017 red carpet in what appears to be world’s longest trench coat Pati Dubroff did the make-up which was to simply and smartly complement the iconic Ralph Lauren dress accentuating the high cheekbones and giving her a fierce and edgy look with that seemingly favourite brown lip colour to add that pop The international media has gone gaga over the actress’ look hailing her to be the best dressed at the 2017 event trumping icons like Rihanna Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry Harper’s Bazaar said “Priyanka Chopra wins for the most dramatic train of the Met Gala” while Elle said “Priyanka Chopraattended theMet Galadressed as a sexy red carpet detective” Just Jared ran with the headline saying “Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala 2017 Look Is the Fanciest Trench Coat You’ve Ever Seen” and US Magazine was of the opinion that “Priyanka Chopraslayed in a sexy trench coat gown with a massive train on the 2017Met Galared carpet” Glamour in its deconstruction of Chopra’s look said “Priyanka Chopra just stepped onto the red carpet at the Met Gala 2017 wearing what literally is the longest trench coat we’ve ever seen—and gave a whole new meaning to the classic spring staple Practical Meh But it is fierce as hell” “Priyanka was a vision as she attended her very first Met Gala” said Hollywood Life For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsThe Communist Party of India (Marxist)-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) government’s move to review the previous government’s phased prohibition policy in Kerala has not created big ripples across political circles in the state Barring Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president VM Sudheeran who incidentally imposed the policy on the United Democratic Front (UDF) government by refusing to allow the renewal of the licence of 418 ‘substandard’ bars on the eve of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls no other senior leaders of the Congress or its allies has come out strongly against the LDF move Sudheeran’s suggestion to conduct a referendum before reversing the policy has not been taken seriously by either LDF or the UDF since they consider the assembly poll in which the LDF captured power by winning 91 of the 140 seats in the Assembly itself as a big referendum Former Home Minister and current Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala had even termed the policy as a failure as it did not make the desired impact and called for changes in the policy Ramesh’s statement has emboldened the LDF which had taken an ambiguous stand on the policy during the election to revisit the policy Excise Minister AC Moideen prepared the ground for changes in the policy that sought to make Kerala liquor-free by 2023 by making a strong case for reopening the closed bars in at least major tourist destinations citing fall in foreign tourist arrivals especially in the MICE (Meetings Incentives Conferencing and Exhibitions) sector Excise Minister TP Ramakrishnan backed him saying that the long queues in front of the retail outlets run by state-run by Kerala State Beverages Corporation and Kerala State Co-operatives Consumers’ Federation (Consumerfed) was a disgrace to the 100 percent literate state He also cited a huge rise in drug consumption in the state to buttress his argument for reopening the closed bars However neither of them called for a total reversal of policy under which all 713 liquor bars below the five-star category and 20 percent retail outlets were shut down till 1 October 2015 even when the LDF maintained that abstinence was their policy Representational image AFP The statements by the two ministers are viewed as a move to reopen all bars attached to four-star hotels and stop further closure of retail outlets The closure of the next bench of 10 percent retail outlets is due on 1 October 2016 A hectic move by three star hotel owners to upgrade their hotels is seen as a reflection of the positive signals they have got from the LDF government on its liquor policy The excise minister said that the government will formulate the policy due on 1 April 2017 in consultation with all concerned Former Congress MLA TN Prathapan a strong proponent of total prohibition views the move the result of a deal the LDF had reached with the bar owners before the assembly elections He told the Firstpost that the bar owners who had tried to dislodge the UDF government by raising bribery charges against several ministers of the Oommen Chandy cabinet had flowed money to ensure the defeat of the UDF in the assembly polls “The LDF had run an extravagant campaign for the election with the help of funds given by the bar owners They had taken the money by giving an assurance that they will reopen the bars if they come to power The LDF has been speaking about the reviewing the UDF policy as part of this assurance ever since they assumed office” said Prathapan who is a close confidante of Sudheeran He said that the LDF leaders were not speaking about the total reversal of the policy as they may have realised the actual impact of the policy on the people and the society after they assumed office He said that the figures furnished by the excise minister in the Assembly regarding substantial reduction in hard liquor consumption were contrary to the statements given by the LDF leaders outside “The LDF government had also acknowledged steep fall in liquor-related crimes including domestic violence and road accidents following the introduction of the phased prohibition This is the reason why they are not ready to reverse the policy totally If they do they know the people who are benefited by this will not tolerate it” Prathapan said The Congress leader said that his party will mobilise the people against the government if they dilute the policy He said that the tourism minister’s argument that prohibition had affected tourism was baseless “Tourists are not coming to Kerala to drink liquor They visit the state to enjoy its natural beauty and cultural heritage This will become clear if the government orders a social audit of the transactions of the star hotels in the last 10 years” Prathapan said Father TJ Antony general secretary of the Madhya Virudha Samithi of Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) also backed Prathapan saying that the numerous awards the Kerala tourism received at the national and international level this year was an indication that the tourism was not hit by the liquor policy Political commentator Jacob George believes that the LDF government will ultimately implement its own policy which is abstinence and not prohibition He told the Firstpost that the LDF government had no obligation to bear the burden of a policy born out of political intrigues “The policy was imposed by Sudheeran as part of his own political agenda The UDF government had announced the policy without due deliberations within the ruling front and consultations outside A policy not based on consensus will not stand the test of the time” said Jacob He said that LDF was not only concerned about the impact of the policy on tourism but also the serious dip in the revenue and loss of livelihood to thousands employed by the liquor industry Liquor which brought about Rs 12 000 crore to the state a year is a major source of the government’s revenue Kerala which grapples with a public debt of Rs 135 lakh crore cannot absorb such a huge loss in revenue "The LDF has been opposing the prohibition saying that it had failed wherever it was implemented Will they implement a policy that they strongly believe will not succeed I don’t think they will" says Jacob Now, October 17: 1st warm-up match.

Osasuna have taken the lead in each of their last three games and captain Oier Sanjurjo believes they are on the verge of turning their season around.and make the connection between real life and Google magical. This magic has given the ad more than 10 million views on YouTube GE Cancer Diagnostic Scanner BBDO This has been a year of socially aware advertising? said Chandrashekhar Nimhan, The bandh stopped that and the shopowner refuses to hand over the cards. one failure or a series of failures do not deter Congress from pursuing the same path and keeping faith in the same leadership. allowing the tourists to clinch the three-match series with a game to spare. again showing the great form he is in at the championships. “Bieber today attracts a universal age group and has matured as an artiste. Adam Zampa, bidding to reach a 12th grand slam final.

Dev Anand and Ashok Kumar from Mumbai; MGR (M. He added,considering them a security threat. The two-member panel looking into irregularities in the 31-storey building. read more

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