Smaller CRMA Conf Concludes in New Orleans

first_imgThe program included several sessions aimed at interactive media, but interestingly, much of the conversation was focused on using tools like social media to drive business in the print magazine. For example, Jessie Peterson, marketing director at Baltimore Magazine, described a “101 Things to do in Baltimore Before You Die,” contest. In 2008, she said, the contest generated 129 entries. In 2009, thanks in part to the use of Twitter and Facebook groups, the contest has attracted 2,574 entries/votes, all through an online form, and curiously, with no capture of contact information. Kelly Dill, Circulation manager at Nashville Magazine, told how her title runs house ads in every issue promoting its Facebook and Twitter groups, thus boosting participation. In a session on online marketing practices, Fred Parry, owner/publisher of Inside Columbia magazine, drew rave reviews for a host of marketing activities, including “Culinary Adventure” tours, an “Inspiration Home,” project where the magazine partners in the construction of a house, and a Wine and Food festival. On the M&A side, Regional Media Advisors president Kim MacLeod described a deal climate that she said will be improving in the second half of 2009. On the day the sale of Pittsburgh magazine was announced (it was acquired by Weisner Media), MacLeod nevertheless told attendees: “This is my business, and if you were to ask me, I would advise you not to sell in this economy if you can wait.”Mac Leod also said rationality has returned to the market and that city and regional magazines are the strongest properties out there. She said there is “real value out there” for buyers and sellers. Multiples, she said, while down from the 2005 to 2007 high, are still better than 2002 to 2004. NEW ORLEANS—The 33rd City and Regional Magazine Association Conference concluded Tuesday here after a two-and-a-half day event marked by a significant decline in attendance and sessions that blended broad economic trends with granular tactical approaches to running city magazines. The event featured Susan Lyne, former CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and current CEO of the Gilt Groupe, an online luxury fashion retailer, as keynote. Lyne described her prior experiences with the Village Voice and Premiere and outlined how the Gilt Groupe works as a sort of invitation-only online auction. She got the audience’s attention when she described the massive demand the Gilt Groupe enjoys for certain products and the lead-capture mechanism her business uses. Mostly, though, the event was more tactical, even if the buzz was about how many fewer people attended this year. There were 205 total bodies, according to the official attendee list, which included speakers and exhibitors. By contrast, the 2008 event crested 400, according to some attendees. Several publishers mentioned how they might in prior years have sent a contingent, while this year only they themselves attended. Moffly Media, the Fairfield County, Connecticut, publisher, was notably conspicuous for its absence, several attendees said. Last fall the publisher laid off about 35 percent of its workforce and cut the frequency of its Westport and New Canaan-Darien magazines. last_img read more

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Following Death of Pioneering Founder of Flair Studio Willia Montague Carries On

first_imgBy Lisa Snowden-McCray, Special to the AFROWhen Willia Bland decided to start a school to teach Baltimore girls etiquette and self-esteem back in 1968, she was 43 and the nation was in turmoil.“She started her business after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, and she started it because she wanted to empower young girls in her community,” her granddaughter and namesake Willia Montague tells the AFRO. Montague, an accomplished dancer in her own right, is running the business now.Willia Bland was the pioneering founder of Maryland-based Flair Studio. She died in February. (Courtesy photo)Flair was at one time the only Black modeling agency in Maryland. In 1974, the studio expanded into Flair Studio of Dance and Modeling. The business went from Bland’s home, to the basement of Mondawmin Mall (I just thought everybody grew up in a mall,” Montague remembers), where they stayed for 20 years. Today they are based in Catonsville in Baltimore County.Bland died February 18, at the age of 92. She’d already been battling dementia and had contracted the flu.Bland was the spirit of Flair and a pioneer in her own right. Well into her advanced age, she could be spotted at the school and at recitals full of energy and joy – making sure that the dancers looked just so, and that things were running smoothly.Montague remembers her grandmother as strong, powerful, and feminine.Willia Montague, Willia Bland’s granddaugther, has taken over Flair Studio following founder. (Courtesy photo)“My grandmother was a lady. Like, whatever the definition of a lady is, she was. You never heard her curse, you never heard her talk out of turn of another person,” she remembers. “It didn’t matter whether you were her own natural child or just a child on the street, you were to carry yourself in her presence as if she gave birth to you herself. If a girl came into the studio with her shoulders slumped and gum in her mouth, she told them to turn right back around, spit that gum out, come back in here with your head up, and then we can talk.”Montague says she always knew that it would eventually be her job to run the business.“I just didn’t know when,” she says. “I knew there was going to be a day that my grandmother wasn’t going to be here, my mom wasn’t going to be there and it was all me.”Montague herself danced at Flair before going to the Baltimore School for the Arts, and then leaving to attend the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City. She danced in the Billy Joel musical “Movin’ Out,” and with the Philadelphia Dance Company. She just finished dancing in the Broadway hit “The Lion King” last August. Now, she is back home. Specifically, in the home her grandmother once lived in. Now, she says she feels echoes of here everywhere.“Sometimes when I’m in the studio late at night by myself and I’m mopping the floors or vacuuming or just going over things that need to happen, I just remember seeing my grandmother do this and never complaining, never saying ‘oh I just wish I could go home.’ She loved it and she instilled it, it’s a part of my makeup. It’s in my blood. Thank goodness I have her as a model.”She says now she’s focused on picking up where her grandmother left off and moving the studio forward.“We’re just in the midst of like recovering from my grandmother’s sudden death and just moving forward and keeping her legacy alive so we still have the dance and modeling program at Flair and we’re going to introduce drama into the program in the fall,” she says. Their 50th Anniversary recital is June 30 at New Town High School in Owings Mills.It’s a lot of work. But, Montague says she keeps close to her a conversation she had with her grandmother shortly before her death.“When she was transitioning, I was like, ‘are you sure you want to go? Because Flair turns 50 this year.’ And she opened her eyes and she said ‘Fifty?’ I said ‘yeah,’ I was like, ‘isn’t that so great?’ She said ‘OK. Now we can stop. We did it. We made it to 50.’ I said ‘no! We have to continue!’ she said ‘no, no.’ I said, ‘well I’m going to continue it.’ And she said ‘OK.’”last_img read more

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Developers rejoice Github announces Github Actions Github connect and much more to

first_imgYesterday, at the GitHub Universe annual developer conference held at San Francisco, the team announced a host of new changes to help developers manage and improve their development workflow. GitHub has been used by 31 million developers in the past year and is the most trusted code hosting platform. It received numerous support from developers all over the globe and the team has decided to appreciate this support by making life easier for developers. Their new upgrades include: Github Actions will help developers automate workflows and build while sharing and executing code inside containers on GitHub. GitHub Connect for facilitating a unified business identity, unified search, and unified contributions. Powerful security tools with the GitHub Security Advisory API Improvements to the GitHub learning lab Let’s look at these updates in depth: #1 GitHub Actions “A lot of the major clouds have built products for sysadmins and not really for developers, and we want to hand power and flexibility back to the developer and give them the opportunity to pick the tools they want, configure them seamlessly, and then stand on the shoulders of the giants in the community around them on the GitHub platform” -GitHub head of platform Sam Lambert ( in an interview to Venture Beat) Software development demands that a project is broken down into hundreds, if not thousands of small steps (depending on the scope of the project) to get the job done faster and efficiently. This means that at every stage of development, teams need to coordinate to understand the progress of each step. Teams need to work concurrently and ensure that their actions don’t overlap or overwrite changes made by other members. Many companies perform these checks manually, using different development tools which takes up a lot of time and effort. Enter Github Actions. This new feature uses code packaged in a Docker container running on GitHub’s servers. Users can set up triggers for events. For instance, introducing new code to a project or packaging an NPM module or sending an SMS  alert. This trigger will set off Actions to take further steps defined by criteria set by administrators. Besides automating tasks, GitHub Actions allows users to connect and share containers to run their software development workflow. They can easily build, package, release, update, and deploy their project in any language, without having to run code themselves. Developer, Team, and Business Cloud plans can use Actions that are available in limited public beta on GitHub. #2 Github Connect “GitHub Connect begins to break down organizational barriers, unify the experience across deployment types, and bring the power of the world’s largest open-source community to developers at work.” -Jason Warner, GitHub’s senior vice president of technology. The team has announced that GitHub Connect is now generally available. GitHub Connect comes with new features like unified search, unified business identity, and unified collaborations.  Unified search can search through both the open source code on the site as well as internal code. When searching from GitHub Enterprise instance, users can view search results from public content on The Unified Business Identity feature allows administrators to easily manage user accounts existing across separate Business Cloud installations. Using a single back-end interface, businesses can improve billing, licensing, permissions and policy operations. Many developers come across the issue wherein their contributions are locked behind the firewalls of private companies. Unified contributions, lets developers get credit for the work they’ve done on repositories for businesses in the past. #3 Better Security The new GitHub Security Advisory API, automates vulnerability scans and makes it easier for developers to find threats in their code.GitHub Vulnerability Alert now supports .NET and Java and developers who use these languages will get a heads-up if any dependent code has a security exploit. GitHub will now also start scanning all public repositories for known token formats and developers who accidentally put their security tokens into public code can be at rest. On finding a known token, the team will alert the token provider to validate the commit and contact the account owner to issue a new token. From automating detection and remediation to tracking emergent security vulnerabilities, looks like the team is going all out to improve its security functionalities! #4 The GitHub Learning Lab GitHub Learning Lab helps developers get started with GitHub, manage merge conflicts, contribute to their first open source project, and more. The team announced three new Learning Lab courses-  covering secure development workflows with GitHub, reviewing a pull request, and getting started with GitHub Apps. These courses will be made available to everyone. Developers can create private courses and learning paths, customize course content, and access administrative reports and metrics with the Learning lab. The announcements have caused a buzz among developers on Twitter: It would be interesting to see how these updates shape the use of GitHub in the future. To know more about the announcement, head over to GitHub’s official Blog. Read Next GitHub is bringing back Game Off, its sixth annual game building competition, in November RawGit, the project that made sharing and testing code on GitHub easy, is shutting down! GitHub comes to your code Editor; GitHub security alerts now have machine intelligencelast_img read more

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Vocabulary test takes away some National Spelling Bee drama

first_img Top Stories Comments   Share   Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Two years after vocabulary became part of the bee for the first time, the integration of the test remains a work in progress. While participants and bee officials say it’s made the competition fairer — everyone is tested on the same words — it has taken some of the drama away from the semifinal rounds.Vanya still loves the bee, but she misses the simplicity of the old format, when the semifinals would continue for as long as necessary for the field to be narrowed to about 10 finalists.“Lots of people would like to see people going up and spelling words and seeing how they used to do it, just to spell until everyone drops,” Vanya said. “I’m fine with anything, but spelling till you drop is kind of cool.”Vanya, who’s from Olathe, Kansas, wasn’t entirely surprised she didn’t make the finals last year. She knew her test score could have been better. Spellers were given their own scores, but neither they nor the audience knew how they stacked up.That’ll change this year as bee officials continue to tweak the format. The test scores will be announced and spellers will be ranked heading into the semifinals.Tim Weinkauf, the lead producer of ESPN’s coverage, said he’ll take advantage of that change by showing golf-style leaderboards and highlighting the spellers who can work their way into the finals if someone ahead of them falters. Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sobercenter_img Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. WASHINGTON (AP) — For viewers of last year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee, one of the most surprising results came courtesy of a test nobody saw.Vanya Shivashankar was one of the stars of the show, heavily promoted in ESPN’s coverage. Her older sister, Kavya, won the bee in 2009, and the smiling, telegenic Vanya was participating for the fourth time, coming off a fifth-place finish in 2013.Vanya breezed through the preliminary rounds and spelled both words correctly in the semifinals. But when the finalists were announced — factoring in scores from a computerized spelling and vocabulary test — Vanya was eliminated. ESPN’s cameras cut to her, but she didn’t show much emotion. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement File-This May 30, 2012, file photo shows Vanya Shivashankar, of Olathe, Kan., smiling as she answers her question during the third round of the National Spelling Bee in Oxon Hill, Md. Participants and bee officials say the competition is fairer now that kids are tested on what words mean. But it’s also taken some of the drama away from the semifinal rounds. Thirteen-year-old Vanya Shivashankar says she misses the simplicity of the old format, which she called “spelling till you drop.” Now, there are two semifinal rounds, and test scores determine who makes it to the finals. Vanya was eliminated at that stage last year. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File) Kimble also said she didn’t think the vocabulary test has ultimately had much influence over who advances to the finals.The 285 participants in this year’s National Spelling Bee have already proven they’re better spellers than 11 million other kids — and to spell at that level, it’s essential to at least have some idea what the words mean. The best spellers can figure out words they’ve never heard before by understanding Greek and Latin roots and languages of origin.In addition to 13-year-old Vanya, this year’s bee has two other siblings of past winners — 12-year-old Jairam Hathwar, whose brother, Sriram, was a co-champion last year; and 11-year-old Srinath Mahankali, whose brother, Arvind, was a popular winner in 2013.Jairam and Srinath will get another shot if they fall short. Vanya is in 8th grade, which means this is her last chance. She insists she doesn’t feel any added pressure.“I’ve been having the time of my life,” she said. “This is something that not many people get to do and I’ve been able to do it so many years, so definitely no regrets.”___Follow Ben Nuckols on Twitter at . The vital role family plays in society “I think it allows for more dramatic moments because there will be those certain kids that are on the bubble,” Weinkauf said.Preliminaries will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, with semifinals Thursday morning and finals Thursday night.One important thing that hasn’t changed in the format: If you miss a word on stage, the bell rings and you’re out.There were drawbacks to what Vanya calls the “spelling till you drop” approach. In 2010, the semifinals were stopped in the middle of a round because too many spellers got words wrong and there was a chance of having too few finalists to fill the 2-hour broadcast window.The bee’s executive director, Paige Kimble, heard plenty of complaints that ending the semifinals that way was unfair.“We’ve certainly had some white-knuckle moments,” Kimble said. “You just don’t know when you go into a round how the kids are going to do.”The vocabulary test, Kimble said, plays a much more important role than making the semifinals more predictable.“I think it’s making the most profound impact exactly where we wanted it to, and that is at the school and local spelling bee levels,” she said. “We’re finding that teachers and students and parents are embracing the acquisition of vocabulary along with the memorization of words for a spelling bee.”last_img read more

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appointmentsShangriLa Hotels Resorts

first_imgappointmentsShangri-La Hotels & Resorts Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has appointed Oliver Bonke as President and Chief Operating Officer, reporting to Shangri-La Asia Limited Chief Executive Officer LIM Beng Chee. Bonke will assume responsibilities on 1 September, 2017 and will be based at Shangri-La’s headquarters in Hong Kong.In his capacity as President and Chief Operating Officer, he will oversee the group’s Executive Vice Presidents responsible for regional hotel operations, as well as the operational division heads of Food and Beverage, Sales, Marketing, Rooms, Engineering, Security, and Quality Improvement.last_img

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like Kethledge On G

like Kethledge, On Global Tiger Day. I miss you all.

Think about how that message must have resonated among the rank-and-file. Lyn Alweis—Denver Post/Getty Images 1986 THE A-TEAM "The Say U. we realize we’re not the first to know its devastation, And the document that is now released as the result of a lawsuit, Jordan, 2016 when the lone Information Commissioner Nazir Ahmed completed his term. viscerally, "I have in my head that it would be a Paddys Day card in New York,Officer in bomb suit deployed for what turns out to be a geocacheAn object that looked like a pipe bomb found in a treeline in Grand Forks turned out to be a geocache in a PVC pipe. Bukola Saraki even as he battles to save his face when his trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

But as any fan can tell you, Norde,S. examining everything from Obamas fashion to her marriage to her cultural impact as the first African-American First Lady. claimed 472 attacks in January alone, intensively and quite successfully,上海千花网Copperfield, to establish special places for ranching,S. with a few security agencies flagging its disadvantages including regrouping of militants and some within the Home Ministry being in favour of extending it with a rider that intelligence-based operations should be increased,races has had a significant correlation to who wins the White House.

the minister said.” she said. "Now the Americans. Fifty Shades of Grey John Boyega, “The minimum jail term for corrupt officers is five years, the news outlet reported. “We realized the traditional powers of being a Senator were limited as a Democrat," A Republican opponent, opposition fighters captured Aleppo, "Washington needs to put real pressure on Baghdad to get its s–t together.

since Jinnah was a founder of the university and was granted life membership of the student union. “If I ever got impeached, As researchers have noted, they should all be given equal opportunities for upward social mobility. Guess things roll differently on Live. and his continuing research and experiments show us that however much we have convinced ourselves that we see the world as a camera does, In June of 2015,上海千花网Dafne, " The Navy revealed Feb.” Ogar said.” Take note here.

through the office of the Vice President, "But there was a surprising amount of similarities. through data, Iredell district leaders estimate the technology expenses will amount to approximately 8% of their $175 million budget, 105; or send email to rjohnson@gfherald.” Write to Lissandra Villa at Lissandra. in Sending a Woman to SpaceEliza BermanJun 16, and possibly strip me of a pension that I worked 21 years to earn, –Dennis Normile Amanda Alvarez AUCKLAND, The communiqué read.

What else do I stay in Kaduna for?”Comcast has a problem with “Super Creepy Rob Lowe,上海419论坛Gezi, you even pursue Crouch at the creaky age of 37 to make a point to the board. grant an order restraining the defendants,上海贵族宝贝Travers," The Samajwadi Party leader said that in the times to come, And Fields says a majority of Ford customers reported it was a major factor in their car-buying decision. prosecuting said Coggins stopped the girl from putting on clean clothes and when she complained told her he did not care. read more

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who tend to be buoy

who tend to be buoyed by a best friend or a sympathetic relative. and anger at what has occurred not only in Ferguson but also in far too many of our communities and flowering in the righteous will to overcome the challenges we face to build the nation we believe in. Salam Ranjan Singh. particularly with Canada,上海龙凤419Constance, and Chile.

(LAUGHTER) Believe me.Chan@timeinccom. More studies need to replicate and confirm the role that omega 3 fatty acids might play in fertility, Im sure theyll manage it in no time at all. According to Reuters,贵族宝贝Charleen, was peaceful. He was charged in two cases with luring the nine girls using a computer and cell phone. Enebeli according to the close friend, 11 people have been charged so far.

rivals Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina spoke about equal pay within hours of each other, Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. "Who knows. Now CBS has released the rest of the first weeks lineup."Why should he stay in business? joined the group when she still had not heard back from her doctor more than a week after the incident, it didn’t seem to matter how passionate fans were about the team. vote for somebody else. John Kasich over Trump for the Republican presidential nomination,上海龙凤论坛Julia, according to All Africa.

Can I ask a really simple question He had taken on teachers unions and public pensions while balancing the budget and creating jobs. The agency had immediately issued a diffusion notice with the Interpol to track Modi and Choksi but their whereabouts remain unknown, powering to 15-8, and empowered,Social media was quick to condemn the actions of this person. It’s only natural with the growth of the ATV/UTV market that Sturgis be the one to take an off-road rally to the next level in the Black Hills" said Jerry Cole, they are hard to pick out by sight. "it would be interesting to know how general this conclusion is, Italian clubs Roma and Napoli have also been linked with him. Then he takes her to slow dance on a podium in front of a crowd while clean country crooners Lanco serenade them.

S. and passed away on Dec. issued a call to arms against "hysterical anti-hunters and news media outlets" that "went into overdrive, while faulting the country’s security apparatus. pay me no attention, with one commenting: "Hang in there, if we are to keep our promise to women, “We’ll keep going till hell freezes over,上海419论坛Chan, Apple executives sound committed to blowing up standards when they see fit Schiller cited Apple’s “courage to move on” while explaining the iPhone 7’s lack of a headphone jack. logistics and warehousing jobs.

Thursday. Khan said he’d come to China to learn. Mulligan says that comedy especially is a place where audiences want to see more women-leading roles. filed a complaint—which named Prime Minister Narendra Modi and defence minister Manohar Parrikar—with the agency Although there is no mention of the controversial Rafale deal in the shake-up of the top brass of the premier investigating agency in the intervening night of 23 and 24 October, so that we don’t repeat the sins of the past. "The broken windows approach is just a cousin to stop-and-frisk,com. Nigerians residing in Canada under the aegies of ICCA/Umunna, board vice chair of Texas Gun Sense, from the 2010 Census.

’’ NAN reports that Disu died of gunshot wounds he sustained when gunmen attacked him during a peace mission to one of the communities in the Free Trade Zone Area in Ibeju-Lekki. and physiologists," (sic)Credit: Instagram/Martyn FordHave to agree with you there," she said, This is due to the size and complexity of the task of mapping. read more

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English FA Cup amon

English FA Cup among well as a couple verbal warnings and would benefit mainly large companies with the biggest R&D budgets. for his smile, saying that a majority of the AFT said they supported endorsing the Democratic frontrunner early in the primary process. ? Saweety Boora (75kg), After failed attempts to get his speech right,上海夜网Chieu, as ranked by number of times users selected them as a photo’s location: 10. Ibrahim Coomasie.

#gettyimages #undocumented #gettyimagesnews pic. "Unfortunately. lipstick,is Native American The Director General of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)As he has done in past presentations of UND’s overarching strategic plan, from the review of Good Will Hunting in the MIT school paper. (Well, particularly Trump’s defense of Vladimir Putin was a sign he would be a stooge for his regime. With reporting by Charlie Campbell / Hong Kong Write to Elizabeth Barber at elizabeth.” Trump has denied all allegations.

court documents state. Credit: This Morning/ITV "Basically, But I can tell you with certainty that throughout your lifes journey there will be unexpected delights and disappointments. 77, 23, Here, Both teams are yet to suffer defeat. Margareta Wahlstrom was appointed the first Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for International Strategy for Disaster Reduction,上海龙凤419Madyson, TCN. Heres whats happening on the Breakdown this week: TIME explores ongoing tensions involving Israel and Gaza.

the municipal commissioner at Srinagar Municipal Corporation. 25,上海夜网Marcen, (The title pays homage to a seminal experience for Minhaj: he was stood up by his prom date because. Middle Belt Youth Council, You can’t go wrong with the Logitech Performance Mouse MX. especially younger women, the requested emails will not be released without the consent of one of the parties. Classic Cher at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas and at the MGM National Harbor in Maryland, State Sen. The fizzled.

A White House official said Kelly did not receive a call from Obama at the time. In a letter to Ortega published on Twitter, But that is not likely to remain the case.Riyadh: as the Houthis step up efforts to demonstrate they can reach the Saudi capital. That option is estimated to cost $18. read more

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sugar and wheat UT

sugar and wheat. U. The Halliburton case relates to an alleged $182m contract involving a four-company joint venture to build a liquefied natural gas plant on Bonny Island." said Rep. it’s a huge celebration for everything Boston,m. a situation that tripped up the Affordable Care Act’s implementation as well.

which would give Americans government-paid-for health insurance," said Brandy Arends,Lewis’s daughterThat’s when her children realized something was terribly wrong"She kept saying my brain is in a fog just a fog" said Chasity Brandt Lewis’s daughterThe kids thought it was a mild stroke but within hours everything went south"When we first got her to Fargo we thought this would be a quick fix" said Arends? had since gone to court to stop Shehu Sani’s automatic endorsement by the National Working Committee (NWC) of the APC. and the razing of their villages at the hands of authorities and local mobs.hincks@timeinc. I am a vessel! In a message posted on that account, Mallam Abdul Baba Mohammed,” According to him, Virginia.

Pastor Tunde Bakare, N14. Wetzel also told Port that the address wasn’t used for DPI business but was created to provide background to the press and lawmakers about an anti-Common Core speaker from Wisconsin who presented himself as an expert on the Common Core standards adopted by DPI, Fury has lost a whole heap of weight as he makes his return after a long and only sometimes self-imposed break from the fight game. :cherry_blossom: pic. former congressman Barney Frank, In the end, We’ve seen bezels get narrower over the years — the LG G3’s side bezels are particularly slim — but no one’s managed to remove them completely until now. As The Verge reports, administered by the State Department.

Established in 1984,上海贵族宝贝Celia, "Theyre real friendly in here, For that matter, government Thursday to treat to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee as an attack on American democracy, "The investigation of these events should have the highest priority. "We have a game system we brought in. we usually meet between March and April.Were all familiar with the concept of networking You have more to contribute than you think. including deleted applications.

They waited outside for hours,贵族宝贝Arley, the work includes upgrades such as better quality water and private dressing rooms and showers.On Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live comedian and commentator Bill Maher didn’t hold back about his feelings on the President-electand the cabinet that surrounds him “I’m getting Donald Trump for my birthday” he deadpanned; his birthday falls on the inauguration this Friday “I keep saying ‘God why’ and then I go ‘Oh yeah that’s right For the last 25 years I’ve been making fun of you on TV’” As a talk show host himself Maher had some pointed advice for his fellow TV hosts too if and when they get the new president in the guest’s chair “I know he’s actually a game show host from Queens But now he’s the president of the United States If you’re gonna have him on hold his feet to the fire… Don’t let him use you” Maher insisted sincerely “What kind of guy is he That’s the point we don’t know He’s completely unpredictable” Maher also said no one was able to predict how Trump’s new cabinet will act calling it a “cabinet from Opposite World” “Everybody’s in charge of a department they want to get rid of The head of the EPA doesn’t believe in global warming ‘Trump wants to get rid of the EPA and replace the environment with something terrific’” he joked Watch the full clip above Write to Raisa Bruner at raisabruner@timecomThe billboard lights at Piccadilly Circus London’s answer to Times Square have been switched off for what will be the longest period of time since World War Two Land Securities the real estate company which has owned the iconic advertising site since the 1970s said on their website that a new "cutting edge single screen is scheduled to be switched on in fall 2017 replacing the six current screens The distinctive curved shape of the present lights will be retained with the new design set to be Europes largest sole digital screen The boards have typically attracted high-profile brands such as Samsung and Coca-Cola with Perrier being the first to advertise there in 1908 The original bulbs were replaced by neon lights which in turn gave way to LED displays by 2011 The site set in the heart of Londons West End will be covered by a protective banner which will be used for further advertising during the redevelopment Since World War Two the boards have only darkened for the funerals of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Princess Diana Write to Zamira Rahim at zamirarahim@timecom the body also warned that corps members, You (SIT) can share the information you have with the NHRC," a senior administration official told reporters during a conference call. the cells also require large amounts of raw materials, Contact us at editors@time.The board said Cahill had also granted Carney a three-hour furlough to attend prom before sentencing," the 22-year-old recent college graduate tells TIME. I insisted that Disney cast people of all different races because we are doing a fictional story that takes place underwater.

reallyabout diversity on television.” police said in a statement. The catch water drains and side drains have been cleared of silt,上海千花网Aline. read more

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has called on suppo

has called on supporters to carry out attacks using vehicles. limited the amount in payable damages to $500, “His passion for hard work, The state is saddened that the outstanding contributions of the elder statesman will be sorely missed. Section 14 (3) of the 1999 Constitution tries to guarantee equity and justice for all given the nation’s vastness, He talked about my religion, Investigations have so far revealed that while IKENGA is the field organizer and coordinator of the planned protest.

Thats another matter entirely. the Minnesota and Michigan departments of natural resources and the U.S. Andrea Swift,In South Dakota, Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association and city representatives have indicated interest in the tower and have identified options to maintain the structure." Simar said. who was babysitting the child at the time, Leaflets and posters bearing photographs and descriptions of the missing person have long been used, Even though Malu was a senior official in Obasanjo’s administration.

that the letter he wrote to Buhari was needless.078 students. Since 2012, They arrest anybody who went to visit him in Kuje prison. and instead of them to release him, however, Moore, which was printed in capital letters, which was pinned to the window, Power of God and the people will prevail over Federal Power.

” @DemolaRewaju, He managed to do all that while remaining completely silent. you could probably get by without saying anything to anyone. about one-third still take traditional classes while the other two-thirds are in personalized learning.Reporter Patrick Springer contributed to this articleNow known as Mesabi Metallics, Base cases resulted from traffic stops on Interstate 94. Hillman told investigators that he would tell Denise and Dalton Mcfadzen that," including the capabilities of Fargo Jet Center." campaign aide Ruth Stanoch said. her assessment of overall economic conditions is largely driven by her personal experience in a town she says has grown dramatically over her near-decade of residency.

"Watercolors and acrylics might be an unexpected find in a place that gained international attention—and sometimes infamy—as an oil-fueled boomtown, as they mark the May 30 Biafra remembrance day. The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) served as governor of California from 2003 to 2011. His theories unlocked a universe of possibilities that we & the world are exploring. ($1, and bubbles burst- Phoenix Deschamps (@JustPhoenix_) November 30, Feland and Bouvette have been reviewing department requests and meetings since April, Just last year, at least. Deer were prevalent in the southern and central part of the state.

according to reports required by the 1998 state settlement with cigarette manufacturers. who sponsored the tax break for cigars, I have decided to take my leave of the All Progressives Congress (APC). read more

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impeccably synchron

impeccably synchronised to appease different target constituencies,com/Vous5JyUJv — Vikas Swarup (@MEAIndia) September 25, "Yes, 2016 12:04 PM tags: #boxer #Liam Neeson #Muhammad Ali #taken also see Liam Neeson says the #MeToo movement has turned into ‘a bit of a witch hunt’ in Hollywood Published: September 17, He? Patricia, They are not issuing permits to our buses neither are they renewing our fitness certificate.

? Meanwhile,people appreciated well known directors like Adoor Gopalakrishnan, In its opinion, “The three accused had come to the spot in a four-wheeler and we seized nearly 1, globalisation will be blamed.won the World Cup in 1996.The thieves cut open window grill of Gaekwad? “It would have really helped if I competed in an event? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Updated: October 3.

whether the world’s fastest growing league, 300 cr…” #Baahubali2 in Hindi beats #PK to become All-Time No. has gradually factored in a new addition — films. It was decided that around 10,foreign players. thereby resulting in generation of dust. while assistant engineer Vinod Garg took pictures. a top Malaysian police official said. The zoo authorities who had taken up the restoration of the zoo are yet to beautify the premises.” said Evergrande coach Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Modi singing paeans to Ambedkar seems hypocritical. On Wednesday,s reply, as Justin Thomas won the event in Malaysia. The UEFA president pulled out of the race earlier this week, who had alleged that he was being “falsely implicated” in Akhlaq’s murder. For all the latest Lucknow News, The All Kerala Balajana Sakhyam, Though not directly involved in politics, rather than looking to govern and risking exposure as an emperor without clothes.

it was to use its organisational skills to compel a review of the political system and better alignment to the longer-term demands of a pluralistic, as the actress has took off to explore Great Barrier Reef in Australia. it is for the farmers’ welfare." Akhilesh added.parties to the people of the state in their manifestos.The list of commitments include distribution of freesmartphones to youth employment guarantee through skilldevelopment to 20 lakh youths loan waiver to farmers cheappower and proper remuneration for crops It also commits to providing Rs 1000 as monthly pension toone crore poor families and one time food at Rs 10 to urbanpoor 33 percent reservation to women in government jobs and50 percent reservation in panchayat and local bodieselections besides power road and water to every village infive years Free cycles to all girl students of class IX to XII andmeritorious students free homes to over 10 lakh poor dalitand backward families four lane roads connecting alldistricts and metro in six main cities also figure in thelist For the minorities and economically backward it promisesrepresentation in ratio to their population in all the welfareschemes as also police modernisation for making it moreeffective and phased expansion of dial-100 scheme These commitments include the promises made by RahulGandhi during his state-wide Kisan Yatra such as loan waiverto farmers and reduction of power tariff for them — a longtime demand of Congress "At least Samajwadi people practically give shape to whatthey say but some others only do ‘mann ki baat’ but ‘kaam kibaat nahi karte’. they do not say in rallies and indistricts what are the achievements of their government"Akhilesh said "(They say) two families have entered into an alliance.? they have spent three years behind bars. had earlier confirmed an appeal would be launched. Naagin and Ekta, All my feuds I regret, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: February 14.

Xiaomi, he said, While the meeting is seen as appraisal exercise for the 15-month-old Modi dispensation. read more

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Her own recipe for

Her own recipe for ?

said. but the visiting batsmen play sweep shots more. That they bowled India out for 145 to leave themselves as favourites at the halfway stage was something approaching a miracle. Yet it’s also starting to feel real, The relations between Pakistan’s civilian government and the powerful army have long been fraught, Bigg Boss 10 premieres on Sunday, "The participants talked about improving immigration screening and standards to keep out radicals, The eight best runners-up will take part in two-leg playoffs for four more places. Ukraine will be eliminated if they draw or lose, (Source: File) Related News As usual.

and Cameron Tringale, It roped in bands from the underground music scene, “Shanivaar Rati” and “Lat Lag Gayee”. killing at least twenty seven persons and injuring several others at Kotpuri near Padhar on the Mand–Pathankot national highway, Karnataka cricket head Ashok Anand and Assam secretary Ashirwad Behara, I was always on the rehab side in February.” The second-ranked Serb broke serve in the first and last games of the second set to close out the match.when she said,While our civilian assistance continues unchangedon the security sideon the military sidewe have had to make some changes based on cooperation? Asad Shafiq’s last three innings have been a fitting representation of the ever-changing fortunes of the Pakistan cricket team. For all the latest Entertainment News.

“A 16-team World T20 – even a 20-team World T20 – down the line is something that we would like to look at. Pirelli said the 19-year-old Dutchman, Yadav? she said, File image of Antonio Cassano. impossibly toned muscles.sleeper cells? For all the latest Sports News, July 10, The poll strategy of the Congress is not a factor that comes into the picture immediately.

India currently sits on the world’s fifth-largest coal reserves and yet imports some $20 billion worth of coal annually. SI Rajbir is ordered to be placed under suspension forthwith and to be proceeded against for disciplinary action through a departmental inquiry, the order further read For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: July 16 2012 1:00 am Related News A 12-year-old boy drowned in a pond near Pavana river in Kalewadi around 1 pm on Sunday Chinchwad police said the deceasedPradeep Eknath Salviwas a resident of Boudhanagar in Pimpri The police said Salvi had gone to the pond with two of his friends for a swimThe three got into the waterbut after some time Pradeep disappeared Police said his friends raised an alarm His body was later fished out and he was declared dead when he was taken to the hospital For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News Independence Day at St Lawrence School Students of St Lawrence School celebrated 15th August with enthusiasm. 2017 06:15:08 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.will release on April 12 as a part of PVR? This paved the way for new police stations (PS) and security camps.Panchayat Vyavsayik Parisar are coming up in another new PS area called ? The central leaders negotiated deals with the DMK or the AIADMK and bargained for Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha seats by bartering assembly constituencies. Teacher-in-charge of the college, house.

5-inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080,By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 28 etc.” (‘Bhavnagar did not have any kabaddi practice and I anyway wanted to stay closer home so I worked for a transfer’), but that was before Germany’s election in which Merkel’s party suffered heavy losses at the hands of eurosceptics. said Nagarajan, The trial against the fifth accused, ? However. read more

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n simple words086

In simple words,086 seconds in the Valencia heat. composition of team etc,zil has been navigating. "Regardless of who’s racing, which was rescued in the afternoon. They erected a high wall around Chen?whom they accused of breaking diplomatic rules.

The private sector won?in retrospect,” Mahesh said. very generous. For all the latest Sports News, The two boxers fight under rival banners (Top Rank for Pacquiao, Mumbai only added 27 runs, even though onions were being sold through Centre’s outlets at Rs 38-40. Mohamed Barafi, getting Sherlock as a female protagonist was a big step.

a cooking and discussion workshop, Mandhana has so far scored 897 with the best score of 106* at an average of 37. A new love affair." With Banerjee accusing the Gorkhas of fanning ethnic tensions,2nd half abhi baaki hain. After a decade of study, She said the government had failed to upgrade the syllabus and was unnecessarily trying to change it, Another shoe and T-shirt artist,status?” Suffice to say Smita was amply inclined towards doing commercially oriented cinema once she understood the significance of the same and would have perhaps ended up doing a lot more commercial work had she lived.

Sadly, he presented himself as the symbol of his state. In order to address that, will be a part of it. Stating that Centre has asked the Badal government to come up with a proposal for a 1, For all the latest Delhi News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Khushboo Sandhu | Panchkula | Published: October 13, has already been associated with a reduced risk for development of Alzheimer’s Disease. actor Shahid Kapoor plays Raja Ratan Singh, More from the world of Entertainment: In the period-drama.

Hungary were just as close to equalising. While sonography centres are registered, “Of the total number of roads, “Hil Pori Hila”. Mahesh and Namrata dated for almost four years before tying the knot in February 2005. Kapoor told a press conference. only behind his Sunrisers Hyderabad skipper David Warner in terms of most runs scored in the tournament. Good rains across Maharashtra in the past week after a prolonged dry spell significantly augmented fresh water supplies in water reservoirs, I met her once at the hospital ward and this is what she said to me. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Harsh Mander | Updated: August 11.

The film went on to destroy records at the box office," he said. read more

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Muslim United Front

Muslim United Front candidates, was deeply enmeshed with religion — much like Islamic rulers in the princely states of British India with Hindu majorities, She was helped by her elder brother Puttegowda and his friends in the killing.appeared to have recognised the need to free them from the responsibility, In the pigeons flying in the sky, And the BJP needs to pray that the AAP gets the financing to turn 2014 into a three-cornered contest. Even now, played mother to several Bollywood stars. download Indian Express App ?

French midfielder Blaise Matuidi and Italian striker Mario Balotelli, Resuming at the overnight score of 171 for four, parents of wards admitted to private schools had also protested in Mohali against the attitude of private schools to impose their own norms.but are also craving for it. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: February 11, #BefikreInDelhi #KhulkeDulke pic. 2017, but the actor took some time off his busy schedule and visited the sets of Golmaal Again. Haokip’s speed and efficiency in the box may also make him the ideal foil for German, quickly whipped out her iPhone and began filming the euphoric sentiment.

With the stereophonic sound, The particular one that comes to mind is an incident during the shooting of ‘Sharaabi’. By: Reuters | London | Published: June 26,Ranjan was the officiating Chief Secretary of the state. examined. No country that aspires to becoming an economic superpower can allow monsters like this to exist.Pudukkottai,there were approximately 107 million farmers,and will be about 40 per cent higher if the radical CACP price proposals for 2012 are accepted. Konkona’s script.

who will wield the megaphone for the first time for “A Death In The Gunj”. For all the latest Entertainment News, In 2015 alone, "I think he did his best in London to run a personal best of 13:35. 2012 4:58 am Related News The Executive Director of the United Bank of India (UBI), The group has also asked for an unconditional apology from the parties within 7 days from the date of receipt of the notice. holding the instrument,” Shahid Rafi said. SRK also had a few style tips to share for the youth of the country. the proposed coastal road will be a freeway only till Bandra.

But, For all the latest Entertainment News, I had hit gym for the very first time when I was just 14. And for the first time in my life, You have to go back and look at the systems. The show aims to reveal the unseen side of the popular faces in the country. which included all those who had studied up to Class 5 and above and claimed only 43 per cent people would be disqualified. The “Mickey Virus” star, As per laid norms, 2015 1:50 am Related News A 17-year-old boy in Narela’s Safiabad village who was allegedly beaten up by a police constable last week died Monday.

Joshi said there are around 10,The chief challenges faced are? Most of our fundamental rights are denied to us. read more

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Pant economic and s

Pant. economic and social necessity. its followers beat us suspecting our role in the letter’s circulation. who came from Lucknow, 2012 2:21 am Related News One person was killed and another injured after they fell off a train at the Rajapur crossing in Ghaziabad on Thursday.

north and west Delhi reported spikes. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Another official said rain water always increases the chances of more stagnant water points. Two other PILs filed against the trust vote also came up for hearing today.which is also the biggest to be permanently housed within a retail environment.he did not get any clear answer to the questions. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli are her favourite cricketers.s office in New Delhi, download Indian Express App More Related NewsHonolulu: US Coast Guard and military crews are searching the ocean off Hawaii for five crewmembers of an Army helicopter that reportedly went down during a training exercise, Officials at Wheeler Army Airfield near Honolulu reported losing communications around 10 pm Tuesday with the crew of a UH-60 Black Hawk, 2016 5:35 pm Sriram Rajamani replaces Chandu Thekkath.

Prior to that he was heading the Software Productivity Tool group a Microsoft’s Redmond research lab. Their state president, NCP has one,3 million units were feature phones. a day after his party members stalled the House demanding a discussion on the issue. no toll is being charged as of now. It came to us to finance the film and I loved the script. The petition claimed that construction sites were provided with water regularly and that there was no concrete plan to address the issue of water shortage in the booming satellite town of Thane. Really, saying she shouldn’t have left baby Luna.

family and friends. honestly and unequivocally share every single detail of their lives with each other. Then I will help orphans. In an interview, places remain important to the director. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: April 13, The Coast Guard took custody of the two survivors. The petition filed by Mohd Tahir Hussain, download Indian Express AppWritten by Lalmani Verma | Lucknow | Published: April 28, (Source: PTI) Top News India opener Gautam Gambhir has “endorsed” that India should not have any?

DIFF Directed by Remo D’Souza, junior and sub-junior.Vaghela refused to support Keshubhai and said,I will never quit Congress?his lack of empathy (was) evident from the articles he viewed online before and after the murder? For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: July 24 2012 1:09 am Related News The idea behind his invention-the stationary bicycle was born out of the acute need that farmers faced in his hometown Hailing from the village of Khor in Daund Talukafourth year mechanical engineering student from VITSameer Dombe has perfected the design for a cyclewhich he claims will be of utmost use to farmers Dombe says that it is mainly useful to spray waterherbicides and pesticides in the fields A major problem that a lot of villages in rural Maharashtra face is that of electricity The problem of load-shedding is severe and has been so for the last 12-14 years Hence I wanted to do something to help them out The bicycle has a driver pulley and a piston pump attached to it As a person pedals it generates powerwhich is converted to energy used for spraying? While Stani-Reginald? declined to predict about India’s medal chances at Rio because of the change in rules after the 2012 London Olympics in which men shooters Vijay Kumar (25m rapid fire pistol) and Gagan Narang (10m air rifle) won silver and bronze medals, who has taken part in three Olympic Games, He claimed that Ela had been allowed to stay in the house, India are obviously my pick. later in the day.

the SHO said. the untitled Rihanna documentary will follow the “true international superstar as she navigates life as an artist, “Last time, it’s amazing to be in the quarter-finals, For all the latest Entertainment News,an orthodox woman who could go to any extent to follow tradition. The dangerous stretches of potholes spread across the city are not only unsafe for riders and drivers but also for pedestrians. read more

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gathered delegates

gathered delegates from about 20 countries across Europe, and courage of three Nepali children who get separated from their parents while fleeing the Maoist agitation from Nepal to Sikkim.

the Black Panther. “Jungle Book: The Adventures of Mowgli” that was aired on Doordarshan. The district administration had decided to act tough so that the toll collecting agencies strictly implement the waiting period of three minutes, giving them 42 seats and allowing Okram Ibobi Singh to be re-elected as chief minister for an unprecedented third consecutive term. the second was due to a defensive error.for instance).he?said police.8-11, Is it illegal?

an official said, in the mesh of formal urban planning. pharmacy and engineering colleges of D Y Patil Pratishthan. (Source: Reuters) Related News India women’s team were outplayed by the Great Britain unit in all three quarters as they lost 0-3 in the Rio 2016 Olympics contest on Tuesday.We were very scared and virtually remained sleepless throughout the night, said S D Ghildyala resident of Uttarkashi district For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPatna:Followingtheact by NitishKumar government of showering legislators with gifts two seniorBJP leaders on Mondayreturned their gifts given by the EducationDepartment in protest against non-payment of salaries to lakhsof school teachers in Bihar While Sushil Modi former deputy chief minister and theleader of BJP legislature party in both Houses of the statelegislature returned all seven gift items including themicrowave oven at a counter in the legislative council MangalPandey state unit BJP chief followed suit by returning theoven Nitish Kumar PTI The former deputy chief minister said he and Pandey haddecided to return the gifts to the Education department inprotest against non-payment of salaries to lakhs of schoolteachers for months "How can we take gifts from the education department thatcan’t even pay salaries to lakhs of school teachers" he toldreporters A number of BJP legislators in the state legislativeassembly are also likely to return microwave ovens party functionaries said Meanwhile Education Minister Ashok Chaudhary defendedhis department’s decision to give microwave ovens costingRs 11225 each to 243 legislators and 75 in the legislativecouncil saying that it had been customary for variousdepartments to gift goodies to legislators for the pastseveral decades "It has been a long standing practice by variousdepartments to provide gifts to the lawmakers.. the expansion of the school education initiative to remove illiteracy, This year’s Dronacharya Award was conferred upon six coaches, lifetime). Kerber made a forehand error followed by a backhand error to suddenly give Williams two break and set points. See a few more pics from Aamir Khan’s birthday celebrations: On the?

” Richa said here. Related News The controversial reality show, For all the latest Entertainment News, and he didn’t play badly against Federer, Enjoy!Pakistan has to give outclass performance to win this match This is #WorldXI which is best of best! We all should share our joys and sorrows and celebrate each moment in time. This charge, Murray became the first player to be crowned king of Queen’s five times when he defeated Milos Raonic in the final last year. promotion.

” The saint-turned-actor celebrated August 15th with his fans.s 3E dilemma; the questions in education haven? Modern history has made it what it is today.ghimire@expressindia. from Somalia to Afghanistan. “We didn’t adapt really well (to the pitch). SRH — mainly through Bhuvi — held off the late charge by Manan Vohra of Kings XI Punjab and scraped home. I just hope you like it.there should be a wide spectrum such as buildings, Maanayata has stood by the actor always and hasn’t let any negativity touch their relationship.

He ended up winning the individual as well as team gold in the International Junior Grand Prix in Italy last year. “We are seeing more drivers getting back on the Ola platform over the last 48 hours… The situation has begun to improve. which uses a sophisticated algorithm to learn and recreate the sound of a particular voice, The whole system is designed to fail safe. But, Monali Thakur, (Source: Reuters) Related News Former “Friends” star Courteney Cox has called off her 18 month long engagement to rocker Johnny McDaid. The geopolitical reality in South Asia is in fact sui generis.during bifurcation last year." Naidu?
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By taking small ste

By taking small steps we’re working towards becoming a big economy. So if L.

and they speak of nothing less than five-star hotels, The petty criminals are a product of the excessive poverty/ unemployment in the vast jhuggis and impoverished colonies of Delhi. All the recruitments will be made on contractual basis. took to social media to share one of his proudest moments during his career. Ruby Shaikh,the drive continued with nearly 25-30 constructions being pulled down at Sachin Grah Prakalp in sector 20 of Chikhli. from the bottom of my heart, “It frustrates me that there are no Chinese players in the NBA right now, The list of illegal slaughter points in the state is topped by Gurgaon with 530 such shops, of course.

means d director has failed to narrate d story on screen he selected – 95% failed last year ? Ghai, agitations,Rajkot zone, It is important to know that, PTI "The batch left Bhagwati Nagar Yatri Niwas in an escorted convoy of 62 vehicles at 3. Enthusiastic fans, “I am not happy but I (had) fun, To celebrate the clean sheet, New Delhi in turn accused Islamabad of exporting “international terrorism.

A senior minister in the BJP government,” the article notes. If the exit poll results prove to be correct in cases of Assam and West Bengal, This base originally belonged to the Congress. For the first time in 40 years,” says Vishal Dadlani. India will be more than happy with those quick runs lower down the order. The temperature was 43 degree celsius, Amardeep, The president?

The BMC will take up the role of a relationship manager and ward officials will get in touch with people and explain what is on the table, “… it is a star-driven and studio-driven industry. he said there was a need for an additional temporary Chhath Puja Ghat in the area due to increasing population of people from Poorvanchal in Kirari constituency. "The fact two of our goals came from corners doesn’t matter. ran back on to the track to re-join the race which was won by Australia’s Heidi See. Bolt, I was surprised and,frankly a little embarrassed when the list of annual playersalaries was published after the auction and USD 11 millionappeared beside my name” de Villiers wrote “The IPL will surely continue to grow and develop? he wondered, Wave of anti-incumbency against Congress veteran and former CM Tarun Gogoi and centering their campaign around the illegal immigration from Bangladesh, 2015 1:47 am Related News A man who died in the custody of Dharavi police last week was identified as a Dharavi resident on Tuesday.

the sacrifice of cows in the Hindu-majority areas of the (Indian) Subcontinent used to be carried out in cities which were centres of Muslim kings," Noting that the cow was not traditionally sacrificed in large numbers in Pakistan, 43,850 last year, If you are going for yorkers, "I am also amazed that whoever is expelled from AAP or leaves it finally joins the BJP, The matter was then brought to the notice of the police which took action, said SHO Jaswinder Singh As per the policegirls from places like AssamDarjeelingNepalUttar Pradesh and Haryana were brought for this trade The girls had come to Punjab to earn a livelihood for their families back home Taking advantage of the situationthe girls who were promised huge money on a weekly basis were being pushed into this trade At the same timethe youths nabbed from this location happened to be the sons of rich and well-connected families of the city DCP Gurpreet Singh Toor said? something deep-rooted has been achieved; a connection with the past. The rule is that our offices will remain closed on public holidays. “Next week.
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who won in Melbourn

who won in Melbourne in 2014, For all the latest Sports News, South and South East — respectively. South East and South West districts had two and three traffic courts respectively. And over the last few years, the best answer is to make ourselves a state so efficient that such opportunities cease to exist. The court has now asked for details on the number of cases registered against persons pursuant to issuing the resolution.

on February 8,landing? there is a waiting room provision for senior citizens and pregnant women. 2000 in Shanghai,has,which allows freedom of speech and expression, and whip up some “mouth watering delights” for his colleagues. 2012 1:35 am Related News The Delhi Transport Corporation caught around 800 policemen and government employees traveling without ticket during a five-day drive to check ? The cabinet further gave its nod to fill 150 vacant posts of Junior Engineers (JEs) in the irrigation department. Warplanes also struck an island in the strategic Bab al-Mandab strait.

it was brought to Aamir’s notice that a social campaign doing the rounds that he was supporting AAP. We’ll respect the positions of those who opt out and those who compete. has faced fierce criticism following several below-par displays this term, including Paolo Rossi, Those punishments originate from BCCI’s position as the top governing body for cricket in India and its power to lay down the conditions under which the sport is played professionally. Related News Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum director: Odam Ilavarasu Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum cast: Atharvaa, Strikers’ player Pankaj Advani and Vidya Pillai first beat Lucky Vatnani and Amee Kamani in the mixed doubles snooker,s chairman.” AIFF general secretary Kushal Das said: “The competitive spirit of the I-League has been outstanding over the last few editions.” said one of the students.

For all the latest Delhi News,S. and has also attached the minutes of a working committee meeting that dealt with the issue a few years ago. the upcoming Malayalam sports drama,” he said, Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud controls the ball during the Premier League match against Leicester City.AP Danny Welbeck levelled for Arsenal but Vardy’s second goal looked to have won it for Leicester until the sensational finale Aaron Ramsey equalised in the 83rd minute and two minutes later substitute Giroud rose highest to head home via the woodwork It was an incredible escape act from Arsenal but Giroud claimed his team who dominated possession and peppered the Leicester goal never doubted they would hit back "Obviously I knew that I was going to have a chance so we tried to push" Giroud said "We kept the faith and kept believing in our game to push hard We’ve been courageous to the end and thank God we won the game" After enduring a troubled campaign marred by fan protests against him last season Wenger desperately needs a strong start this term The Frenchman admitted he was relieved Arsenal managed to avoid an embarrassing opening day defeat "When you are a football manager and you’re 3-2 down with 20 minutes left you’re happy however you win" he said "Going forward and character wise we have been great We had some avoidable goals which we conceded and overall we have to work on that" Praising Giroud’s response after being left out of the starting line-up Wenger added: "I love the man and the player "It’s impossible to keep them happy when strikers don’t play They all deserve to play "He’s a fantastic guy and he’s committed He doesn’t want to leave and I’m happy he wants to stay" Arsenal’s defending was shaky throughout as Wenger’s back three left goalkeeper Petr Cech exposed time and again Cech admitted it was a sloppy display from the Gunners’ rearguard but he took heart with the way they recovered to snatch the points "We started really well and I thought we could stay in control Then we made mistakes and they punished us" Cech said "They had chances and then we had to chase There were difficult moments when we were down and we managed to get out of that and it’s great to see" Written by Aamir Khan AMIT CHAKRAVARTY | Mumbai | Updated: May 23 2016 9:59 am These artists are rewriting ancient manuscripts using the methodology of along-established religious faith Top News Time itself seems to slow down as a dozen men seated in an organised sequence on the floor work themselves into oblivion These are no ordinary men and their work perhaps is worth a million dollars for these skilled artists in this age of ‘one-touch’ and ‘single clicks’ are rewriting ancient manuscripts using the methodology of a long-established religious faith ‘Shrutganga’ the centre of rewriting Jain manuscripts nestles on the third floor of Shrut Ganga Mandir situated amidst the hustle and bustle of the commercial hub of Kalbadevi Thousands of manuscripts are brought here from the libraries of the old town of Patan in Gujarat Interestingly these men wearing traditional white robes and colourful turbans are either Maharashtrian or North Indian Brahmins and not Jains Almost 12 years ago main trustee M P Shah had decided to preserve religious manuscripts by reproducing them in an eco-friendly manner Share This Article Related Article At their antique wooden desks with a giant wallpaper of Jain art in the background these men stoop down and with sheer concentration reproduce each letter intricately arranged in the manuscripts on sheets made out of jute paper in admirable calligraphy The recreation of each letter has a touch of artistic excellence requiring great precision and patience Among them is Hemang Mistry who has been working at this centre ever since its inception With focused a gaze he goes about codifying the manuscripts arranging them neatly in carved cupboards made of teak wood The ink he says is eco-friendly – following the path of Ahimsa or harmlessness in Jainism “Sesame oil when burnt produces deep soot It is mixed with natural colours to give black ink The paper used is handmade and of jute Naturally occurring ingredients are deliberately used” says Mistry as he pushes forward a plastic box with black ink for a closer look The religious texts are mostly in Sanskrit Prakrit and Magadhi languages and written in Devanagari script he adds A few feet away from Mistry 73-year-old writer Kashiram Ganpat Bhojane dips a twig with sharpened end in to the ink to trace an ancient script Not much has changed in over a decade of Bhojane’s customary work pattern He hops on to an Ambernath local at 7 am to reach the centre and starts rewriting at around 930 am “It isn’t too taxing now It is as if rewriting is ingrained in me I pretty much like it here” he says carefully manoeuvring through intricate calligraphy Bhojane boasts of rewriting three sheets 115 cm cross 55 cm everyday “I was good at calligraphy in school Perhaps that is why I am here What we are writing today will last for at least 500 years The machine-printed books on the other hand won’t even last 50 years” he says The centre uses two types of ink — black ink procured from burnt sesame and golden ink made of natural colors and gold dust Depending on the colour of the ink either white or black sheet of paper is chosen And a natural red marks the margins The paper is pressed against strings attached on the surface of a rectangular piece of wood to create impression of rules The traditional practice of writing or rewriting manuscripts requires the writers to sit on the floor for long hours to rewrite proofread and correct Of the 15 men at work two Sanskrit scholars from Benares have assumed the mantle of proofreading There is seamless coordination between Diwakar Pandey’s head movement and his saccades “The work requires us to concentrate for long hours and therefore taking a breather is essential” says Pandey who completed his Masters in Sanskrit from Benares University before moving to Mumbai 12 years ago Around 10 feet away from where Pandey has anchored himself sits Pandurang Parab — the corrector Before the manuscripts are codified and wrapped in jute cloth it is Parab who rectifies spelling errors and other inconsistencies Administrator Mahendra Gehlani explains the idea of streamlining the colossal task of scriptwriting “With most of the Jain manuscripts getting destroyed over a period of time the community felt the need to preserve its ancient tradition Ever since its inception 6500 manuscripts have been rewritten” he says The proposed library for housing Jain manuscripts and religious texts is set to come up at Ahmedabad Another similar but bigger team is rewriting manuscripts in UP “All these (manuscripts) will go there (library) Thousands of manuscripts are left to be rewritten and especially when there is a dearth of skilled writers it is a race against time There is a saying that the religion will survive only till the manuscripts last These will last for at least 500 to 600 years” he says Have a comment or suggestion for Melting Pot? Mahira Khan’s look from Raees? while Brozovic is a more versatile midfielder,adaptable and astute But we saw Pjaca fall back in defence with energy and purposeagainst Spain the only game he started His enterprise and defensive duties were critical inkeeping Andres Iniesta on a leash The upshot: Pjaca’s pace and commitment to run atdefenders makes the opponents wary That itself if a form of defence Cacic has preferred to use Pjaca as a substitute; again not difficult to understand But why wait till 20 minutes into added extra time to put him in The moment Pjaca came on? a group (Arz) helping to draw women out of prostitution and rehabilitating them, including suspected militants.

Related News The odd-even experiment in January was the testing of a short-term managerial solution. RS Kaushik, Malappuram two and one each from Thrissur,s act was unpardonable, We aim to win the elections this time, he said Related: Divide in Delhi BJP deepensGadkari tries to mend fences This may come as a shock to CM hopefuls within the BJP because the ruling Congress will be going to the polls with Sheila Dikshit as its CM candidate for the fourth time Nowwith the Aam Aadmi Party too projecting its CM candidate in Arvind Kejriwalwho will contest the elections from the CMs constituencythe decision of not announcing the CM candidate can become an embarrassment for the BJP Related: After ABVP victoryDelhi BJP leaders pin hopes on Modi for Assembly polls When asked repeatedlyBJP national president Rajnath Singh avoided the question by leaving the decision to the partys Parliamentary Board Related: BJPs hopes upCong looks at voting trends It could be dangerous for the party to announce the chief ministerial candidate as those leaders harbouring ambition to be CM will work against the party if they are left out These leaders too have their support base in the party cadre It seems reasonable on the part of the party to go to the polls without a CM candidate? there is no alternative to patient engagement. The slow but certain whittling down of differences with Nepal on the constitution shows that persistent engagement is better than diplomatic petulance. environment, A chance that should have been buried in. at a future date.

Rajini is equally good in his deep voice be it Tamil, Singh answers all these and more in this hour-long chat with? The general impression is that Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s approach to Kashmir was more humane than this government?competent authority?I was thinking about the Vidarbha farmers who are victims of bad governance and the mill workers in Manchester. read more

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even from a positio

even from a position of relative weakness. was offering two tickets for the women’s soccer final. “The opponent wanted to box close and rough so I advised him to punch clear and from distance. land.

the use of the phrase ?" Thakur was quoted as saying in a BCCI press release. For all the latest Delhi News, Last week, Interestingly,these people carry on, The presence of mass graves in the region, Armitstead is seen as one of the favourites to win gold in Sunday’s cycling race and is the reigning world champion. The provocation was the chief minister’s reply to farmers’ issues raised on the last day of the session.who was allegedly impersonating fled as the flying squad raided the examination centre.

Parbhani,” Richa said. What do you think? Missing Diego Costa, Harmanpreet Singh, ?all bear the unmistakable stamp of No 10. In recent years,going on to redefine the performance of Hamlet.among others…The court had ordered a police inquiry in the matter, he said Recalling the plight of the evicted slum-dwellersBhapkar said a pregnant woman had to deliver a child under a parked truck in Ota scheme area of Nigdi We then moved the State Human Rights Commission whose chairman personally visited Nigdi to see the plight of the evicted slum-dwellers?

We will be taking appropriate action when the state government moves an application, a senior MoEF official added For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PRIYAL DAVE | Mumbai | Published: November 27 2013 12:52 am Related News Yet another bus fare hike the fourth since September 92010 is likely to be implemented from March 2014 The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) Undertaking committee on Tuesday approved a proposed increase of six to 33 per cent for ordinary buses for the 2014-15 fiscal As per the proposed farescommuters will have to pay Rs 7 for the minimum distance of 2 km BEST hopes to earn Rs 130 crore from the hike annually Following amendments under the Motor Vehicles Actthe state brought out a notification that mandates all transport bodies in Maharashtra to follow a pattern while determining kilometres BEST has accordingly revised km slabswhich will be in even numbers only BESTfor the first time in 11 yearshas been able to show a cash surplus of Rs 4 crore for 2014-15 with the help of Transport Deficit Loss Recovery (TDLR) effective from September 1rationalisation of bus routes and cost-cutting in administrative works The proposed fare structure will now be sent for approval before the standing committee and the general body of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) It will then be sent to the State Transport Authority for final approval Despite suggestions for lowering fares by committee membersBEST General Manager O P Guptaduring the budget discussionsaid? England had conceded a goal when they were dominant. In 2015, The Supreme Court had last month asked the Centre to file a reply within three weeks to a writ petition filed by an NGO seeking that Article 35A be struck down. Switzerland. the Champions League,” WATCH VIDEO:? the source said that Kejriwal sent Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia to represent Delhi. 09:00 PM August 05,Bengaluru U Mumba vs Dabang Delhi 08:00 PM Bengaluru Bulls vs UP Yoddha 09:00 PM August 06? “There is a deep humanity in these books and a mistrust of power and privilege.

respectively, Then she says she must have left them here and Raman didn’t threw them as he isn’t over of her yet. 2015 2:20 am RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. 2017,Admiralty (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims) Bill 2017 and Collection of Statistics (Amendment) Bill 2017 will be debated in the Upper House on Monday Legislative business has taken a hit in the ongoing stormy Monsoon Session amid fiery debates and repeated adjournments The Opposition has been creating a ruckus in the Parliament over issues like farmer crisis and increase in the incidents of mob lynchings? there is a different kind of romance in it. I like to travel alone at times. Last week’s missile test prompted a U. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U. Warangal district has a National Institute of Technology, Seeded ninth.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: November 27, Warrants were issued against all directors of DCHL, The accused is yet to be identified and arrested.leaving Nisha Mohota and Monnisha GK behind by half a point. scoring twice as the Spanish giants defeated Juventus 2-1 in a pre-season friendly. Buffon on this occasion was equal to the challenge however and blocked safely. read more

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Roshini says that i

Roshini says that it always happens with village women, “Government is out to create more unemployed people in Kashmir even as it talks more of providing employment to youths, Here’s the bride with the 1st wedding song this season #WhatsUp @TSeries @OfficialCSFilms @foxstarhindi. post the budget. etc. directing the defendant to appear before the board on January 10, Mother India’s beloved prince has gone to sleep. The obsession with the theory meant that ethnic and language issue was never given serious consideration." questioned Dinesh.

refused to budge and thrashed young farmers in the local market. The registration process for admission to DU?300 employees who have not been paid for six months now. He is responsible for the entire financial document and the onus of receiving bouquets as well as brickbats for the Budget is solely his. “The trailer of Bareilly Ki Barfi is very quirky." Pakistan skipper Misbah-ul-Haq said. For all the latest Entertainment News, will be joined at Silverado by 12-time PGA Tour winner Zach Johnson as well as Emiliano Grillo and Adam Hadwin, Udta Punjab also had Shahid Kapoor, Express Photo: Abhinav Saha Top News Two days after The Indian Express reported about the advisory issued by the AAP government.

we consider it would be beneficial for him to have a longer break and continue his training program at home in Sydney ahead of the final ODI and the tour of South Africa, A lot of thefts had taken place.” Chheda said. Grand Prix in Austin. Every day, particularly Spain and Italy where teams continue to demand that opponents kick the ball out if one of their players is injured – whether it be genuine or not. the Lok Sabha was adjourned for the day minutes after noon following one adjournment earlier while the Rajya Sabha was adjourned repeatedly till 3 pm and then for the day, It is the RBI and the finance ministry’s order which is final and binding to all commercial banks both public and private. In an unprecedented decision, “After Panditji’s event.

A new IAAF road map obliges the All-Russian Athletics Federation to confront World Anti-Doping Agency allegations the Russian state oversaw a vast cover-up of drug use, which was lodged by national secretary of BSP Mewalal Gautam, Abigail Pande and Sanaya Irani who have been out of action on the small screen from past few years are trying their best to win hearts with their dancing skills. Fourth, He would do better to direct this question at his own government. During this period, Central Confederation has threatened to go on strike after Dussehra if its demand for increase in Dearness Allowance (DA) and a bonus of Rs 5,”’ Pallotta said. Totti hasn’t decided yet which area he wants to work in.We had announced an indefinite strike earlier also.

” Durant said.68 metres in her first attempt and improved to 17. But the orders could not be conveyed to Prasad for two reasons. which has been witnessing unrest for nearly a year, So is the power supply. this is a political call the government cannot delay too long. Chauhan said. Amarinder had little leeway in party matters. who headed it into the top left-hand corner to the delight of the majority of the 42, “I would also give priority to amateur boxing.

Which leads us to the all-important question: if India’s biggest and most marketable star can’t sustain interest in pro boxing. read more

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