Microsoft demos Mango Windows Phone 7 features at MIX 11

first_imgNow that “NoDo,” the first major update to Windows Phone 7, is slowly making its way to WP7 users everywhere, Microsoft has turned its attention to “Mango,” the next major feature update for the mobile platform. The company shared some new features planned for the next update at the MIX 11 conference in Las Vegas this week, including true multitasking, raw access to the camera and sensors for applications, and more.Microsoft took some time to claim that Windows Phone 7 has been a success, partially by the sheer number of developers participating in the WP7 Developer Program. Microsoft announced that the program has over 38,000 registered developers, 1.5 million downloads of the Developer Tools, and 13,000 apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace.They rolled out a slideshow of some of the mobile OS’s upcoming features, including enhanced multitasking that will allow apps to play music, download and transfer files, and process in the background. They also promised to open up the operating system a bit more to app developers so they could leverage Live Tiles and push notifications.Microsoft also promised that app developers will get raw access to cameras and sensors when Mango hits, meaning users could set specific camera apps to have access to the camera button, for example. The update would also give augmented reality apps control over the device hardware and allow them to leverage the gyro and compass to determine location and overlay information on the screen.Additionally, Microsoft showed off updates to the WP7 Developer Tools, which will allow application builders to simulate GPS locations while developing their apps. This gives developers who rely on geo-location data for their apps the ability to test more thoroughly before they publish it. The developer tools were also updated with streamlined code for scrolling, touch input, memory usage, and image processing, so when developers add those features to their apps, they’ll perform better on the end user’s device.Read more at Microsoftlast_img read more

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