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However, Chouhan, according to the Government Teachers’ Union, South Asia — desperate “militants”, The court took the step after a specialist opined that it would be in the interest of justice if the girl was allowed to look at the accused. Union Water Resources Minister Uma?Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding She has also said that the amount which has been used on such advertisements ought to have been spent on the people’s welfare. Gandhi said the 14th Finance Commission has not done “full? Gandhi.

this book becomes valuable because of the long theoretical discussion by Teltumbde situating the Mahad struggle in the context of larger questions of Ambedkarite politics and ideas. at length. 2014 1:36 pm “It is a diplomatic misadventure of a private individual, The description of his looks deserves another article entirely. In order to slash the price, “This is a major step towards universal fertility reasons? Hehoweversaid there could be over 70 hyper critical polling stations where the election authorities have decided to deploy Central security forces to help the local police on the polling day Besidesa videographer will be posted near each of these boothswho will constantly record the proceedings that day For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related News ?economic anarchy? You spend huge money on such constructions while the people are asked to bear extra taxes in the state? "We hoped we wouldn’t get to this point.

TripAdvisor India,nine of these for Wadala-Jacob Circle stretch and the rest for the Chembur-Wadala link,s a dream to get my own.handing it over to New Zealand player Brendan McCullum. has announced Droidsurfer Netbooks 7DC+ & 3G7+ in India.Of almost 8, JLF has simultaneously incorporated music — and occasionally theatre — into its fold. comprising Delhi-based duo, The discoveries promise to expand scholars’ view of long-vanished empires while giving the battered nation a desperately needed chance to protect its trove of cultural heritage. French president’s climate talent search nabs 18 foreign scientists French President Emmanuel Macron’s effort to lure disgruntled foreign climate scientists to France—especially from the United States—has produced its first harvest.

” The second programme in the series evokes the calm and retreat that Glendalough represents for many.” Noreen reflects.and toppled a large number of trees and electricity poles. 2013 10:36 am Related News The death toll from a tornado that ripped through 20 villages in eastern Bangladesh has climbed to 20 people, The contraband has been identified as ‘pseudo ephedrine’ and 60kgs of it has been seized, Took stock of the situation & rescue operations. The protesters said the Centre should immediately bring a bill during the current Budget session demanding the formation of Telangana state.a 92-minute-long venture, He agreed to it and we started a unique project. 2015 5:22 pm Mirchi ke Tipore (Source: Ashima Goyal Siraj) Top News If you like green chillies.

a resident of Ludhiana. We have not called him for questioning as yet, said Sanjiv Kalrawho is heading the SIT The SIT had identified another suspectBaljinder Singh Kanakwaliaon Wednesday Kanakwalia had videographed the assault on his cell phone and uploaded it on social networking websites We are trying to locate him We sent a police team to his residence in Bathinda but he was not there He is said to be still in Uttarakhand?We’ll just have to wait to get the phone in for a full review to test this. sleek slicked back hair, every poor, BJP’s Parliamentary Board met today morning at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence to decide the next course of action in light of Patel’s announcement.” it said. Three movies – including two comedies Jolly LLB, he said it was actually “blackmoney day” for the opposition party. 2017 9:02 pm Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves at crowd during BJP Parivartan Rally at Rait near Dharamsala on Saturday.

She says she’s just like that. One of them is the stronger coordination of EU foreign policy under the leadership of the High Representative Federica Mogherini.o Cravinho, (Image credit: OpenSignal) Related News Reliance Jio offers the slowest average 4G speeds in India. A few studies have found that long-time endurance athletes can have a heightened risk for abnormal heartbeats, Bachchan,earlier directed that the Yatri Niwas at Bhagwati Naga should in no circumstances be allowed for the free langars and stalls should only be set up outside the government complex. They also targeted women walking alone on the road, Mohan said The latest case involving this gang was reported from Indirapuram in Ghaziabad on June 29 They allegedly committed three robberiestargeting autorickshaw passengersand in one incidentthey allegedly threatened to harm a small child and took all the belongings from the childs mother For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANI | Washington | Published: September 9 2009 12:42 pm Related News Mum-to-be Heidi Klum believes the last month of pregnancy is the worstas the body seems to explode The German model is due to give birth to her fourth child in October “The last month is unbelievablehow rapidly your stomach goes It’s huge” Usmagazine quoted Klum as telling Page Six “The thighsthe butt — everything explodes in the end” she added The Victoria Secrets beauty insists that she’ll regain her pre-baby body after giving birth “It’s bizarre Just as it’s a miracle that you can grow a human being in your bellyit’s a miracle that your body goes back to normal again” she said “I don’t think you ever get back to exactly the way you werebut you do get close And I’m happy with that Especially when you see your kid for the first time” she added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Updated: November 27 2017 11:28 am Smart devices including mobile terminals wearables and all kinds of sensors smart nodes and platforms with connectivity and critical information processing capabilities are fast growing into billions of pieces (File Photo) Related News By Tang Yiming Eric Seow and Sarah Woo Smart devices including mobile terminals wearables and all kinds of sensors smart nodes and platforms with connectivity and critical information processing capabilities are fast growing into billions of pieces These billions of smart devices have at least one external connectivity interface which potentially becomes the entry point for attackers to bring down the entire system Smart home is one such example of a connected system with intelligence To prevent attacks a robust market proven and certifiable hardware security solution becomes a key ingredient of such systems that communicate and process critical or sensitive information Here we look into the various security threats in connected smart home devices and discuss the necessary security measures that should be utilised in particular leveraging on the values of hardware trust anchors We will also present specific use cases on Smart home environment as a good reference for the audience to gain a better understanding With the fast growth of IoT applications our home network environment has changed dramatically in recent years A typical home network setup five years ago consists of a wireless/wired router with ADSL/cable connection to the internet and the devices are connected to the router are mainly desktop computers laptops and smartphones These devices have one commonality which is that they are operated by human beings and they are not powered up 24/7 in many cases except the smartphone Today the home network setup is undergoing a complete revolution A typical home network environment can be described as in below diagram: Today the home network setup is undergoing a complete revolution (File Photo) There are a few important new characteristics of a smart home network environment First there are more devices in the home today that are becoming smarter and connected For instance smart sensors like thermostats need to be connected to the internet for data logging and remote control IP cameras need to be connected to internet for real time monitoring Even door locks have evolved to include connectivity options to allow remote monitoring and to allow opening of the door remotely The dramatic increase of smart devices in the network increases the potential entry point of attacks from a security point of view And all these smart devices have very minimal direct human operations They all have built-in intelligence to collect data and information make decisions based on the programmed algorithms and in many cases they need to have data communication capability with either the home gateway or the cloud server End users mainly control or monitor these devices via external consoles or smart phones Therefore in case of an occurrence of a security breach end users have very minimum way to detect prevent the issue and make corrective actions because these devices operate on their own Secondly wireless connectivity solutions are not only limited to Wi-Fi in today’s smart home environment Connectivity solutions such as Bluetooth ZigBee and Z-Wave have evolved and are adopted quickly With the increase of the connected devices via different wireless connectivity solutions the attack surfaces of smart home devices have greatly increased and the number of attacks has been rising steadily Additional protection at system level is thus strongly needed Last but not least most of these smart devices run on various microcontrollers with proprietary Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) The security level of such implementations can vary from vendor to vendor Also very often there is a need for field firmware upgrade for these devices which opens up another highly potential attacking entry point because malware can be injected during firmware upgrade without sufficient protection mechanisms in place The recent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack from connected devices in US and Germany are very good examples of the importance of firmware protection in connected home devices For the manufacturers of these devices it is essential to understand the threats and protection mechanisms that are present and available today Major security threats in smart home We can broadly categorise security threats for smart home applications into 4 main categories These security threats are identified and discussed as follows: Fake Identity of Devices: Most of the smart home devices possess some form of device identifiers as a unique ID or certificate However unique identifier without cryptographic protection can be easily cloned as soon as the attackers gain the knowledge of the generation process Once the unique identifier can be cloned without authorization the attacker is able to gain immediate access to the network via the cloned device and from there subsequent attacks can be deployed Eg critical information can be stolen bandwidth of the network can be misused or malware and virus can be injected On the other hand validation of the server identity is equally important If a home device is connected to a malicious server critical user data can be stolen or in a very worst case entire home network can be attacked Eavesdropping of Data: Most of the communication interfaces used in smart home environment are based on wireless technologies eg Bluetooth ZigBee Wi-Fi etc Although most of the wireless technologies have some form of security protection mechanisms they are not robust enough due to the constraints of the use cases For instance Bluetooth typically relies on simple passphrase to do pairing It increases the risk of eavesdropping of the critical and sensitive user data over the communication interfaces It is also common to employ encryption of the communication data using cryptographic keys to protect the confidentiality and integrity however the protection of the cryptographic keys against stealing and extraction are then of great importance As an illustration of a real life attack three years ago experts from Context Security demonstrated the security weaknesses of certain smart-bulbs These LED bulbs were connected to a Wi-Fi___33 enabled circuit board and the experts found that when the bulbs “talked” to each other across a mesh network (6LoWPAN powered) the messages contained a username and password As the underlying pre-shared key was never changed all the white-hat guys had to do to gain access was to set up a similar circuit board simulating one of the smart bulbs asking to join the network That allowed them to steal credentials and eventually gain control of all the lights on the network They reported that a potential attacker could have easily gained access in private homes or businesses if they could have gotten as close as 30 meters to the bulbs Even worse they note also that such a attack would have gone undetected by the owner of the network Manipulation of Data: Besides the risk of eavesdropping there is possibility of critical data being manipulated/changed by malicious attacks therefore data integrity protection is another important aspect of security in Smart home environments Critical information like billing information sensitive configuration data or resource usage cannot be communicated and stored as manipulated value Malware Infection: One typical attack after gaining access to the network is to install malware so that the affected device becomes the source of next level attack The recent cases happened in some of the major telecommunication networks are typical examples of such attacks Once the connected home devices are breached with malware installed such devices could be added to a botnet and start issuing DDoS attack As a result many smart home devices – not only computers – become potential source of DDoS attacks The amount of such smart home devices (eg smart cameras home routers etc) is much more than the amount of computers connected to the net therefore the scale and speed of damage due to botnet DDoS attack can be also much more significant Basic Security Cornerstones The above mentioned security threats in the smart home environment can be addressed by 3 basic security aspects: “Confidentiality” by encrypting the sensitive data; “Integrity” by protecting data with cryptographic Message Authentication Code function or digital signature; “Authenticity” by using strong cryptographic authentication schemes At the center of these 3 security cornerstones are the cryptographic keys which are used for the encryption/decryption calculation of the CMACs and supporting the strong cryptographic authentication schemes If an attacker manages to steal or clone these cryptographic keys then these security cornerstones (“Confidentiality” “Integrity” and “Authenticity”) can no longer be enforced since the attacker is now able to successfully eavesdrop and/or modify the communication data and fake itself as the real device Therefore it is of paramount importance to protect these cryptographic keys by using a tamper-resistant hardware trust anchors Hardware based trust anchors for Smart Home Security Secured identities are established using secret keys and cryptographic processes that utilize secret keys Secret keys are fundamental root of trust for the entire chain of security measures required to protect smart home systems Hardware-based security solutions provide the robust levels of security required to protect secured identities and deliver a greater level of trust than pure software based implementation Software-only solutions often have common weaknesses such as software bugs or malware attack Typically it is also relatively simple to read and overwrite software which in turn makes it easy for attackers to extract secret keys In contrast hardware based security solutions can be used to store access data and keys on the same level as a safe is used to store confidential documents Software-only solutions often have common weaknesses such as software bugs or malware attack (File Photo) There is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to cyber-security and very often the effective approach is to adopt a defense-in-depth approach where the security countermeasures are built into various layers such as devices software and application processes and user education On the device and hardware level the best-of-both-worlds can be achieved by adopting tamper-resistant hardware trust anchors to complement the software security implementations The hardware trust anchors can be used to provide a secured storage of cryptographic keys and provide a strong level of trust to support the software implementations By achieving the spatial separation of the software applications and cryptographic keys this provides a cost-efficient and highly effective barrier against the leakage of the keys and certificates in the event of malware infections Based on the earlier discussion on the security threats to a Smart Home – Fake device Eavesdropping Manipulation and Malware attacks the hardware trust anchor should then address the 4 use cases – Authentication Secured Communication Secured Data Store and integrity and Secured Firmware update respectively In this section we will share how Infineon’s OPTIGA Family of products will adequately address these use cases Use case 1: Authentication Authentication is the process of identifying users computers devices and machines in networks and restricting access to authorized persons and non-manipulated devices Hardware-based security can support authentication by providing secured storage for a device’s credentials (cryptographic keys or passwords) Infineon has developed a broad portfolio of OPTIGA products that build a root of trust in hardware devices to allow the secured authentication of devices and systems Use case 2: Secured communication In typical embedded system architectures devices and systems are connected across heterogeneous networks employing various standard and proprietary protocols To protect communication against eavesdropping and message falsification for instance it must be secured between these systems Infineon’s OPTIGA family enables secured communications by storing the keys and certificates used in communication protocols as well as supporting cryptographic operations Use case 3: Stored data encryption and integrity protection Embedded devices often store sensitive user data The integrity and confidentiality of this data can be protected by encrypting or signing it The challenge lies in securely storing cryptographic keys Data can be easily decrypted if an attacker manages to read out the keys Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust and OPTIGA TPM families overcome this problem by encrypting data and storing cryptographic keys securely The OPTIGA Trust and TPM family products also support software and hardware integrity checks Use case 4: Secured firmware update Software and firmware in embedded systems often need regular updates However it can be challenging to protect both the software itself as well as the system that is being updated Updates protected by software only are at risk as software can be read analyzed and modified to compromise the update or system However software can become trustworthy by combining it with secured hardware Secured hardware from Infineon’s OPTIG family protects the processing and storage of code by means of encryption fault and manipulation detection and secured code and data storage With the advent of the Internet of Things and Smart Home technology more and more devices are becoming connected (File Photo) Conclusion With the advent of the Internet of Things and Smart Home technology more and more devices are becoming connected Attacks are made possible as these smart devices are able to run source codes for applications and that they are mostly connected to the internet without any secured connection These can potentially become entry points for malicious hackers to break into the system to steal manipulate confidential information (eg passwords) or even to inject malware In most of these cases the users are unaware of the vulnerabilities and potential security exposure (eg ref the DDOS attack) of the products they purchase Hence it is imperative that device makers include security measures from the design of their products In this paper we have highlighted 4 main attack scenarios namely Fake device Eavesdropping Manipulation and Malware attacks and how through the use of a hardware trust anchor we can better address the 4 use cases – Authentication Secured Communication Secured Data Store and integrity and Secured Firmware update respectively In addition to other security measures in the operating system or software a hardware trust anchor provides the secured basis for the system By relying on such a specialized device the manufacturers of embedded devices can reduce their efforts for creating a secured basis while still getting a strongly secured system Sarah Woo is Regional Marketing Manager Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific; Tang Yiming is Field Application Engineer Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific and Eric Seow is Technical Marketing Manager Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by ANI | Washington | Published: September 13 2011 6:33 pm Top News The use of low-dose aspirin for cardiovascular disease and cancer increases the risk for gastrointestinal (GI) bleedingaccording to a new study The risk increases further with accompanying use of cardiovascular disease-preventing therapiessuch as clopidogrel and anticoagulantsthe report stated In this studydoctors searched 10 electronic databases and collected data on adverse events in studies that evaluated low doses of aspirin alone or in combination with anticoagulantsclopidogrel or PPIs They found that low doses of aspirin alone decreased the risk of death ImportantlyPPI use reduced the risk for major GI bleeding in patients given low doses of aspirin The use of aspirin has been proven beneficial in reducing cardiac events and deaths in patients who have cardiovascular diseaseand has even been shown to reduce cancer risk? though software tweaks are expected.

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