National Congress of Rheumatology Kicks Off in Tangier

Rabat – The city of Tangier is hosting the 27th National Congress of Rheumatology May 5 to 6. National and international rheumatology experts have gathered at the conference to discuss innovative treatments for chronic inflammatory rheumatism, including osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.”The congress will once again be an occasion which will gather rheumatologists from different sectors and regions of the kingdom, ” said Abdellah El Maghraoui, president of the National Congress. The event will consist of meetings, conferences and presentations to discuss the symptoms and causes of rheumatism.The event aims also to ensure that people take the right precautions in order to avoid the condition.Rheumatism is an umbrella term for different kinds of inflammation in muscles and joints. The condition can be caused by many factors, including obesity, insecticides use, smoking. There are several types of rheumatic conditions, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.The event is organized by the Moroccan Rheumatology Society(SMR) and follows the 26th edition held March 24 to 26 in Marrakech.

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