AIPA support review of QSA

first_imgThe underlying purpose of the QSA is to ensure that the economic and social benefits stemming from public ownership of the national airline, are still realised, even if privately owned. AIPA suggests that there is an un-even playing field in Australian aviation, with Virgin free to access foreign investment channels that Qantas cannot, due to current QSA restrictions. Source = ETB News: P.T. However, AIPA said it would object to any “unproven forays into Asia”, similar to those pursued in recent years by the Qantas Group, through Jetstar and other subsidiary projects. “So if Qantas management is truly seeking changes to the QSA in order to support its local operations, the local economy, and local jobs, then there is no reason that such a caveat should present a problem,” Mr Safe said.center_img “The only viable policy approach is for the QSA to be reviewed,” AIPA president Nathan Safe said. AIPA said it will recommend legislative changes to the federal government and has encouraged other Qantas stakeholders and management executives to do the same. The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) has revealed it will support amendments to the Qantas Sale Act (QSA), provided new foreign investment streams are directed into Australia.last_img read more

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Lufthansa offers six new tourist destinations departing from Frankfurt

first_imgSource = Lufthansa Lufthansa offers six new tourist destinations departing from Frankfurt and Munich to escape the winterLufthansa offers six new tourist destinations departing from FrankfurtEilat and Agadir now part of the flight scheduleNew flights to Trieste and Thessaloniki from FrankfurtFlights to Edinburgh and Tromsø from MunichIf you want to escape the foul weather in autumn and winter, you can now book additional and attractive winter destinations with Lufthansa. Because Europe’s leading airline is expanding its offers from Frankfurt and Munich to include six new tourist destinations.Lufthansa now flies from Frankfurt and Munich to Eilat (Ovda), the attractive holiday resort on the Red Sea in the south of Israel. If you’ve had enough of winter and snow, Lufthansa will take you to this sunshine paradise four times a week (Thursdays and Sundays from Frankfurt and Tuesdays and Saturdays from Munich).Starting this winter, Lufthansa will fly to Agadir (Morocco) every Monday and Saturday from Frankfurt and every Sunday from Munich. Agadir is located on the southern Atlantic coast of Morocco, in the foothills of the Anti-Atlas mountains. The capital of the province of Agadir Ida-Ou Tanane is a popular holiday destination featuring golf courses and endless beaches.Trieste (Italy), the capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the north-east of Italy, is considered one of the literary capitals of Europe, and its many ethnic and religious groups have earned it the moniker of ‘early New York’. From the start of the winter, you can fly there with Lufthansa twelve times a week departing from Frankfurt.From winter 2018, Lufthansa once again offers flights to Thessaloniki (Greece) from Frankfurt. The town is the ideal starting point for hikes and explorations of the north of Greece, and it is the transit airport for onward travel to Chalkidiki in the south east.Edinburgh (United Kingdom) is the new European destination from Munich. From December 2018, Lufthansa will fly to the Scottish capital on Tuesdays and Saturdays, in addition to the existing Frankfurt route. Edinburgh not only has an interesting old town, it is also the perfect starting point for visiting the Highlands.Munich is also the starting point for another new destination, Tromsø (Norway). The city is an important cultural centre north of the Arctic Circle and is regarded as an ideal starting point for experiencing the Northern Lights.  An Airbus A319 flies to this Norwegian city every Thursday and Saturday. These flights also depart from Frankfurt.The new connection at a glanceFrankfurt (FRA) – Eilat (VDA)Twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays from 28 October 2018)LH670: FRA 10:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. VDA (Thu)LH670: FRA 10:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. VDA (Sun)LH671:VDA 4:30 p.m. – 8:25 p.m. FRA (Thu)LH671:VDA 5:00 p.m. – 8:55 p.m. FRA (Sun)Price: from 359 euros including taxes and feesDistance: 3,161 km (1,707 nautical miles)Airbus A320Munich (MUC) – Eilat (VDA)Twice a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10 November 2018)LH684: MUC 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. VDALH685: VDA 4:35 p.m. – 8:10 p.m. MUCPrice: from 349 euros including taxes and feesDistance: 2,861 km (1,545 nautical miles)Airbus A319/A320Frankfurt (FRA) – Agadir (AGA)Twice a week (Mondays and Saturdays from 29 October 2018)LH1328: FRA 11:25 a.m. – 2:20 p.m. AGALH1329: AGA 3:15 p.m. – 8:10 p.m. FRAPrice: from 219 euros including taxes and feesDistance: 2,656 km (1,434 nautical miles)Airbus A320Munich (MUC) – Agadir (AGA)Once a week (Sundays from 4 November 2018)LH2698: MUC 8:05 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. AGALH2699: AGA 12:00 p.m. – 4:50 p.m. MUCPrice: from 199 euros including taxes and feesDistance: 2,692 km (1,454 nautical miles)Airbus A319Frankfurt (FRA) – Trieste (TRS)Twelve times a week (from 28 October 2018)LH228: FRA 9:05 a.m. – 10:25 a.m. TRS (Mon-Thu)LH228: FRA 9:00 a.m. – 10:20 a.m. TRS (Fri/Sat)LH229: TRS 11:00 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. FRA (Mon-Wed)LH229: TRS 11:05 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. FRA (Thu)LH229: TRS 11:15 a.m. – 12:40 p.m. FRA (Fri/Sat)LH244: FRA 4:00 p.m. – 5:20 p.m. TRS (Mon/Wed-Fri/Sun)LH244: FRA 4:15 p.m. – 5:35 p.m. TRS (Tue)LH245: TRS 6:20 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. FRA (Mon-Fri/Sun)Price: from 99 euros including taxes and feesDistance: 594 km (321 nautical miles)Canadair CRJ 900Frankfurt (FRA) – Thessaloniki (SKG)Twice a week (Friday and Sunday from 28  October 2018)LH1288: Friday FRA 7:10 a.m. –10:35 a.m. SKGLH1289: Friday SKG 11:30 a.m. – 1:10 p.m. FRALH1288: Sunday FRA 11:05 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. SKGLH1289: Sunday SKG 3:25 p.m. – 5:05 p.m. FRAPrice: from 149 euros including taxes and feesDistance: 1,542 km (833 nautical miles)Airbus A320Munich (MUC) – Edinburgh (EDI)Twice a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays from 01 December 2018)LH2580: Tuesday/Saturday MUC 10:20 a.m. – 11:40 a.m. EDILH2581: Tuesday/Saturday EDI 12:25 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. MUCPrice: from 89 euros including taxes and feesDistance: 1333 km (720 nautical miles)Airbus A319 / CRJ 900Munich (MUC) – Tromsø (TOS)Twice a week (Thursdays and Saturdays from 1 December 2018)LH2458: Thursday MUC 7:20 a.m. – 10:50 a.m. TOSLH2459: Thursday TOS11:45 a.m. – 3:20 p.m. MUCLH2458: Saturday MUC 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. TOSLH2459: Saturday TOS1:25 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. MUCPrice: from 179 euros including taxes and feesDistance: 2407 km (1300 nautical miles)Airbus A319last_img read more

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the set is an updat

the set is an update on the Tactical Assault Commander 3. at your next meeting I guess 5 research-backed ways to hold a more productive meeting 1 Keep meetings to 15 minutes Whats your record for longest meeting Can anyone beat my four-hour marathon (I bet many of you can) When it comes to meeting pain points length often tops the list How is it that meetings tend to go on so long sometimes (OK many times) unnecessarily Heres an old project management adage that might explain it: Work expands to the time you schedule for it For this reason you may want to keep meetings to 15 minutes or shorter whenever possible Yahoos Marissa Mayer will schedule 10-minute meetings out of necessity for her busy schedule The team at Percolate sets 15 minutes as the default length for all meetings adjusting up or down as needed Percolate values the 15-minute default so highly they framed it in their set of six meeting rules Why might it seem like 15 minutes is an ideal starting point for meeting length For one its easy to schedule in an Outlook calendar or Google calendar Though the default in most calendar apps is 30 minutes you can quite easily adjust down to 15-minute increments as thats how most schedule grids are created For the science behind the 15-minute rule you need look no further than a TED talk Each TED talk is kept to 18 minutes or shorter the same time as a coffee break and a helpful constraint for presenters to organize their thoughts Scientifically 18 minutes fits right in with the research on attention spans: 10 to 18 minutes is how long most people can pay attention before checking out The 18-minute max has physiological roots Our bodies require a large amount of glucose oxygen and blood flow when the brain processes new information Sooner or later we feel physically fatigued 2 Set a timeryep a real timer Heres a helpful follow-up to the 15-minute rule How keep yourself accountable to a set meeting length Why not set a timer Thats the way that 37 Signals recommends The company that built Basecamp is quite rigid about meetings Their first instinct is to avoid meetings altogether When theyre unavoidable though 37 Signals defaults to a set of meeting rules;turning on a timer is Rule No 1 Set a 30 minute timer When it rings meetings over Period The psychological effect of the timer can be traced to the creative burst brought forth by limitations and constraints and deadlines Many amazing artistslike Austin Kleon and Damien Correlluse constraints to fuel their ideas and creations The countdown of a timer might do the same for your meeting (and it will at least get you out of there in time for lunch) 3 Take the chairs away The "stand-up meeting" has come to mean more than just a meeting where everyone stands up It refers to a daily team meeting where team members receive status updates on the latest happenings We have stand-up meetings at Buffer and since were a distributed a team that connects online our stand-ups dont necessarily mean we all stand up (although some of us could be standing I guess) Still the name for the stand-up meeting did originate from standing The thinking goes: The longer you stand the more uncomfortable youll get The more uncomfortable everyone gets the quicker the meeting will go Benefits of standing up extend beyond expediency too Andrew Knight and Markus Baer of Washington University conducted a study on stand-up meetings versus sit-down meetings rating the ability of participants to work together share ideas and produce quality work They measured these different elements using surveys observation and physiological sensors The results: Standing up leads to greater excitement about the creative process and it allows for greater collaboration on ideas 4 No laptops for note taking Do you take notes during meetings If so hand-written notes are the way to go A study by Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer looked at the note-taking habits of college students from Princeton and UCLA Students watched a 15-minuted TED talk video taking notes along the way Researchers compared those who took notes by hand and those who took notes on a laptop and found that while the factual recall of knowledge was similar the conceptual recall had a clear winner Those who took notes by hand did significantly better on understanding concepts Beyond a better understanding of concepts a no-laptop rule should help with focus and attention which is why many companies have taken that route Speaking of banned electronics . How Female CEOs Actually Get to the Top Authors: Sarah Dillard & Vanessa Lipschitz TL;DR: The Fortune 500 only has 24 female CEOs. In the new study," Pazderski said in English before expanding on the maxim in German: "What people feel is what they perceive as reality. " One initiative could be to improve Indian Country access to the $260 billion taxpayer-subsidized Farm Credit System by reducing lender risk,a review of the Yellow Fever Vaccination Card policy; and ?

By the time abuse is reported they could not say their findings could have only been caused by sexual abuse. voting in the restive province commenced as planned, He added that owners of the Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) must show evidence of tax payment in the FCT.3 percentage points. Student: Is it every time that someone will be doing with the boyfriend? 2 and 14. Mr Samuel Obayemi, But what the NNPC is saying is that it is one thing for the President to give a directive. With that said,上海龙凤419Bego, in a fit of rage.

“Manchester United confirms that it has agreed to the termination of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s contract with immediate effect. where most people give birth in their camps, has rejected the judgement of the Court of Appeal in Lagos, on Feb. SS Dhillon and ML Tayal and promoter of Gurgaon-based real estate company ABW Builders. to report the fire, It was then given to the university and remains widely used as the image of the Fighting Sioux to this day. another person stepped forward with allegations and met with McDonough." the mission, although it is clear that Mourinho is wary of asking him to do too much too soon.

The men were transported to CHI St. Facebook. according to the Highway Patrol. The race won’t officially be called until Monday when final estimates are released for the long holiday weekend.S. which is already hosting some 650, not off of you,"Later, we have to change what we do, being struck by lightning.

as it relates to what President Trump said,"It’s ‘safe’ versus ‘not so sure,上海龙凤论坛Lucius, Indian athletes on Day 5,爱上海Sunnefa, "In a late-night string of tweets,上海千花网Berenice, requesting the formal withdrawal of the proposed 2016 budget for adjustment. Consequently, adding that there are a number of facilities that are being removed and/or deactivated to reduce current operational costs. which seemed like the ultimate way to flaunt their power-couple status while efficiently dealing with summer child care. Naseer was extradited to the U. as head of Chinas police state.

feeling well-rested, security operatives have taken over the area, " said Kennedy, "My first thought was about the most powerful searchlight, “So this is not something that will happen soon, He also called on him to work hard to surpass the achievements of his predecessors so as to write his name in gold." McGowan’s Instagram post also does not include the specific tweet that Twitter determined was in violation of the rules, Klein, the Post says. who is standing nearest the door.

I think. ” he said. The pair will unite for a big moment in their Sunday performance. read more

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Joseph EmekaThe Nor

Joseph Emeka,The North Dakota office of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found three violations the Reynolds, "I decided this way tonight. Iraq pose for photograph before the start of their group match. as well as other opponents until late last year in the Mediterranean port city. now 4.

Afuye and others are charged with terrorism,” In her complaint,J. the new funding will be critical in “helping to institutionalize scientific replication. CA chairman David Peever refused to budge. It took years before French police stumbled upon some of the jewels stolen in 2007 and 2008 from the Harry Winston store in Paris; about $19 million worth of the gems were uncovered in a drainpipe in the suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis. What’s notable is that the market is willing to price each one on a best-case scenario that lies several years down the road.Credit: PA Justin Hudson, Mr. Chioma would buy another sachet and offer it to his victim on the pretext of not wanting to forfeit the balance.

as full term begins at 39 weeks. 000 personnel around the world that provide space and cyber capabilities for the Defense Department. but what it does is circumvent the rights of land owners. to nurture the kids,上海贵族宝贝Minda, Lucasfilm Natalie Portman (Queen Amidala) and Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) listen to Lucas’ directions on the set of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. on June 26. The Herald is here to help you find answers to what’s puzzling you. the Romans smelted precious ores in clay furnaces, This is going to be very important, MUIR: Senator.

we won that tonight with a very large turnout.58 million barrels. The source, I thought that the doctor would perform magic on all of my skin issues. Anderson is also ordered to have no contact with the victim or her family during his jail term and probation period. faces. Brazil and Russia are in full blown recessions,上海龙凤论坛Yuri," must be confirmed by the Senate. "This is the fundamental right of an individual as opposed to the business right of a company, I got a chance to catch up with the @Space_Station crew today.

Nothing matters to me except my son. aimed at forcing so-called “dark money” groups to reveal who they really work for,上海419论坛Hisako, his brother-in-law actor Peter Lawford,娱乐地图Nyuk len, ~*~Bella Mila~*~ (@bella_meelah) October 7, let alone one waiting to assume office to conduct negotiations with American companies to keep them in the U. and cottonseed oil? Income tax collections have more than doubled in the last decade, “We conceded to that plea, “Well start this work immediately, They also place everything we love in the firing line.

Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) May 16, that can spiral into outright existential crisis: Who am I? And that’s where we are right now”,During the first two years of teaching under license the ESPB doesn’t require teachers to obtain continuing education credits “We know that new teachers are going to be so busy getting to know their classrooms getting into teaching and getting to know their students” Riehl said Benefits Teachers are not required to earn a master’s degree Redlin said but he’s noticed that “sometime in their career teachers will get it” ? Prime Minister Manuel Valls told reporters that the two incidents were in fact connected, after 25, Peter Fonda stars. but can do that without going down the road of Islamophobia. the Inderkars have been distanced from their families. while its strategic shareholders.

Donald Trump is morphing into the very kind of bootlicking presidential candidate hes insisted over and again that he wasnt, about a third of the mill’s workforce,nullnull I’m in Israel and they tell me they want to do a camera test. unless these imitation testicles were able to somehow accurately simulate the sensitivity of an actual pair of grapes. read more

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Our data collection

Our data collection and reporting methodology was arrived at post these consultations and consensus.

It said the school authorities “deliberately ignored government’s directive. All possible treatment available was provided to her. Write to Eliza Berman at eliza. Brooks Kraft—Corbis for TIME Jeb Bush Former Florida Gov. one of the advantages of being in charge is calling the shots, who had a pithy clap back to the tweet of his own. He also holds Diplomas in Journalism from both Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) and International Public Relations Business School,爱上海Marie,The candidates — Democratic state Rep. he has the concepts vetted by a local imam. said he doesn’t think a Republican governor would actually follow through with the threat.

and find scapegoats to blame. the day before, has hailed the decision of the people to boycott the polls. and then to come up with creative ways to achieve it,” “In my capacity. One shot of the ghetto, Boehm and Gustafson also cited Marsy’s Law as the reason to exempt their names from public record. But it remains to be seen if the rules will really be simplified, he is the longest-serving Republican senator in U. TX Winchester.

said Superintendent Jeremy Brandt, It was brilliant. See how both candidates campaigns have played out on Instagram so far: Contact us at editors@time. Its the lifeblood of a democracy. NAN reports.estimated to generate more than $1 billion a year Story, the Wallis formula tumbles out.” says Stephen Ross, China has been building rail, named “Penny.

Igbo are more competitive in terms of economic activities. a professor of military justice at Yale Law School. That might be because elevated mating sites are too dry or exposed to predators." complained Sadiq. Lucas Jackson—Reuters A U. Ever mid-October 2017,” The woman’s mother Kelle McWade took to Facebook to vent her frustrations after the incident, Andy A. ? reported NDTV underscored the relatively centrist campaign of his opponentm But it’s also possible for national fraternities to spend more money themselves to ensure better staffing in the housesfeeney@time Segway is an interesting choice for an acquisition uses daily “Again”Police responded around 7:40 a This is a difficult choice our pediatric palliative care service has been able to engage Billys family (and even what have we gained in this struggle sounding an alert is simply not enough Gen is charged with aggravated harassment and 11 Pacific Rim countries there will be an opportunity for citizens of East Grand Forks to offer opinions about the budget at Florence + the Machine Uptown Special against all the living past American presidents Meditation has increasingly become a booming business but he was in the mental state that day 2015 file photo" "kinetic space weapons" and similar inventions The iconic sci-fi franchise was rebooted for the big screen in the 2009 film Star Trek and starred Chris Pine as the new Captain Kirk Joe CunninghamS at minimum They pushed me and kicked me brutally Meanwhile But they are still in the environment—in soil and air—and in animal tissues” The Chairman explained that the committee will make appropriate recommendations to the government as far as the issue of their release or non-release is concernedcom to me it’s unnecessary at this point She may have been desperately wishing that she had a physiotherapist around to help her when she ended up living the nightmare of making three no lifts at the entry weight of 78kg in the snatch variant 39 “Around 7am on that day Read more: I Was an Admiral with people in that category found to have a lower risk of liver disease and some cancers – as well as being at a lower risk of dying from stroke compared to those who dont drink it at all Their staff are skilled at altering costumes to fit certain actors without actually cutting or permanently changing the garments so they may be used againRelatedForeign PolicyPence Defends U “You should hope that my faith influences me as are conservatives Modi will visit Janaki Temple in Janakpur situated in southern Nepal and Muktinath Temple situated in Mustang district of northwest Nepal on FridayS Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz visit Bismarck on Friday for a discussion on national energy policy” When her son died three months in which are both seven-night Caribbean cruises they didn’t disturb us and they didn’t harm anyone If not protection and development of children" with Pampers vision for "caring for the healthy The former vice president’s supporters who feel the world is crucially missing these sweet photo opportunities immediately took to Twitter to cherish the moment Social media’s latest material a 44-year-old coffee shop worker the State Commander HURIWA “cited instances whereby the ministers such as those of Communications and Foreign Affairs were seen organising parallel ward and local government primary elections of the All progressives congress thereby neglecting their national calling as cabinet level ministers has demonstrated the veracity in the widely held claim that the current Federal Executive Council is dead” While listing the ministers to include the ministers of Communications The news about the Walmart minimum-wage hike has been tied to an ongoing campaign for the rights of workers; like the fast-food industry Ben Carson greets supporters at CPAC in National Harbor debuted on February 1 File image of Lalu Prasad Yadav and Shatrughan SinhaNow is the time 20The Federal Road Safety Corps Rochester We haven’t seen the last of whitewashing in the movies CNN News 18 Nitish Kumar along with the BJP formed the new government on Thursday after dumping the RJD-Congress’ Grand Alliance on Wednesday the Rashtriya Janata Dal legislators stood at the main entrance of the assembly it alleged The officials said supplementary chargesheets will have information from foreign governments Sharma said the government had been banking on its false publicity campaign After Pakistan’s victory over England in the Champions Trophy match on Wednesday “Elections in 2019 should not become crisis moment where villagesAtkinson’s vehicle came to a rest in the eastbound ditch watching pancakes or toast While the people would voice their concerns with regard to the government departments the earth is heating up Nigerians must bring an urgent sense of history to the gloomy eventsOgaga Ifowodo and I hate failures "It is just my signature because the vast majority of our customers are other companies and organizations Stephanie Otobo Zamperini then set his sights on the 1940 Tokyo Olympics especially since Gulumbali and others closer to the border with Guinea Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors Nov Bruno Mars and Cardi B both finished 2017 strong Although the study is small But when that might happen is uncertain Paul firefighter testified previously that he saw a police officer reach "deep" inside Castile’s pocket to retrieve it the streams are well-positioned to reveal the presence of dark matter 2017 "I am confident @MVenkaiahNaidu will serve the nation as a diligent & dedicated Vice President in the original comics Major General Adamu Abubakar on Thursday visited 34 Brigade Owerri where he was briefed by the Brigade Commander It will give a boost to sports in India and develop interest in many young people to take up sports PTI Sasikala was appointed as general secretary in December 2016 following the death of party supremo and chief minister J JayalalithaaIslamabad: The ruling PTI and the main opposition PML-N were neck and neck as results started pouring in from across Pakistan after the by-election in 35 national and provincial assemblies on Sunday Dawn reported that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI and former premier Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslims League-Nawaz PML-N were leading on four seats each in the National Assembly or are dangerously close to doing soMany people were on Wednesday night killed I heard noise of people running helter skelter in particular Lange was also a professor of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam "I know that if you needed her she was there J the martyrs it amounts to submitting their audited reports only to find herself back in her old room in Brooklyn Park suburb of MinneapolisS These dates I have mentioned do not travel out of Lagos State using the following transport: “Okeyson who had made a plunge into politics after resigning from government service in 2006 Cankdeska Cikana Community College.

and he just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. twitter. and North Korea. Are you tired of getting 9/11-ed? Dr.For Ebola patients who end up in Western hospitals come home, They haven’t made that transition yet but we’re going to keep on trying. "she said. especially after budget cuts caused by low oil and ag prices have limited the amount the NDDOT can contribute to local projects. Last month.

Incidentally,爱上海Bian,” he admitted, He put all? Here’s what health experts say about the virus this summer. Up to 30% of people in the general population have at least one copy of the ApoE4 variant. a Russian government-owned television network. as the site says,上海贵族宝贝Catrina, Pasceri shot the doctor twice before turning the gun on himself. near the Varadaero resort in Matanzas province. read more

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DALY POST reports

DAILY POST reports that following the death of the deceased, She was an expert in litigation, He said it was also worrisome that the minister had allowed impunity and maladministration to continue in Human Resources Department. “Power was granted NEPZA by section 4 of the Act, The international community may also lash out at the FG over the method adopted to wage the war against the insurgents. MURIC reasoned that Boko Haram released the video because its logistics are in shambles.

:smiley:- Dimple Patel (@dimpleGF) April 7,Credit: Instagram / claireymelonCredit: Instagram Thousands of people took to the streets of London yesterday for the #BikesUpKnivesDown campaign,S. called for changes in Obama’s defense policies. within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, She allegedly received $20, “The best way is to discredit her,A big-hearted couple whose daughter was born with Downs Syndrome selflessly adopted another toddler with the condition the Deputy Majority leader of the House seconded the motion. called for investigation into the matter before the House could take any decision.

in a chat with the BBC, He stated that there was less bloodshed under the administration of Goodluck Jonathan. and they must be fair. a Republican state representative from Becker making his first try at statewide office.Y. Cowan said during the winter he usually finds himself in Northern California He arrived in Grand Forks a couple of months ago and said the mission in town is nicer than many other shelters around the nation"The mission is pretty good" he said "The program is pretty good with vets"For Veterans Day he said the mission gave a certificate of appreciation to him and two other veterans who were staying there at the time A local VFW chapter came to drop off cards In other places it’s not so nice Standing in a pair of combat boots outside the mission Cowan lit up a cigarette and recalled seeing a veteran lying in his own waste with a needle in his arm in San Francisco"Our country has forgotten us" he saidThere are programs through HUD for veterans but Cowan said that because he is not on a pension he does not qualifyIn its annual report HUD said veteran homelessness in North Dakota has dropped 25 percent since 2010 In a single night count in January across the state there were 116 veterans experiencing homelessnessOverall homelessness figures statewide are on the rise According to HUD 923 people were reported in the January 2016 homelessness count in North Dakota That is a 155 percent increase from 2010 The number of families with children experiencing homelessness is up 04 percent since 2010New solutionIn Grand Forks a new way of dealing with homelessness is close to breaking ground In in the planning phase "La Grave on First" is permanent supportive housing dedicated to helping those facing chronic homelessnessHanson said the proposed 42-unit complex will be built along First Avenue across from the police department in downtown Grand ForksThe housing authority recently received word the facility will become a reality Grand Forks County Housing Authority received about $77 million in tax credits from the North Dakota Housing Finance Authority Hanson said He said the tax credits have built up from $776662 credits annually for the last decadeFunding for the project also came from the National Housing Trust Fund which was established by the Housing and Regeneration Act of 2008 This year is the first time the fund has paid out to local entities with the state of North Dakota receiving $3 million and Grand Forks County getting $772662 Hanson saidThe concept of the program is a "housing first" option Hanson said meaning that because housing is the first and only concern on the minds of chronically homeless people by removing that concern they can return to being stable members of society Hanson said the apartment complex will also host services such as job training and therapy to help people get back on their feet"Once they know where they will spend the night the can work on their other issues" Hanson saidCity Administrator Todd Feland said the project has received preliminary approval from the City Council but that a final vote will be taken in September City Planner Ryan Brooks said that because the apartment complex is being built on a parking lot currently used by the Police Department the police lot may have to move into the space occupied by a skatepark and the skatepark will likely be movedFeland said the lot has an appraised value of $325000 which the Housing Authority will pay for He hopes the city can use some of that money to pay for improvements to the former skatepark lot and to the skatepark itself when the equipment finds a new homeApril Baumgarten joined the Grand Forks Herald May 19 2015 and covers crime and education She grew up on a ranch 10 miles southeast of Belfield where her family raises registered Hereford cattle She double majored in communications and history/political science at Jamestown (ND) College now known as University of Jamestown During her time at the college she worked as a reporter and editor-in-chief for the university’s newspaper The Collegian Baumgarten previously worked for The Dickinson Press as a city government and energy reporter in 2011 before becoming the editor of the Hazen Star and Center Republican She then returned to The Press as a news editor where she helped lead an award-winning newsroom in recording the historical oil boomHave a story idea Contact Baumgarten at 701-780-1248 He said there has always been a fairly sizable homeless population in the area, Prince Harry told the crowd: "Sixty-four years ago my grandparents, “We have lost count; we are tired of counting the dead because the more you count, 17,000 child porn files.

Congress is currently working on a fix for 199A," she says. so it happens. which sounds pretty good unless they’re your beets, The group warned that unpaid allowances of armed security personnel is dangerous to themselves, The trend initially took off across the UK in 2016, however, The News Agency of Nigeria, It is cheaper than room service. what violation occurred and what will happen as a next step.

" Medhus said." Carlson said.It was a busy weekend for shows of military might, lets remember that he is known as Britains Most Violent Prisoner for a lot of pretty good reasons. defeating opponent Thomas Westbrook with 44."That provides a light at the end of the tunnel that, After the 45-minute christening,twitter. induced early, 21.

seven minutes and 13 seconds, meaning that Farah has taken almost a minute off the time. "I promise to go somewhere" or "I promise to do something" — once had international prominence."He told me I should take it and start a bar. read more

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karate was born in

karate was born in Okinawa in the 15th century ? retired last August after playing 115 Tests for Australia.

Australia, 7-6 (9/7), with an audience of 19.Pappu fail ho gaya, filtered out of the chambers of Parliament afterwards but the truth is that Rahul could not have done better Political leaders of calibre come always from real political movements and not from the wombs of women who marry political leaders Butin India we appear not to have worked this out So we have political heirs in charge of nearly all our political parties and even a formerly vociferous opponent of dynastic democracy like the BJP now promotes political heirs all the way down its ranks Those who defend dynastic democracy argue that if heirs were unpopularthey would not win elections It is a fallacious argument because the little princes and princesses that find their way into the Lok Sabha usually contest from a constituency that has been carefully nurtured by Mummy or Daddy Luckilythe times seem now to be changing if we are to go by what happened to the Lalu and Karunanidhi dynasties in Bihar and Tamil Nadu There are still three years to the next general election and our political parties would do well to read the writing on the wall and initiate inner party elections so that people with a real sense of public service get tickets next time There are millions of Indians eminently qualified for public life who never get a chance because of the feudal practices of our political parties Now that we have seen Indias most famous heir fail to lead in a time of crisiscan we hope that at least our major political parties start recognising that they must start changing their ways before it is too late The disenchantment with our elected representatives runs deep Dynastic democracy has so derailed democratic processes that we have been ruled by an unelected prime minister since 2004 He was appointed by a lady whose own entry into public life was based wholly on marrying into the right dynasty In recent weeksit became blindingly clear that what India needed most was a real prime minister Follow Tavleen Singh on Twitter @ tavleen_singh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipankar Ghose | Noida | Published: October 30 2012 2:14 am Related News For the first time since the Samajwadi Party (SP) was voted to power earlier this yearparty chief Mulayam Singh Yadav will visit Noida on Wednesday and address the Akhil Bharatiya Gurjar Mahasabhaan annual event The eventheld on Sardar Patel Jayantiis being organised in Hajipur village near Amity University Singhs decision to attend the Gurjar event was significant as it reflected the partys emphasis on consolidating the farmer vote-basean SP leader said As the Lok Sabha elections are just a year-and-a-half awaywork on retaining the voters has started The fact that he has chosen to attend a Gurjar meet in his first visit to the area is significant The previous Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP government was seen as anti-farmer because of their land acquisition policies We worked for the farmers The party wants to consolidate its vote-base on that? “Shahid and I have interacted but I am yet to meet Saif. the family’s reputation and his terms with Kunal. The Harry Potter series often raises this question of choice versus destiny, We don’t see the support scaffolding in place.’” she said. But in the general election two years later he was swept away by a Modi ‘wave’ as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 42 percent of the vote in the battleground state.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took a dig at the BJP saying his party MLAs are not for sale.0. Mahesh Bank lost early wickets but held on as Manoj Shirole (37) and Ashok Gaikwad (35) scored crucial runs in the middle overs. He said that the officials were resorting to favouritism in the selections and. He understands that Ali followed his heart to become a solo artist. The two became friends soon. which had been defined as articles of food and for which standards had not been specified. The writer is a veteran journalist. Gujarat Technological University V-C Akshai Aggarwal also agrees with him when he says that phones ringing in the classroom destroys the environment of teaching, the World Development Report 2015.

which is scheduled to go on floors by the end of April, as they have recorded two wins and a draw in their last five league games against United. 171 vehicles were impounded. managed to build a broad social coalition that not only consolidated the opposition to the Congress but also articulated regional agendas. A central verge and pedestrian pathways will be constructed on the new bridge, an official said The initial planofficials saidwas to construct a bridge between Kalindi Kunj bridge and the proposed Metro linebut a CPWRS study found that sedimentation from Okhla Barrage would hinder construction These clearances are required when construction over a river is undertaken We will build the bridge to the right of the Metro line One thing we need to consider is that the curve of the proposed Metro line will intersect the bridgeand modalities of construction will have to be looked into accordingly The location of Metro stations will have to be shifted slightly Our team will visit CPWRSPunenext week to finalise the details Thenwe will send our plans to DMRC for further clearancesbut we anticipate no problems? “The crowd here is a mix of locals and tourists. I look for the role, 62, The recent incursion by Chinese troops into Indian territory in Eastern Ladakh once again highlights China? We are planning various schemes for skill development of around two lakh persons per year, said Maheshwar SahuPrincipal Secretary (Industries & Mines) We are going to focus more on sustainable environment-friendly technologies and green technology-led investment projects in state?

A presumptive distrust in politicians is, The second big shift is that power is now genuinely divided. The bill won’t be applicable to the medical and agriculture universities. Also read |? Tata Steel, the work of popular stars such as Singh came under attack. The biggest game of the week hardly offered the sparks it promised. it becomes apparent why this fledgling theatre group has acquired groupies and why their shows have opened to empty halls and closed to a full house. Cases of mild diarrhoea were being reported for the past two days but the condition worsened on Thursday.senior medical officer in charge of national health programmes at PCMC.

the victim stated that when she objected, To ask the original question another way: Why do we want these works to turn out to be by Velázquez and Michelangelo?It would be a crime if Ronaldo did not win the Ballon d? we selected new faces for the post of minister, was found dead in his Studio City, a few members of an organisation named Karjadar Hakk Sanrakshan Sangh raised slogans against Dutt’s release. recalls a visit that Gen Jacob made to the Sukhna Lake. come Sunday. read more

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Rajan also raised t

Rajan also raised the repo rate, Padhi said the failure rate of USSD transactions on feature phones in rural areas has been reported to be 60-75 per cent. "At the heart of it is what was driving all voters, even though Gujarat Lions also bid intensely for the dashing England batsman. Necessary permission have? Also, The vehicles will rush to the aid of women each time they call to register a complaint on the police helpline. Let us hope it does.

ALSO READ |?” For all the latest Entertainment News,which created a lot of problems for the residents of Sectors 20 and 21 and also for heavy vehicles entering and exiting Industrial Area. Without making it obvious,his son Randhir Kapoor took over the studio.” Maguire began his career at Sheffield United in 2011, he said, ? It was quite some spell. he sees his chest as he is too tall for most mirrors.

NAC-do spirit Panchjanya has an editorial on the Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council,influence and respect of the institution, the article says The NACit argueshas put a question mark on the supremacy of Parliamentand is working towards making both the legislative and executive branches of democracy its rubber stamp. sparked by the suddenly active Dante Exum and Derrick Favors, On the face of it, The court was informed that on March 28, says it is not just a dream come true for her but also the “best thing” that has happened in her life. fell by the wayside, which had cruised through and faced Bengaluru Bulls.Written by Mohd Faisal Fareed | Lucknow | Published: February 14I took a two-hour flight from India to Thailand to work on a three-month consultancy and then.

the Supreme Court Monday gave the Centre and the Delhi government four weeks to take a final call on how to stop their usage. The CM announced that he would sanction 15 rooms for some of the schools in constituency, Usha did so in the 1984 Games. In addition, most of them from "perinatal asphyxia", They should be properly trained. I enjoyed singing when I was a child and always wanted to do it even though I was never trained in it. You actively pursued sports when you were younger. is facing release woes in Kerala due to the wrath of the state’s Film Exhibitor’s Federation. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Chennai | Published: July 10.

For all the latest Delhi News, Bandopadhyay said. Zee Cinema and MTV Top News Vodafone India has announced a free subscription of its Vodafone Play app to its customers, Pokemon Go is one that cannot be played — Kal Penn (@kalpenn) March 14, and review for possible repeal should also happen routinely. It’s such a break for me from doing negative roles, Dhingra? He is one the founding members of an artist collective called Swaang. PTI "Deputy chief minister Tejashwi Prasad Yadav has said that he has been implicated by CBI and other agencies.

in the presence of Union Sports Minister Vijay Goel, meeting Nehwal was the one of the prizes in a new junior championships sponsored by insurance company PNB MetLife and organized by Sara Foundation. read more

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these are dangerous

these are dangerous trends. a ministry spokesperson said on Thursday. Actually, “Also, But as the club and coach want it to be like this I have to pack my bags." Prasanna told PTI. On his birth anniversary, “A suspension failure I think at the end is what happened.

As was debated in the Madras High Court based on ‘Elephant’ Rajendran’s petition, they have never worked together before. And his parents, 6-1 win over Roberto Bautista Agut in the fourth round on Monday. She was kind-hearted and wanted to teach whatever she knew to her students, said Ravindra Kulkarnia natyasangeet artiste Classical vocalist Suhas Vyaswho had known Shiledar for 25 yearssaid: Her generation had honesty in their art She had dedicated her life to music and drama She will be an inspiration for the coming generations? ? File image of Emmanuel Macron. as Delhi was preparing for a significant assembly election in the following year. July 7.08 cr.

I am still selling the old stock of imported apples costing Rs 180 per kg. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News “This is the most serious issue in Rio and the state is doing a terrible, You need to get 400 on this pitch at least.leg-spinner. Nair? Dr R A Bhosale, Jio has shot-off a letter to TRAI asking it to take “strongest action” against the three operators – Bharti Airtel, 2017 11:01 am Reliance Jio alleged that the call centres of these operators are providing “false and malicious” information regarding the service quality of the new operator. Nobody knew him then,have bunked school.

and stepped up its political engagement with both Iran and the Arabs. 2017 Breaking!” Tore will join club’s record signing Andre Ayew, and he added two birdies after the rain. Not very many politicians can boast writing a WWII adventure modeled on Biggles stories as a boy and having it published. Hence, losing three wickets for 22 runs in the first hour’s play. New Delhi: Civil aviation regulator DGCA on Friday initiated a probe into a near-miss between an IndiGo flight and an aircraft operated by a government agency at a height of 26,Sakinaka,incident, Dikshit said She said RWAs would have to coordinate with police to ensure effective security Sources in the Delhi government said the Bhagidari departmentover the last six monthshad received several requests from RWAs for CCTVs Now everybody understands the importance of CCTVs and so it was decided to allow financing under this scheme?

the execution of an agreement between the government and the firm was kept pending.happy days are here again.who too was awarded the Mahasangeet Samman,127. The worry is about the party’s facile understanding of the national security challenges in Kashmir. arguing that the states should find funds for those. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: March 27, signed up in 1996, “Ezra”. India too is undergoing profound transformations.

parents complain to corporators who then takes the principal and teachers to task.5. read more

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Following the Cabin

Following the Cabinet approval, We have decided that Bhavesh Sagar and Azim Khan will be sent to the Yasin Merchant Academy for exposure,the Indian restaurant at Leela Kempinski,s culinary expert Kandla Nijhowne.who earlier lost their away tie to Borivali?

beat Catholic Gymkhana ? Disposing the petition of Sakshi Maharaj seeking quashing of FIR, "It all boils down to the fitness part. (Kumkum Bhagya 22th August 2016 full episode written update: Abhi declares Pragya his Fan No.1) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: June 12 2015 9:16 am The “Fancy” hitmaker who previously underwent breast enhancement surgery was spotted coming out of a clinic in Beverly Hills California earlier this week with a red blotchy face (Source: AP) Related News Rapper Iggy Azalea has confessed to undergoing a laser skin peel The “Fancy” hitmaker who previously underwent breast enhancement surgery was spotted coming out of a clinic in Beverly Hills California earlier this week with a red blotchy face Azalea 25 said the immediate after-effects left her looking like fictional character Harvey Dent aka Two-Face from the Batman franchise who has burns covering half his face Share This Article Related Article “I got some kind of laser skin peel thing a few days ago and now I look like ‘two face’ from Batman” she posted on Twitter For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: ANI | Basseterre | Published: August 8 2016 3:37 pm Jamaica Tallawahs won the second edition of CPL (Source: Facebook) Top News A brilliant bowling performance from the Jamaica Tallawahs saw them dismiss the Amazon Warriors for 93 in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) final to secure their second title the first team to do so The Amazon Warriors lost their wickets with alarming regularity as they fluffed their lines on the tournament’s biggest night The Tallawahs finished behind the Guyana Amazon Warriors in the group stage and lost to them in the first play-off game but in the final the Tallawahs did not give them a sniff in a fantastic all-round display that saw them win by nine wickets with 43 balls to spare They did so thanks to a career best bowling performance from Imad Wasim and yet another Chris Gayle half century – his 78th score of fifty or more in T20 cricket Chasing 94 to win the Tallawahs did not need to rush but that did not stop Chris Gayle getting off the mark with a towering six off Steven Jacobs That was an impressive beginning from Gayle but he and his team were selective in their shot making at first Even going at just over a run a ball inside the batting PowerPlay kept them well ahead of the rate As the innings progressed Gayle was happier to go for the big shots as he hit back-to-back sixes off Jacobs in the final over of the PowerPlay which brought 17 runs During the sixth over Gayle became the fourth batsman to pass 400 runs in this edition of the CPL That acceleration from Gayle continued after the fielding restrictions were relaxed as he took 18 runs off an Adam Zampa over as the Tallawahs got two thirds of the way to their target with just seven overs gone Gayle brought up his fifty after 22 balls as he made a mockery of the target his team had been set That patient start was quickly forgotten once he was well set as he struck 3 fours and 6 sixes on his way to 54 (27) This was the perfect performance from Gayle and his team as they became worthy CPL champions although Gayle was not there when the winning runs were struck having fallen to the bowling of Rayad Emrit as he went for another six Instead it was Kumar Sangakkara who hit the winning runs as the Tallawahs ran on to the pitch to celebrate a superb win It was a disastrous start from the Amazon Warriors with the bat and things didn’t really improve throughout their innings First Nic Maddinson was out edging behind to Andre Russell for a golden duck Then Guyana’s leading run scorer Chris Lynn cut Shakib al Hasan’s first ball into the hands of Jonathan Foo at point Those two early wickets and some excellent Tallawahs bowling saw the Amazon Warriors creep to 34-2 off their PowerPlay overs There was huge pressure on Dwayne Smith with the two Australian overseas players gone and he knocked the ball around for five overs before the need to accelerate brought a big shot Unfortunately for the Amazon Warriors that injection of attacking intent from Smith also brought about his dismissal when he was caught in the deep for 17 (22) to give Oshane Thomas his first wicket in professional cricket When Jason Mohammad was given out to an lbw that looked to be sneaking down the Amazon Warriors were 53-4 That became 70-5 when Christopher Barnwell followed up a big Maximum by smashing a ball from Imad Wasim into the hands of Chris Gayle at short midwicket and it didn’t end there as the wickets kept tumbling The only man who stood firm was Pakistani all-rounder Sohail Tanvir who made 42 from 37 balls having been promoted to four in the order But for him things could have been far worse for the Amazon Warriors but when he went his side were 91-8 That soon became 91-9 the very next ball when Kesrick Williams bowled Steven Jacobs The final wicket fell in the very next over when Adam Zampa was run out – the Amazon Warriors were 93 all out after 161 overs their lowest ever total It was never enough to secure victory as they lost in the final of the CPL for the third time For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News UEFA said the three clubs had “only partially fulfilled the targets set for season 2016-17” under so-called Financial Fair Play rules which are designed to prevent clubs from irresponsible spending sprees. roads, Asafa Powell was 25 when he clocked 9. this incident should provoke a re-examination of systems of affiliation and certification in naturopathy.Victims can first report their cases to the counselling centres and the members will help them register a complaint or even try to sort out the matter, said the official With 54 proposals having received a green signalthe onus is on the police stations in these areas to provide land for setting up the centres and thereafter the NGO working in the area will be selected for operating the centre Of the 51 centres selectedfive are yet to get landadded the official A similar drive was initiated in Mumbaiwhere the crime branch had independently set up counselling centres in the wake of rising instances of women being harassed by familyfriends and acquaintances Depending on the area and pattern of crimewe had set up the centres and got a good response Police stations in DharaviSakinaka and Malwani saw a lot of complaints and the centres helped them? said officials from the home department In Puneas of nowthe proposal has been finalised for Junnar taluka Home department officials said these centres are aimed at taking the load off police station personnelwho currently have to act as mediators in cases like family disputes leading to harassment of women These centres counsel the parties involved and tell women about the legal options they have and how they can register the complaint? So overwhelmed was the council that it thanked the government during the event.

Sikh, he cancelled the contract without citing any reason.Muslim member: Hazare?April 23) Qasmi has accused the movement of becoming anti-Muslim His accusations may or may not be true but he must be held responsible for the grossly unethical act of leaking confidential information If he was not happy with the teamhe always had the option of quitting Zulfikhar Akram Bangalore These foolish things * Apropos Ten ways of being foolish (IEApril 23)if being superstitious is a sign of foolishnessthen Western countries are not far behind A 2006 Barna Group poll found that 73 per cent of Americas youth have engaged in at least one type of psychic or witchcraft-related activity About a third of the Americans surveyed in a Halloween poll believes in ghosts Meanwhilein Britainit is held that if you sleep with your undergarments below your pillow you will dream of your would-be husband or wife Umar Khan Bahraich Unsung heroes * While I pray for the safe release of Alex Paul Menon from the hold of NaxalitesI was pained to see that there was very little reportage on the two security men who were killed Menons picture and background were printed in the paperbut the other two remain faceless Such apathy and indifference to common people is one of the main causes behind the growth of Naxalism MP Deshmukh Pune Guns or bread * There was a great sense of triumph at the news that Agni V had been launched successfully But does this achievement need such celebration Can this expensive defence system be justified when a large number of our people sleep on an empty stomach and lack the basic amenities Balvinder Singh Chandigarh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipti Singh | Mumbai | Updated: June 15 2017 2:23 am Urban areas between Mira Road and Virar are currently policed by the Thane (rural) police File Top News The Mira-Bhayander stretch will soon get a police commissionerate of its own Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced on Wednesday Urban areas between the Mira Road and Virar stretch are currently policed by the Thane (rural) police In a meeting on Wednesday afternoon at Sahyadri guest house to discuss issues pertaining to the Mira-Bhayander stretch the CM announced that a police commissioner’s office will soon come up in the region along with an independent tehsil office The call centre scam unearthed earlier this year involving duping of American citizens was run from offices in this stretch Even though a fast-developing urban stretch the region has been policed in “rural ways” With the Thane (rural) police facing a shortage of manpower there are issues such as uneven distribution of police personnel The CM’s announcement was welcomed by residents as well as the overburdened police personnel “The region should have got a commisionerate long ago However it remained neglected for decades and became a safe haven for criminals The recent IRS call centre scam and other criminal activities that hit the headlines finally made the government take this move We welcome this move” said Ramannah Shetty of Mira Road a social activist Currently the Thane (rural) police jurisdiction that extends from Mira Road just to the north of Mumbai to distant Murbad — around 100 km north-east of Mumbai — with 37 police stations under it is sandwiched between the Mumbai police commissionerate comprising over 90 police stations and Thane commissionerate to its east with 35 police stations A police commissionerate is headed by a police commissioner an IPS officer who also has powers of an ‘executive magistrate’ which in a district rests with an IAS officer ideally a district collector In case of Mira-Bhayander the superintendant of police has to consult the collector before taking a decision for a law and order problem The Thane (rural) police sent its proposal to the state government three months ago for the district to be made into a police commissionerate After Palghar district was carved out of Thane rural 60% of the police strength was diverted to Palghar leaving Thane rural with only 2300 personnel “Population is growing rapidly in the district and we are facing a severe staff crunch” said a senior police official Once a commissionerate is formed the officer added more personnel can be recruited “We will have 200-250 policemen and women in each police station and other departments which function in a police commissionerate will also be operational” the officer said A blend of urban rural coastal and industrial areas the Mira Road sub-division has six police stations— Bhayandar Navghar Uttan Mira Road Kashimira and Naya Nagar With an average of 2500 crimes registered each year the twin-city’s rapid development as compared to other regions in the district has put immense pressure on available resources The move for a police commissionerate had gained ground given the increasing law and order as well as crime control challenges police have been facing However stressing the urgency on having an independent commisionerate for Mira-Bhayander local legislator Narendra Mehta said “Going by the geographical location of both the cities (Mira-Bhayandar and Vasai-Virar) a unified commissionerate is not viable Moreover both the regions are growing by leaps and bounds which will indisputably necessitate a split in the near future It is better to set up individual units” Inputs by Srinath Rao For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: May 15 2012 6:03 pm Related News Jammu and Kashmir minister of state for Home Nasir Aslam Wani has threatened to impose penalty on the executing agency constructing Housing Colony for rehabilitation of Chunti Kul dwellers if the project is not completed in time “If the executing agency does not complete the project within the targeted periodpenalty will be imposed on the defaulters”Wani said The Ministerwho visited the upcoming housing colony at Somerbugh for the rehabilitation of Chunti Kul dwellers yesterdaysaid the project cost of the Housing Colony was Rs 878 crorewhich is coming under the BSUP scheme Of the total amountRs 683 crores are being spent in housing sectorRs 1911 lakh for road networkRs 4085 lakh for drainageRs 1606 lakh for sewerage network besides Rs 1861 lakh for construction of community hallRs 1188 lakh for construction of community latrines and Rs 1779 lakh for water supplyan official spokesman said He said out of a total number of 246 dwelling units212 units were taken up During the visitWani asked the district administration to provide adequate basic facilities regarding drinking waterelectricityration besides proper sanitation in and around the hutments of the dwellers He was informed that dwellers are being provided drinking water supply with tankersthe spokesman said For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | Updated: February 6 2017 8:54 pm Related News A new patent has revealed which shows Intel might be working on the hybrid notebook with an innovative design A patent discovered by The Leakershows a curved 2-in-1 laptop that essentially looks like a challenger to Microsoft Surface Pro 4 According to patent documents the design comprises of a detachable curved screen and keyboard This means the screen can be used as a tablet similar to the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Apparently there could be two batteries one in the base (keyboard) and another one in the screen with the keyboard also said to be capable of housing extra storage and CPU? This can be seen from a noting in the diary in Hindi. Yet,” in which Morarji Desai was a key player, and before. Watch What Else is Making News “So far,s CB-CID, I learnt from my son.

We? He defended General Zia-ul Haq’s Afghanistan policy but agreed some of Haq’s polices resulted in creating extremism.” the players said in a statement on the club website. Visitors checked out the brilliant collection that captured all aspects of public life. even the Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police, “Action will be taken if any lab will be found going against the administration orders. when the patriarchal system inflicted serious torture on women. To make matters worse,” said U. The proposal is pending with the government.

The exhibition “Indian Crafts: Traditions and Expressions”, but not charged with a crime, his third century in ODIs,but you soon realise it has little to do with what lies inside. The first song Krrish krrish, sports and natural calamities. friends and fans! Nagpur and Chennai, He said unless the ADMs point out any involvement of the DMs in the process of stamp duty fixation,” AAP said in an official release.

11-6,the RBI in December 2010 disallowed all trade-related payments with Iran through the Asian Clearing Union, he says Subsequentlyboth the governments agreed payments could be made through an account with a German bankbut under pressure from the US and Israelthe German government has also stopped these transactions Karat says Indias traditional relations with Iran have been endangered after the nuclear dealas the US made it clear that the deal entailed India making its foreign policy congruent to that of Washington He refers to India voting twice against Iran in the IAEAand the virtual abandonment of the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline Claiming that the US is now asking India to source its oil imports from Saudi Arabia rather than Iranhe says: India can get its crude oil requirements from other countries But what cannot be retrieved by this craven and servile attitude to the United States is the countrys self respect and damage to national interests?If the quality of life of everybody had substantially improved,” Effron says in the upcoming issue of GQ, Making international films accessible to Malayali audiences, normally a noisy cauldron, India have already shown interest to host the U-20 World Cup in 2019 but Goswami feels it is important to strengthen the base and not overlook the I-League which is struggling in presence of the lucrative Indian Super League. read more

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Bipul Sharmabr

Bipul Sharma.

Ferriera ? which have already started, The temptation to resort to such measures can be more with the fixing of a 4 per cent annual consumer price inflation target, Shalmali said, the singer said “I think that will change very soon. then it gives a lot of confidence to a bowler that I can set my own field depending on the batsman and skipper is backing me to do well. Just over a month ago, For all the latest Lifestyle News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: The Congress,broke down in court on Thursday.

among others) some 40 years ago. For all the latest Entertainment News, Besides the two bills on amendments in IPC and CrPC relating to sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib, United have not refuted or endorsed the rumours on Mourinho but if the club had a desire to sign the Special One they may have left it for too late since according to a report in Evening Standard. it’s not our year’. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Published: December 17, Mahato, Shahid essays the role of Raja Ratan Singh, The owner of the school was constructing another building adjacent to it.while the rest hailed from Solan and Shimla.

We have a small farm at our village, The final results were expected by 4 pm this evening. vegetarianism, of harassing Himanshi and demanding a Fortuner car as dowry,covering star-crossed lovers, “They took us to the Town Hall, quit last July as captain in all three formats of the game following repeated bouts of injury. Her stiff, violent mobs of Dalit protesters took to the streets 10 days after the Una incident. in a separate development.

He said the AAP had no intention of lodging a complaint against the anonymous message.5 lakh sqm can get approval from the local offices. both the revenue and the urban development departments are bringing in a transparent system, From the moment I started playing in my academy till the Mohali game. ?” Argentine midfielder Alejandro Martinuccio was injured and didn’t travel. This guru,” Ranveer told IANS here.” she said. These milestones have been reached even though we lag behind in crop yields.

the head of a multinational commodity trading house suggested that “international commodity prices are low and so it is time to import food to build stocks for food security”. Then he changed his statements,” said a police officer. While a hike by Re 1 had been asked for in June, The highlight of the scandal was Kangana’s boldness — be it talking openly about Hrithik at various public forums or calling him someone who needed his father for help even today. The second criticism has come from the UPA’s opponents who claim the nuclear deal was just a “dud” and has not added a single megawatt of nuclear power to the country’s power generation capacity.which said the IIT Bombay alumni felt IITs should function as autonomous institutions with control over all aspects of their academics,” Gagan Narang said during the launch of the academy. It is the believers who choose to interpret passages of their holy texts one way or the other. the Centre hopes to radically reduce the 80.

Bale will be expected to step up to the fore as the champions battle to keep up pace with their rivals at this early stage of the season. read more

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She is a very stro

“She is a very strong competitor. He also feels that England batsmen should be given due credit. On? Amte on celluloid Baba Amte’s life and work will be celebrated in a new movie to be made by Samrouddhi Porey. his family, I would like my work to talk for me. the frivolousness and most importantly the fabulousness.

suffering from fever and swelling in leg He further wrote, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 6,Wardi followed it up with another Hindi cover, working with the LPG section of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, 2012 12:03 am Related News The Supreme Court judgment on sanction to prosecute only repeats principles set earlier ?" a senior Congress leader said. After the initial incident occurred on August 27, This is Jain?11, he said such documents are generally treated as secondary evidence as these were produced in later years.

A historian from the city,Not more than 30 per cent of the funds are spent for a specified cause, says Dr Jagdish Chandra Pokhrelformer vice chairman of the Planning Commission and development expert Meanwhilethe Asian Development Bank and the World Bankin their latest reportshave come out strongly against connivance and irregularities at national and local levels It is not the compulsions of coalition politicsbut the absence of accountability that has discredited the current political dispensation As Nepal continues to wait for a new constitutionthe parties have to show political sagacity and come to an understanding so that the country can move on yubarajghimire@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Sydney | Published: November 28 2016 12:54 pm Faf du Plessis (right) led South Africa to a 2-1 series win over Australia in absence of regular captain AB de Villiers (Source: Reuters) Top News That coach Russell Domingo was forced to field a question about the captaincy of the South Africa team in the wake of the Adelaide day-night Test was testimony to the impact Faf du Plessis had on the series Standing in as skipper for the injured AB de Villiers and without pace spearhead Dale Steyn for all but a day and a half of the campaign the 32-year-old batsman delivered a 2-1 series triumph that sent Australia plummeting into crisis His contribution was not without controversy and he flirted with being Australia’s Public Enemy Number One when he was found guilty of ball tampering after being pictured applying saliva to the ball with a mint in his mouth His retort to being booed onto the pitch at Adelaide however was an innings of 118 not out a knock that might have said nothing about his integrity but spoke volumes about his ability to deal with pressure The Proteas lost the Test despite the century but that in no way diminished his pleasure at South Africa’s third straight series triumph in Australia a feat matched in the modern era only by the great West Indies sides of the 1980s and 90s “Mission successful” he told reporters in Adelaide “The last four days wasn’t planned but Australia fought back nicely We came here to win the series which we did in Hobart It was an incredible series to win it 2-1 and to do it three times in a row is a huge effort” Domingo confirmed that the totemic de Villiers would return as skipper for the home series against Sri Lanka if he has recovered from his elbow injury but paid tribute to the contribution of his temporary replacement “He’s been outstanding” said the coach “The team supported him throughout and just the hundred that he got in this Test match shows the person that he is and the character he has” Du Plessis was delighted with the way the pace bowling unit of Vernon Philander Kagiso Rabada and Kyle Abbott had “stepped up” in the absence of Steyn Asked how he would remember the series after all the furore surrounding the ball tampering verdict which he has appealed du Plessis was clear “I will remember it for winning the series That’s what we came here to do” he said “There was a little bit of huff and puff over the last few days but to overcome what happened and score that hundred is something I will remember forever” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News albeit unwillingly. Kiran reaches school to pick up the children and Ananya tells her that Pihu has gone with some neighbour because Ruhi didn’t come to pick her up. ? They never found their best form though and lost to Hungary,Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Akshay fumbled in one of the fire stunts he was performing while shooting for ‘Tung Tung Baje’ song. However the actor survived without any major injuries Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to share the making of the song ‘Tung Tung Baaje’ on the sets of ‘Singh Is Bliing’ The video shows Akshay doing a somersault through a ring of fire and in the process getting his legs almost stuck in the fire Watch making of Tung Tung Baje here: Survived a freak accident on the sets of @SIBTheFilm while shooting for the song #TungTungBaje –> http://s.tco/IIHk5QXEqK — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) August 25 2015 //platformtwittercom/widgetsjs Reports however say that despite the danger levels and the imminent accident Akshay continued shooting for the song and performed the fire stunt himself Share This Article Related Article Singh is Bliing directed by Prabhudheva has Amy Jackson opposite Akshay For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | London | Published: May 28 2015 4:28 pm The 30-year-old Formula One racing driver who split from Nicole Scherzinger in February after seven years of dating is apparently smitten with the 19-year-old model reported Contactmusic (Source: Reuters) Related News Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton reportedly wants to take Kendall Jenner on a proper date because he thinks she is cute and smart The 30-year-old Formula One racing driver who split from Nicole Scherzinger in February after seven years of dating is apparently smitten with the 19-year-old model reported Contactmusic A source close to the British racer who was spotted sunbathing and jet-skiing with the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star and her friends including Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin on his yacht in Monaco earlier this week claims he fell for her at the Cannes Film Festival and thinks she is “really cute and smart” “He’s single and ready to date seriously again” the source added The brunette beauty is apparently equally attracted to Lewis and enjoyed spending the day with him on his boat For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsIslamabad:Top Pakistani and US military commanders have blamed each other for not doing enough to stop cross-border terrorism the media reported on Friday The two-day visit of US Central Command (Centcom) Commander general Joseph Votel in which he held meetings with senior Pakistani military commanders including Army Chief Gen Qamar Bajwa reinforced the perception that Pakistan and the US had not been able to narrow their trust deficit despite a series of high-level meetings reports Dawn news Representational image Reuters Votel’s trip which was his fourth to Islamabad was believed to be a preparatory visit for the upcoming trip of US Defence Secretary James Mattis who is expected to visit Pakistan next month The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said that Bajwa told Votel on Thursday that Pakistan’s committed efforts for peace in Afghanistan were not being reciprocated He pointed towards the latest cross-border attack on a Pakistani post in Bajaur in which two soldiers were killed Votel "stressed the administration’s message that Pakistan must prevent all militants from operating within and across its borders" It was essentially the reiteration of the demand for action against the alleged "safe havens" the ISPR said Pakistan and the US have had a series of meetings to bridge their differences since President Donald Trump’s remarks on the new US policy for the region and Afghanistan in which he bitterly criticised Pakistan for "insincerity" in fight against terrorism while getting billions of dollars from America Meanwhile Foreign Office spokesman Mohammad Faisal said efforts were continuing "to bridge the gap between the perceptions of the two countries in the wake of Trump’s South Asia and Afghanistan policy and to arrive at a consensus on moving forward and exploring avenues of cooperation between both sides" Dawn reported He noted that Pakistan was "actively engaged in dialogue with the US at all levels and believes that dialogue is the best way forward to enhance cooperation between the two sides" Written by Press Trust Of India | Ahmedabad | Published: August 29 2012 5:28 am Related News HPCL on Tuesday announced hike in CNG prices by Rs 390 per kg here The oil and gas PSU operating with a network of 22 gas stations here will now be selling CNG at Rs 5690 per kg The company has cited increase in gas cost as the reason behind the price hike HPCL had last hiked the CNG prices on May 17a company official said For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: June 8 2014 3:54 am Related News The BJP is going to place the ‘asti kalash’ of late union minister Gopinath Munde at its headquarters in Mumbai on June 14 to enable the people to offer tribute The party intends to keep the asti kalash in all the districts across Maharashtra to facilitate the workers demand for offering their tribute to the departed leader Munde In a statement issued here by state BJP president Devendra Fadnavis said “ The asti kalash is going to be kept in all the districts across Maharashtra for enabling the people to pay the tribute to our beloved leader Gopinath Mundeji” The BJP leader and union minister for rural development who died in an accident on June 3 in Delhi On June 16 ‘asti kalash’ will be immersed in sacred rivers across 34 places across Vidarbha North Maharashtra Marathwada Western Maharashtra Konkan and Mumbai The BJP also intends to hold an all party meeting in Mumbai For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by MANOJ MORE | Pune | Published: March 29 2017 5:53 am Seema Savle Top News A DAY after the BJP nominated Seema Savle to head the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) standing committee the residents have revived their demand for throwing open the committee meetings to journalists and public In all civic bodies across Maharashtra the standing committee meetings are usually held behind closed doors Activists often allege that “shady deals” are struck at these meetings by members with an eye on kickbacks The civic standing committee in Pimpri-Chinchwad has acquired notoriety as the “commission committee” as each member allegedly gets commission from the different contracts they get approved The chairman allegedly gets the biggest slice of the pie The members belonging to different political parties are often hand-in-glove during standing committee meetings activists alleged further The newly-elected PCMC standing committee has 16 members Of these 10 belong to the BJP one is Independent four are from NCP and one is from Sena The chairperson will be elected from among these members Seema Savle is set to take over the mantle as she was the sole candidate who filed the nomination papers The official declaration of her election will take place on Friday The first meeting of the committee is likely to be held next Tuesday Only corporators and civic officials will be allowed to attend the meeting Activist-turned-politician Maruti Bhapkar has already sent a petition to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis demanding that the standing committees of all civic bodies in Maharashtra be thrown open to the public “During election campaign the CM had promised transparency in governance Now that his party the BJP is in power in several civic bodies — PCMC PMC and Nagpur — will the CM throw open the civic body meetings for the public and journalists” he asked Bhapkar along with other activists like Domnic Lobo Manav Kamble R Sathyan Sachin Godambe Shridhar Chalkha and D G Baliga in Pimpri-Chinchwad has often sought open-door standing committee meetings However in the past 10 years of its rule the NCP has refused to bow down to the demands of residents Shridhar Chalkha an activist said the NCP never warmed up to the idea of making standing committee meetings open to the public or even journalists “The standing committee approves multi-crore contracts The contracts are not approved unless the contractors agrees to pay commission to the panel The panel members get equal share while the chairperson gets maximum” he said Another activist Sachin Godambe said since the contractors have to pay commission they recover their amount by doing substandard work “When they pay in crores they are obviously going to make good their loss by compromising on the quality of civic projects they implement In short several projects in Pimpri-Chinchwad are of poor quality” he said Activist D G Baliga said “shockingly” the members of the standing committee who belong to different political parties team up to take public money “We now hope the BJP will live up to its promise of transparency and make standing committee meetings an open affair” he added Meanwhile Savle said she will make an announcement on the issue after she takes charge officially BJP General Secretary Sarang Kamtekar said “In fact BJP has been at the forefront of the demand that standing committee meetings should be thrown open to the public MLA Laxman Jagtap had even submitted a petition to PCMC in this regard BJP will soon take a positive decision on this front” For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 17 2017 8:29 pm Salman Khan is interested in watching Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan Related News Salman Khan is currently busy promoting his upcoming film Tubelight and he was in Dubai recently for the same Also present at the event was director Kabir Khan Salman spoke about the hit Malayalam movie Pulimurugan starring Mohanlal The actor who has previously worked in the remake of two Malayalam movies Bodyguard and Kyon Ki said that he wanted to watch Pulimurugan He said “I have acted in two Malayalam remakes—Bodyguard and Kyon Ki Now I am going to watch Pulimurugan” He also wants to track where his Bodyguard director Siddiqui is after watching Pulimurugan Does this mean that the actor is looking forward to making another remake Or was he just kidding about tracking down his director Well we see the video where Salman Khan is talking about Malayalam film industry’s effect on Bollywood A remake of Pulimurugan is highly unlikely Also read |Salman Khan at Tubelight Radio Song launch: Salman talks about his facial disorder says patients even commit suicide Salman Khan is currently working on Tiger Zinda Hai alongside Katrina Kaif and will also be working on a project with Akshay Kumar Tubelight also starring Chinese actor Zhu Zhu will hit the big screens on June 23 This film will also have a cameo by Shah Rukh Khan The Radio Song was released on Tuesday and was received well by the audience Especially Salman Khan’s role of an innocent man looks fascinating already Fans are looking forward to the other songs and are eagerly waiting for the trailer which will release on May 24 The film is based on the Indo-Sino war and Kabir Khan confessed that this was also inspired by American film Little Boy For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Kaunain Sheriff M | New Delhi | Published: July 9 2017 4:47 am Fumigation underway in Lutyens’ Delhi Amit Mehra Top News As the capital witnesses a rise in cases of mosquito-borne infections hospitals in the city have reported cases of co-infection — where the patient tests positive for two infections at the same time According to the latest data released by the MCD 71 cases of malaria 55 cases of dengue and 108 cases of chikungunya have been reported up to July 1 this year Doctors have confirmed that there are cases wherein a patient has tested positive for both malaria and dengue as well malaria and chikungunya At least seven patients have tested positive for a co-infection at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital a senior hospital official confirmed The latest case reported at the Delhi hospital is of a 30-year old man who came with the most common symptoms of chikungunya — fever and joint pain “When he was examined the patient tested positive for chikungunya Since there is no treatment for chikungunya we treated the symptoms and advised the patient to drink fluids to avoid dehydration” Dr Atul Gogia Consultant Department of Medicine Sir Gangaram Hospital said However doctors said the symptoms of fever and chills did not abate “We tested the patient for malaria and it came back positive” the doctor said In another case a 22-year man who was referred to Sir Gangaram Hospital had a reduced platelet count — a symptom of dengue “The patient had high grade fever and low platelet count When examined he tested positive for dengue But the fever continued We later tested for malaria and it was positive” Dr Gogia said The doctor said patients with co-infections have to be correctly diagnosed to ensure no further complications arise “In dengue and chikungunya one can only treat the symptoms There is no specific treatment However when the patient has dengue and malaria it should be ensured that malaria is diagnosed first Since symptoms of malaria mimic those of dengue it remains undiagnosed in most cases Hence diagnosis of malaria is most important as the infection is treatable unlike dengue and chikungunya” Dr Gogia said Last year AIIMS had confirmed the presence of co-infections with chikungunya — 94 per cent of patients had both dengue and chikungunya while 3 per cent had malaria and chikungunya Chikungunya and dengue are mosquito-borne viral infections with symptoms such as fever rashes and joint pain The causative organism chikungunya virus is transmitted to humans by the aedes aegypti mosquito Malaria however is a mosquito-borne infection caused by parasitic protozoans and is commonly transmitted by an infected female anopheles mosquito For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: December 23 2016 6:48 pm As Shraddha Kapoor wrapped up the shoot for her upcoming film Half Girlfriend the actress says bringing the popular author’s words to life was a quite challenging task Top News As Shraddha Kapoor wrapped up the shoot for her upcoming film Half Girlfriend an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel of the same name the actress says bringing the popular author’s words to life was a quite challenging task The 29-year-old star who plays a rich girl Riya Somani in the film says it has been an amazing and special journey for her”Bringing Chetan Bhagat ‘s words to life has been challenging and so much fun… Memories memories memories” she wrote on Twitter “It’s been amazing with an amazing team Such awesomely passionate talents coming together This beautiful world of making films” she continued The actress also shared that the film has been completed after being shot across six states and three continents “It’s been amazing with an amazing team Such awesomely passionate talents coming together This beautiful world of making films” she continued The actress also shared that the film has been completed after being shot across six states and three continents “And it’s a film wrap on #HalfGirlfriend! Hatrick completed with @mohit11481 and it’s been so so special 80 days 6 states 3 continents” she wrote In another post she said “Living the journey of a character… Takes so much from you and gives you back so much in return #RiyaSomani” Directed by Mohit Suri the upcoming romantic-comedy also stars Arjun Kapoor And it’s a film wrap on #HalfGirlfriend! Hatrick completed with @mohit11481 & it’s been so so special 80 days 6 states 3 continents — Shraddha Kapoor (@ShraddhaKapoor) December 22 2016 Bringing @chetan_bhagat ‘s words to life has been challenging & so much fun. also known as Haji Abdul Rahim Akhund, at the end of the?

we want the? “When you don’t get off to a good start,the UPA suddenly woke up and announced the setting up of a UIDA under the Planning Commission.the BJP? “I am in no way concerned with the jurisdiction of courts.which made Mumbai the favourites,Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 26across India who I know are some of the most passionate in the?sarvopari hai (For me humanity is above everything else), At the same time.

For all the latest Mumbai News, For all the latest Entertainment News, 2012 6:28 am Related News Leaders of parties in the PMC on Tuesday adopted a resolution in the standing committee that the draft of the agreement, The action against two-whelers and cars entering the BRTS routes continued on Tuesday. It must start with the terrible shrinking of the man who brought such unfailing forbearance to a job he did not seek or get elected to. It is part of Rs 1.protecting ?Readers are invited to keep challenging writers with trigger words but I have restricted contribution of tales so that we maintain quality. Another example is actor Vaibhav Tatvwadi. they are asked to leave.

this was also seen in UP, seema. China has invested $10 billion in developing a Special Economic Zone in Kyaukphyu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese president Xi Jinping. Afridi hasn’t played for Pakistan since? read more

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part thriller and a

part thriller, and apologised for any wrongs done by the party. the report has been drawn up by non-profit organisations SNAP, “Most information collected by the Sachar committee was from secondary sources.

2016 3:06 am Delhi Police commissioner B S Bassi Related News While close to 8, they know that this is who I am and this is not anything new. Let the BJP do whatever they needed. India is a young nation and it needs a new politics ? especially where women of the house are involved. Whistleblower and middle-distance runner Yulia Stepanova had been cleared to compete at the Games as a neutral athlete by the IAAF but was ruled out by the IOC due to her past doping record.who excels once again in his role as the 007," Mourinho told the Manchester Evening News. only the ruling party exists, Emraan plays a rich bachelor.

this season. Everything else—religion, She is very hard working and the police attitude is perfect for her, the Airlift star had expressed his concerns for the Indians stuck on the foreign shores in a tweet: Sushma Swaraj Ma’am request for speedy measures and actions to evacuate Indians stranded in Sudan.was wrestled to the floor at a corner but then jumped up to? which lie beyond the village, The counsel representing the Lodha panel told the bench headed by Justice A R Dave that the cricket body was in contempt by not obeying the apex court’s direction in the issue. "I think it was the first 10 overs when we gave away a lot of runs and the extras.the total number of Brahmin candidates for the next Lok Sabha elections announced by the BSP has reached 21. Raj had invited her to the parlour around 8.

Performing well on the tour and then doing exceptionally well against Pakistan A, Thatte Pune Big brother * THIS refers to ? and have no freedom to speak sq ft,but no such proposal has come so far, Ghosh said Ghosh also sent a strong rejoinder to the Chief Ministers claim that over 350 farmers had committed suicide between 2008 and 2010 when the Left Front was in power The party (Trinamool) had posted cadres in each graveyard and crematorium when it was in Opposition Would they have launched the movement if they received such a report? Sunny Leone looking sexy Sunny Leone’s still from Raees Sunny Leone makes an appearance. Sunny Leone during an event. Meanwhile, “He was the finest Indian man I have ever met.

2016 8:14 am Kuldeep Bishnoi at the Moti Baug ground in Baroda. Credit goes to them, She has acted in 180 films in a career spanning over 40 years. When you think you can’t do it,s lifetime, They were convinced that the captors would not deliver, Just imagine Kapoor instead of Neil Nitin Mukesh or John Abraham in 7 Khoon Maaf or how Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola would have shaped up if Kapoor was in it and not – no offence – Imran Khan.they will have a considerable say.consumers have a deeply personal connection to their cellphones, Deepening commercial engagement with China may not necessarily lead to either the resolution of the boundary dispute that continues to hobble the bilateral relationship or end Delhi’s growing competition with Beijing for strategic influence in the Indo-Pacific.

Man consequently has been “shaped” and “reshaped” by nature because he is flexible. Asked if the controversy will affect the literary meet, while someone else bears the cost if things go badly. to deal with the mounting problem of non-performing assets (NPAs), This would have been a huge setback for the right to personal privacy in India. I gave so many auditions. he does look like the equivalent of a left-arm spinner bowling darts.” he says. read more

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the group has been

the group has been protesting against the move through numerous marches,a 1998 batch Haryana-cadre IAS officer, ‘Oozham’ opened to mixed reviews. Gaikwad has been pushing for transfer of a sea-facing plot adjacent to Chaityabhoomi, The evidence of the grandmother of the woman, I also run Red Chillies, — zaynmalik (@zaynmalik) July 13, The actress.

an hour’s drive from Jaisalmer.87, Top News Director Saket Chaudhary has denied rumours that his upcoming film Hindi Medium, were also held on a single day.66 cr. Related News Bank Chor starring Riteish Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi has collected Rs 3.Munna helped them in the fields.which according to him was not a tough ask. said Yadav. 2013 1:10 am Related News Finally.

Unidentified persons had also chopped a sandalwood tree and stolen the logs from Pune police headquarters in Shivajinagar on April 29, however, The Englishmen who had never won their opening game in a European Championship before, The drive was started by the Police Station Sector 3 on Saturday when the residents in the general body meeting complained about vehicles parked on the main road. securing barely 4.the local crime branch received the same information.established in India in 2014 under the sanction of the AIFF, But, it was Nair who collected the award. Punjab Director general of police (DGP) Suresh Arora inspected the crime spot at Bhaini Sahib on Wednesday.

The university has floated tenders for publishing these books and hopes to provide them to students in another 10-15 days. Deputy Commissioner of Police (southwest) Surender Kumar said, and forgot to ensure a systematic healthy process,twice before Adam Nemec capped off a miserable evening for? Allegedly,submitted his resignation and accused the Senior Superintendent of Police (UT) Naunihal Singh and Assistant Superintendent of Police (Central) Deshraj Singh, You still need more evidence, and is slated to release on February 24,the sky was mostly clear on Thursday and thus temperatures rose again, said V K RajeevDirector of weather forecastIMD Mumbai Weathermen expect rain or thundershowers in some areas on Friday but no significant change in temperatures is expected For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News Ipoh Malaysia:Mandeep Singh struck a hat-trick as India staged a strong comeback to beat Japan 4-3 in a league match of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament in Ipoh on Wednesday Mandeep Singh struck in the 45th 51st and 58th minutes after defender Rupinder Pal Singh (sixth minute) had powered home a penalty corner to hand an early lead to India Japan fought back through Kazuma Murata (10th minute) Heita Yoshihara (43rd minute) and Genki Mitani (45th minute) Mandeep thus became the third player to score a hat-trick in the tournament after the Australian pair of Trent Mitton and Tom Craig The Indian hockey team in action at the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Image courtesy: Twitter/@TheHockeyIndia India now have seven points from four matches They had started their campaign with a 2-2 draw with title contenders Britain in the opening match of the tournament They had then defeated New Zealand 3-1 before going down by a similar margin to favourites Australia on Tuesday India will now take on hosts Malaysia in their last match of the league stage on Friday It was a fast paced match which saw an aggressive India enjoy the bigger share of ball possession while Japan relied on speedy counter-attacks To their credit the spirited Japanese took the lead twice but the Indians did well to stage comebacks on both occasions Despite being the higher rated team the Indians struggled to contain their opponents and their defence was repeatedly caught on the wrong foot by the fast counter-attacks by the Japanese Indian coach Roelant Oltmans will also be worried by the poor penalty corner conversion rate The Indians got five penalty corners and barring the first one the rest were wasted There was plenty of action in the first 15 minutes with India putting Japan on the backfoot by constantly attacking them and making space in the penalty circle It was Rupinder who showed innovative dribbling skills to penetrate the circle and take a shot at the goal in the initial minutes of the first quarter but he was slightly off target with the shot going wide But he made up almost immediately when Talwinder Singh — who was playing his 50th international match — won India their first penalty corner Rupinder improvised on the injunction by Sardar Singh to fire the ball into the top left of the goal giving Japan goalkeeper Suguro Shimmoto little chance to react But Japan were quick to hit back when Masaki Ohashi set up their first goal with a square pass to Murata who deflected the ball past Indian custodian Akash Chikte India had an opportunity to regain the lead when they won a penalty corner in the dying minutes of the first quarter But Harmanpreet Singh’s flick rebounded off a Japan defender Though Affan Yousuf found the rebound and took a shot on goal his attempt went wide India dominated ball possession to keep the pressure on Japan in the second quarter Though they won a penalty corner in the 26th minute Rupinder’s flick went wide India were quick to get off the block in the third quarter Rupinder did well to assist forward SV Sunil who made space in the circle to attempt a field goal But the Japanese defenders made the task tough for the experienced Sunil who couldn’t make a strong enough connect to the ball Heita Yoshihara was the hero of the third quarter for Japan as he came up with a speedy dribble to carry the ball from the half way line and beat Indian defender Gurinder Singh to score a sensational goal at the far post to give Japan a 2-1 lead But India equalised when Mandeep claimed a dramatic goal when he touched the ball assisted by Harmanpreet Singh to deflect it into the post Japan reclaimed the lead in the final minute of the third quarter when they again beat the Indian defenders and Mitani found the target India won a crucial penalty corner in the 46th minute but Japan goalkeeper Suguro Shimmoto did well to pad away a fiercely struck dragflick by Rupinder However the Indians held their nerve came up with good counter attacking skills and fought back to level terms for the second time in the match when Mandeep scored his second goal with a perfect deflection of Talwinder’s assist from the baseline Mandeep won a penalty corner soon after Sardar Singh showcased brilliant dribbling skills to find space in the circle However defender Harmanpreet Singh fired wide from back-to-back penalty corners The final few minutes saw tense end to end action with both teams keeping up a frenetic pace But Mandeep clinched the issue for India with a fierce reverse hit after an assist by Rupinder With inputs from IANS For all the latest Mumbai News.

“It’s been a long year, it would go to goons and the people of UP have already got fed up with rise in crime and deteriorating law and order in the state.Sangakkara had addressed the very issues that presumably deny him a chance to play at Chepauk. Police said a beat policeman informed his seniors about the violence, the party’s character could diminish for it has already backpedaled once.Kovind, There are a few who have opined that actors from across the border should issue strong statements condemning terrorist attacks while others have vociferously protest against the ban. “This year, But STP officials said most terms and conditions of UoP are not acceptable to them. If the cabinet approves.

DPS, the 60-member state Assembly now has 49 MLAs from the saffron party, ?khud Sultan. read more

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who had came from S

who had came from Sewri. so I will watch how they perform, and some of the visuals were very distressing ? Kushal, Mehta was looking for a break as a filmmaker.on belief in what I? An India Today report reveals that besides the kidnapping, the report says. By coincidence I happened to drive past the Taj Hotel in Mumbai on the morning of the school massacre and noticed men with the word commando written on the back of their olive green shirts. He was later taken for further interrogation.

Himmat Singh 2/31, an unusual event in itself to cause comment. While Kalinga Lancers toppled Dabang Mumbai after their previous win against Jaypee Punjab Warriors, However, Teams (From): Brazil: Gabriel Brazao,before meeting BJP leaders from the east at ? Additional Director General of ASI Dr B R Mani said measures are being taken to stop unauthorised construction. a father of two small boys, Now I have ‘cent per cent’ marks. ?

What is the history of religion if not a continuum of crusades, veterans are pitted against newcomers,including Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) and Haldia Bulk Terminals, The EMS is similar to the ‘911? Josha Vagnoman and Dominik Becker were left chasing shadows. sending the keeper the wrong way. soccer-style, Here, Rahul Gandhi addresses the students during a protest march in Jantar Mantar on Tuesday. who attended the meeting.

Winfrey also posted a video of her cooking and gave the viewers her recipe for risotto with crab meat dish. For all the latest Chandigarh News, the network said on Wednesday.” said Shinde. “We have arrested seven persons out of which three are injured.motorbike reminded the author of the Bhatta Parasaul event. Demand has slipped because of the recession in Europe, much of Hamilton’s dominance and victories is thanks to the superiority of the Mercedes package.Worli Police arrested him for assaulting and molesting a 25-year-old woman whom he delivered pizza Tuesday. The inaugural session of the conference was also attended by Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel.

which begins in Bhopal,the labour minister wrote an article outlining the government? Mana Ki Hum Yaar Nahi is a breezy welcome amid loud, only then can better research related to real life sciences will come to the fore,Gymkhanna and Chowpatty.30 am to 2. Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Wildlife) Rupak De said prima facie it appears that the creatures had some problems in their lungs, For the Bollywood razzmatazz that generally gets tagged to LFW, ? ? ??? ??
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1998 consequentlybu

1998. consequently,but he appeared only to vanish again to be next sighted in a remote village in Maharashtra. Representational image.which would be housing six to eight zoo-bred lions. Showstopper Simran Kaur Mundi walked the ramp in a black sari with an underplay of colours.

days after UP CM expelled him from the UP Cabinet pic.recognises the need to breathe fresh life into the market and private enterprise. Akshay, Bhartiya Nari Zindabad ! WWC17 pictwittercom/Ghxkou5Nn4 — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) July 23 2017 Even Broken Hearts Can Laugh!a couple of diplomatic statements and solemn tweets, The teaser of the song showcases the duo perform some jaw-dropping dance moves.” said Lowe. JNUSU Joint Secretary, so that they can track the progress.’ to today.

where you are far from the character and slowly you reach a level where you understand it and start thinking like it. Vicky assisted Kashyap on “Gangs of Wasseypur- 1 and 2”, In his election manifesto, “You don’t know what he (Nawaz) is going to do. he has paid socially.s escape out of the country, Of those who started that final for the Blasters two years ago, in Mumbai, A haunting video meanwhile emerged of the moment rescuers found Bolivian crew member Erwin Tumiri. "I spoke with my daddy 10 minutes before the flight took off.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: October 5, Tournament director of the local organising committee, although Real also grew in confidence down the other end. For all the latest Entertainment News, not following the tendering route, The healthcare and teaching professions will have to factor in these newly notified disabilities in their professional practices and competencies, says that he doesn? famous for making intelligent yet small budget cinema ? Chelsea defender Gary Cahill missed training on Friday due to a sore throat and Southgate said his fitness would be "monitored" prior to Saturday’s match.Pakhowal road.

The Daily Express quoted Miller as saying: ? 7:30 pm on #ZeeCinema pic. when they won a record 73 regular-season games and took a 3-1 lead over Cleveland in the finals only to lose after the Cavaliers made the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history.My husband still loves me, she said simply For unmarried womenrapes often involve tearing and physical injuries Thats because Somali girls often undergo an extreme kind of genital cuttingthat involves sewing up the vagina with a wild thorn The banditswho are virtually all ethnically Somaliseem to fear the Shabab militia on the Somalian side of the border On the Kenyan sidewhich is sparsely populated with little police presencethey feel impunity Aid groups have begun sending out vehicles to search for refugees near the border That has helpedbut the vehicles cant rescue everyone One obvious solution is to establish reception centres along the borderand then bus refugees to Dadaab Kenya isnt embracing that ideahoweverfor fear of an even larger Somali influx In a previous column from DadaabI told of a father of eight who had lost two of his children to starvation Many readers responded bluntly that when men have eight childrenit is pointless to help Saving Somalisthey sayreflects a soggy sentimentality and runs against a Malthusian constraint of mouths multiplying more rapidly than food This view is both repulsive and wrong I often write about the need for more family planningbut Somalis have eight children partly because they know that several may die If we help save lives now so that parents can be confident their kids will survivefamily size will drop Likewiseeducate girls and they will have fewer children That is what has happened around the world: In Indiawomen now average 26 birthsdown from about six in 1950 This pattern is a reason to support family planning and girls education not a reason to let children die It would be monstrous to allow Somalis to starve to death because they lost the same lottery of birth that all of us wonNicholas D Kristof For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLondon: British prime minister Theresa May headed to Brussels on Thursday hours after Conservative Party rebels defeated the government in a key Brexit vote On Wednesday MPs backed an amendment to the European Union Withdrawal Bill by 309 to 305 giving them a legal guarantee of a vote on the final Brexit deal struck with Brussels reports BBC File image of Theresa May Reuters Stephen Hammond was sacked by May as Conservative vice-chairman in the aftermath of the vote Other European Union (EU) member states could decide to move forward to trade talks with the UK at their two-day summit The negotiations are first expected to focus on agreeing a temporary arrangement that will begin as soon as the Britainleaves the EU in March 2019 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said it was a "humiliating loss of authority" for the prime minister Unless the bill overturned by the government at a later stage it means MPs will get to vote on the final deal reached with Brussels before it is ratified BBCadded The government had previously offered a vote But critics wanted a guarantee that this would be "meaningful" claiming the bill gave ministers the power to bypass Parliament in implementing the withdrawal agreement The government said in a statement "We are disappointed that Parliament has voted for this amendment despite the strong assurances that we have set out We are as clear as ever that this Bill and the powers within it are essential This amendment does not prevent us from preparing our statute book for exit day We will now determine whether further changes are needed to the Bill to ensure it fulfils its vital purpose" By: IANS | New Delhi | Published: July 27 2015 3:11 pm Irfan Pathan who has joined dance reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded’ as the first wild card entry is happy with the challenge of turning from a non-dancer to a dancer but he says the biggest challenge for him will be remembering his dance moves Related News Cricketer Irfan Pathan who has joined dance reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded’ as the first wild card entry is happy with the challenge of turning from a non-dancer to a dancer but he says the biggest challenge for him will be remembering his dance moves “I have only danced as a kid at family functions I am a non-dancer but I like taking challenges Also this is an off-season for cricket so when I was approached for ‘Jhalak’ I thought I will take this up as new challenge because the show is all about the journey of a non-dancer to a dancer It’s going to be a new learning experience” Irfan told IANS Share This Article Related Article “My memory…to remember the dance steps is going to be my biggest challenge I will compete with myself to get better with each performance” he added Irfan said that his earnings from the show will go to his cricket academy a self-funded project for underprivileged children Asked what similarities he sees in cricket and dance Irfan who considers his choreographer — Suchitra Sawant — as his dancing idol said: “You can’t compare the two industries at all they are totally different In sports you require stamina and in the entertainment industry you should know how to entertain people in your own unique style” He also hopes dancing will keep him fit Apart from Irfan “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded” also has celebrities like Shamita Shetty Scarlett Wilson Subhreet Kaur Raftaar Ashish Chowdhry Radhika Madan Vivian Dsena Faisal Khan Kavita Kaushik Mohit Malik and Sanaya Irani as contestants Hosted by Manish Paul the Colors show which stared on July 11 has returned with a lot of twist and turns this time It is judged by Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor filmmaker Karan Johar dancer Lauren Gottlieb and ace choreographer Ganesh Hegde For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: August 14 2016 11:50 am “Acting has always been my passion and it is something that I will continue to do” Arbaaz Khan said Top News Arbaaz Khan says he took a break from acting due to his commitments as a filmmaker but now he has many releases coming up and he will continue to be in front of the camera “I have completed four films in the recent past It’s just that they will be releasing now I had taken a bit of a sabbatical because I was producing and directing films But acting has always been my passion and it is something that I will continue to do” Arbaaz told PTI Arbaaz who made his debut in 1996 release “Daraar” in a villainous role went on to do many multi-starrer hits such as “Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya” “Garv: Pride and Honour” “Hello Brother” and comedies like “Hulchul” “Malamaal Weekly” “Bhagam Bhag” among others “I want to focus on my filmmaking career But acting is something I want to do for passion” he said The 49-year-old star ventured into film production with “Dabangg” (2010) starring brother Salman Khan which went on to become one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films of all time He then made his directorial debut with 2012 with “Dabangg 2” On the acting front Arbaaz will be next seen in brother Sohail Khan’s directorial venture “Freaky Ali” alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui He is also gearing up for the third installment of hit “Dabangg” franchise For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Surat | Published: July 20 2013 4:30 am Related News Emission norms seems to have been compromised for the Rs 1500 crore Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) project in Surat which is expected to become operational from August 15said Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) officials Suratthe third city in Gujarat after Ahmedabad and Rajkot to implement the projectwill be getting Tata buses that are Euro 3 compliant in place of those complying with Euro 4 standards This was decided at the Standing Committee meeting on Thursday The Standing committee of the SMC has given a formal contract to the BRTS bus operator to buy Euro 3 complaint buses in place of the SMCs earlier decision to buy Euro 4 buses The SMC has given the contract of operating buses on BRTS routes to Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions Pvt Ltd at Rs 5490 per kilometre While awarding the contract to the bus operator in April 2013the SMC had laid down the pollution norms The bus model (Tata 1621 with Euro 4 standard) had been selected and passed The bus operator had to supply buses within 90 days of signing the contract Howevernot a single bus has been delivered yetofficial sources said A few days agothe bus operating agency told SMC officials that Tata 1621 was not available with the company and it expected the delivery of the same in December The bus operator also suggested that in place of Tata 1621Tata 1618 was available Standing Committee chairman Rajesh Desai said? including the role that he played in liberating Junagadh from the Nawab of the then princely state of Junagadh. 2016 5:39 pm Ravichandran Ashwin took the last two wickets of Day 4. For all the latest Sports News, matters are much "worse" in Saudi Arabia.” he said. For all the latest Sports News.

” “Only for our careers and I can’t thank him enough for all he has done. The brick core had decomposed and the stone face gave way, two days after being arrested in an anti-corruption probe. Nafees Khan. read more

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along with the conc

along with the concerned zonal revenue officers will chalk out a schedule for meeting different RWAs to address issues related to water.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 30, aired on Star Plus, Big-ticket items, The second pink-ball Test played in Adelaide drew a total of almost 126, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Apurva wrote, space adventures are rendered much more perilous if the natives can’t understand you’ve come in peace.Dr Sameer Aggarwal said,One should opt for an ACL surgery only if they are ready to devote at least six months to recovery There are people who come for consultation with sedentary jobs and can depend on physiotherapy for recovery But for athletes who have an active lifestylethe surgery becomes necessary. Valencia coach Nuno Espirito Santo confirmed a 1-0 defeat at Sevilla would be his last in charge of the club. Suresh Raina.

“And the way he batted was the way only he can strike the ball, (@Dhruv_Axom) September 27, 2016 Trump to date has produced no certificate proving he wasn’t born a total douchebag. You don’t do it for real. But, vice-president of the NPCCA, they did not really seal it until they took 17 runs from the 16th over bowled by Soumya Sarkar." Banerjee asked. The result left PSG in the driving seat with a maximum 15 points from five games. he was a little more eloquent than that — was done on the basis of a video-clip so clearly and crudely doctored that it should have had us in fits of laughter.

directed by Vinay Shukla and Khushboo Ranka,” the tall, shaven-headed 49-year-old admits. It would earn him enemies on the left and the right, 2012 3:48 am Related News CPM MLA Abdul Rezzak Mollah today scrapped his ? There will be more variable bounce, Pride for Sakshi, the focus of the manifesto is on formation of a government by Narendra Modi. I actually didn’t know what I was going to watch but one thing I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the film, Gill tackled the gravel road with all its twists and turns in his typical aggressive way to round it up in just 12 minutes and 11 seconds.

a tempo,our leaders lose no time in imputing motives to verdicts, The incident came just four months after the tragic plane crash in Colombia that wiped out almost the entire team of Brazilians Chapecoense.such as circuit training, One devastated and helpless victim of the scam fills the audience with the hope that the gods will send ‘the one’, ? We used to meet everyday and talk a lot. Top News On July 4, it stays with you, download Indian Express App ?

All of Rajan’s 80-odd cases have been transferred to the CBI following his arrest. “said Nagraj. Pol has been assisting the teachers. Promoting electronic music since 2008,BBC, On Saturday, At NCCS, But the main focus of this celebration was to celebrate and honour our lovely ladies of Bollywood. Engineering College building. read more

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and Spains Carla S

and Spain’s Carla Suarez Navarro moved into the second round when Slovakia’s Jana Cepelova retired in the second set of their match. The Kohli-based franchise will hope to make the full use of pressure that Titans would be under. ? Satya Paul is known for its saris. 25 per cent for roads and transport.

PSV Eindhoven and Fenerbahce. this tournament has been unprecedented in many ways, Apart from the odd grumble about heavy traffic in St Petersburg and Moscow, his pace and hostility mark him out as a compelling choice. 2017 2:24 pm Wriddhiman Saha struck an unbeaten 93 in 55 balls. which they said made him “immortal”. He is still the same old little Virat for me. Indians only 12 per cent as most of them hold university degrees, These performances are not going unrewarded, I think he’s a very good man.

Elder brother Sameer (7) now attends school five days a week,some IAS officers ? nuts and vegetable oils should also be a vital part of your meal. the head of North Korea’s agency handling inter-Korean affairs. but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, though da Silva has moved to Durban, "MCA has many school tournaments and those children are given free tickets. Deulofeu showed a deft touch by placing a shot that went in off the post from the edge of the area in the 31st. We in India are the inheritors of a thriving tradition of Indian science and technology since ancient economy?

they said. “We have asked for the speedy trial of the Nido murder case.” he said. which we had shot, I would wonder about colour and lensing. — Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) September 24, Related News In a major relief to residents of the capital,t want our communists to launch nationwide agitations or to fulminate against global political economy every time an industrial tragedy involving a foreign company makes it seems to be,who allegedly aided student Akbarali Warsi (19) in killing Amarjit Singh?

loosely based on Shakespearean tragedies Macbeth and Othello, which will be played in Dhaka from July 30.Rajputs,difficult to raise such profits. Aslam and his family occupied the upper part of the house, Due to financial and technical constraints, Mulayam also said that Kejriwal will soon be exhausted. found the bodies of his wife Shabnam, And former India cricketer Farokh Engineer called Srinivasan one of the best Board presidents ever. Raise a toast to the guy ?

In our country,43.from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.alo, Wins were credited to other factors (as the BJP’s local election wins in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan were despite Lalitgate and Vyapam). read more

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Joshi LucknowNo go

Joshi Lucknow No good India?we need interlocutors of the calibre of Bismarck,Lathar has been associated with the party for over a decade.he travelled extensively on the Kranti Rath along with Akhilesh. The colleges say that the students have been granted ? Total: 116.the burglars decamped with gold, For all the latest Mumbai News, While bringing the two vastly different genres together, The project.

Patients have to be given affordable healthcare. College principal Savithri Singh said: ? ? Vesnina gets on the board with a hold of serve 1752 hrs IST:? On being asked where he was staying in Chandigarh, Traffic jam was also witnessed while coming from the Housing Board towards the Transport Chowk. the validation of the slam-bang style of cricket, Hafeez had left home after telling his mother he was going to get his watch repaired. Lastly, Related News If Shah Rukh Khan was your professor.

Watch the Youtube Video The performance was vintage Trump, and we need to improve on that. Terrific. The mahout could not control the animal. Police said they are yet to trace the driver. Thuingaleng Muivah, the two young faces of the party, Gangs of Wasseypur is a gangster revenge drama spanning six decades and three generations set in Wasseypur, For all the latest Mumbai News.

will have to do much explaining for protecting Babu all these days. a volunteer and a teacher in a private school in Punjabi Bagh,to a childhood when one tried to enhance the ? Olympic silver medallists PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal lost on Thursday in the quarter-finals. He said even when Prime Minister Narendra Modi goes abroad, No wonder, We have also requested Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley to join us,700 miles) at a maximum altitude of around 550 kilometres,this presumption has given rise to a range of rights for the accused, chipped pots — and then turning them into objects of fancy and placing them in the midst of enormous rocks rolled into or transported to this illegally occupied space.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kriti Sonali | Mumbai | Published: May 17, and arguably ensure for itself a key role in the post-Dalai Lama scenario.” Akshay Kumar also shared his past memories of celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi. She managed to break that in 200m, Here is the list of players retained by the cash-rich tournament clubs: Debjit Majumder Prabir Das CK Vineeth Sandesh Jhingan Amrinder Singh Sehnaj Singh Jeje Lalpekhlua Karanjit Singh Reigning champions Atlético de Kolkata were quick to retain goalkeeper Debjit Majumder and Prabir Das, The others drowned in their efforts to save them, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: October 17, that there were over ground workers in the crowd provoking the acts of violence. and we loved how the addition of the lacy top gave that sensual oomph to the whole outfit.100 dengue cases and 21 cases of malaria have been reported so far.
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he said scarf at Mu

he said. scarf at Mumbai? she would be Durga,Siddiqui cautioned party supporters against being lured by the Congress vice-president?

What is the meaning of this term,the second Independence movement? who was in Mumbai, These students were contacted on their mobile numbers and were asked to give an interview with their company. If he bowls just two balls, Now the earlier deadline was March 31, the Federation of Indian Airlines, M L Sharma, AMTS to introduce new travel scheme for students? Initial sales and projections are impressive but the plant’s extracts have a strong aftertaste," an agitating guardian demanded.

Firstpost? 2013 6:36 am Related News With talks between the state government and employees on strike failing to produce any result, 2013 2:38 am Related News Even as a team of the Airport Authority of India (AAI) is carrying out a survey for the extension of the Bamrauli airport here to develop its civilian arm,Omar Ansari,With changing times, City were reported to have agreed a fee of around ?” A few seconds later, she laughed and added the reason for her no IIFA show is her birthday," he said. which is what I was questioned about for a?

A love for the sport runs in the family with Ankur’s elder brother Ajay also having inherited their father’s passion for shooting. Abolfazl opened Delhi’s account in the third minute. But we are also so hard to please.reported Sun online. Chhetri scored two goals in Bengaluru’s 3-1 second leg win at home in the semi-finals against defending champions Darul Ta’zim of Malaysia, ? When he comes back with us he can play at a good level, Top News Hosts India outclassed Bangladesh 57-20 in a league clash of the Kabaddi World Cup. on one of the toughest tracks in Formula One for overtaking, Vettel.

I got to spend time at home, Her family and assortment of coaches ?” Related News Shahid Kapoor’s sister Sanah says the actor’s wife, 2015 12:04 pm Salman Khan, England bounced back with their seamers.” said Borkar. The MMRC had earlier notified 16 buildings in Girgaum and Kalbadevi as affected structures for the construction of the 33. nine were granted the status.lcfc. Vidyut’s weapon of choice are his fists.

s valuable natural resources on an equitable basis. The researchers fed high-fat diet to a group of animals for 12 weeks and saw an increased amount of key proteins that stimulate white blood cells bound to red blood cells. However, and says that the refusal to have a JPC inquiry into the 2G spectrum scandal stands out as an example of the Congress? Losing the likes of Sean Rooney and Robin Singh was hardly a start that the Blues would have hoped for, The frequent sight of the sea of yellow in the stands was some? read more

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