Moroccan-Danish Forum Demands Explanations Over Polisario’s Presence in Egypt

Rabat – The Moroccan Danish Forum called on the Egyptian coup President Abdelfattah El Sissi to account for a visit to the country by a delegation of the self-proclaimed Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).Chairman of the Moroccan-Danish Forum Ahmad al-Sghayer and civil staff member, Idris al-Hams, handed a letter to the Egyptian Embassy in Copenhagen calling on Egypt to provide a clarification regarding presence of the breakaway Polisario front in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh.Addressing El Sissi via the Egyptian Embassy in Copenhagen, the memorandum said Egyptians owe the Moroccans an explanation over the move, which it said testifies to Egypt’s disregard for historical legitimacy and recklessness towards the long-standing Moroccan-Egyptian fraternity bonds. Speaking to Hesspress, Chairman of the forum Ahmad al-Sghayer said the Egyptian diplomat at the Copenhagen Embassy hailed the move and reiterated Egypt’s acknowledgment of Morocco’s territorial integrity.The Egyptian diplomat said that that Egyptian government did not extend an invitation to the Polisario delegations, adding that only parliamentarians bear a direct responsibility for receiving the Polisario envoy.The Egyptian diplomat vowed to transmit Moroccans’ concerns to the Egyptian presidency and to push for a formal response at the soonest time possible.A delegation from the self-styled Polisario took part in the Arab-African parliamentary congress, held in Sharm El Sheikh, in a move that is believed to herald a turn for the worse in the Egyptian-Moroccan bilateral ties. Egypt, meanwhile, has denied that it extended any invitation to delegates of the separatist movement.

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