Purpose of life

first_imgDr N Gopalakrishnan of The Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (IISH, Kerala) during his spiritual discourses in Thiruvananthapuram used to remind us that on this day, last century, none of us were on this earth and on this day next century, none of us will be here. As it is a universal truth, we have to agree with him. But, why he should keep reminding us about something which is not so far disputed by anyone? I used to wonder about it when I was a quarter of a century younger. I was 50 plus and the average age of his audience was 65 plus.Now in my 70’s, I think Dr Gopalakrishnan had a valid reason for including that reminder while addressing senior citizens.First 20 years, while pursuing studies one’s focus is on the next 20 years during which period one would get into a profession, set up a family, etc. During age group 20 to 40, one’s focus is on career optimization, retirement planning, worries about retirement corpus and place of settlement post-retirement. Between 40 to 60, one’s focus shifts to healthcare, spirituality, relationships, social status, etc.All the randomly selected focus areas are relevant and important. My point is, we mix up focus areas and find less time to focus on the present.Let’s for a moment forget tenses, past, present and future and take life as one happening, suffering, celebration or a calamity, whatever you think of life as of now, discounting the C-thing which anyway is not your making and of course not in your hands.Then, what’s the purpose of this life?1 Dharma: For whom, at what stage in life?2 Artha: Accumulating assets? What for?3 Kama: This cannot be “the purpose”4 Moksha: If this is the purpose of life, why take birth and go through all the troubles?So, distinct from 1 to 4 there must be a purpose for our being here.Think, and share your thoughts.last_img read more

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